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It was morning Mr.Sun come out of his house too see other people in the world. He entered into their room without their permission and disturbed pragya’s sleep. She got up went to take bath and get readied herself and it was Sunday no one get up so early. She was wearing olive green saree and it suits her she directly went to kitchen and prepare coffee for herself and she began to made breakfast too. After that she went to lawn sit in a bench and lost in thoughts a small flashback……..

It was a huge building shown and it was the college were they did their masters and also it was the first day all were busy in searching their class a girl was coming she was wearing light pink umbrella cut full salwar she left her hair loose wearing specs to her in opposite direction a boy who was wearing a white shirt and black pant was also coming in search of his class without seeing each other they dash each other and fall down. The boy and girl was none other than pragya and abhi. First abhi got up and began pick his stuff both their stuff mixed so it takes some time and pragya grabbed everything and started to scold him

PRAGYA: Don’t you watch front and walk. Hearing this abhi got irked and
ABHI: I also want to ask the same question to you and see even you were wearing specs and also can’t able to see.
PRAGYA: A…..stop mistake is yours
ABHI: No it’s yours and they continued this for a while at last they both left the place by stamping their foot. After a long search see entered the class and found all the places are filled and she can able to find one place at last before bench so she went and sit there. She turn to see the next person sitting to here and shocked to see abhi there
PRAGYA: Oh god y u made me sit next to him when he is the reason for me too late to the class.
ABHI: OI it’s my dialogue and you are the one who spoil my day

Both at the same time said you are the one and only person I hate in the world after all this mess and also I pray to god not to see your face after the college days in my life and both turned their faces in opposite side. From here only their tom and jerry fight starts everyone in the knows it they all waited that a day will come and they both will change but it doesn’t happen like this one year went. By thinking this she was sitting in lawn and a smile formed in her face suddenly someone patted her shoulder turn and look it was abhi and prabhit they both sit beside her
ABHI: When did you come here we are searching you all around the house?
PRAGYA: An hour before, when did you and he get up did you had your coffee?
ABHI: Half hour before hold him make him ready I had my coffee and I will come after a while.
Saying this he gave prabhit to her and she went inside. Here abhi was also lost in flashback but it is a different one although they are Tom and Jerry they also some sweet moments it was his thought.

One day pragya was going upstairs and abhi followed her as they had some class they are going and that time suddenly pragya slipped and about to fall seeing this our super hero hold her waist and balanced her form falling down that time they had a eye lock and they came back to senses and go to their class. Here abhi unable to concentrate in class and the incident is disturbing him. Abhi what happened to you why are you thinking that itself and why I feel something strange feeling I should not leave her till my last breath what is it mean?

Flashback ends
In abhi’s face a smile is formed and he is connecting those incidents with their present life.
Screen freezes at abhi’s smiling face and pragya’s smiling face.
Hope you guys liked it and place your comments whether it is rotten tomato or bunches of rose it is welcomed see you all soon. And this is the last episode of this week I am thing so because I will be out of station for 2 days after that may be on Friday or Saturday will be the next episode. Forgive me if my episode is bored or I disappointed you all

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  1. Nice yaar flash back scenes are too cute waiting for the next update

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  4. Beautiful story,was enjoying reading it during my lunc, can’t wait to read the next chapter.A carpet of roses all the way…. Loved abhi’s flashbacks thoughts and also the moment the first met.

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