Hi everyone, sorry for the late update, I will tell the reason at the end now coming to the story.
The play starts from where it end , there shown a group of kids playing a small little boy is shown closer to the way he plays with happiness is clearly visible and also shows he is in good mood. Then it shifts to man and the girl who were sitting and talking let’s hear what are they talking

MAN: hey bunny I want to ask you one thing
GIRL: yeah, tell me
MAN: it seems that you were lost somewhere in your thoughts
GIRL: what are you telling?
MAN: no I saw you when I patted you, you were shocked, usually you will get shocked when you were not in your scenes that why I asked
GIRL: hmmm……you are becoming smarter day by day
MAN: ok, that’s apart telling me
GIRL: nothing much I was about us only
MAN: what we? I am unable to get you
GIRL: when we get married?
MAN: six month before
GIRL: hmmm….tell me till today we are behaving like husband and wife
MAN: no like friends only because we agreed to marry in such condition that too only of him (the boy who is playing is shown)
GIRL: yes, how he changed our life
MAN: yes, I agree with you he is one who brings the change in our life now I feel that our destiny are connected with him
GIRL: the day, which changes our life I still remembering it and I will not forget that day till my last breath and also I want to thank him to bring you in my life
At that time a girl came in front of them and happily shouted in excitement pragya and abhi both were shocked at that time and they were also happy to see one of their classmate diya standing in front of them because after a year they are meeting
DIYA: you both together
ABHI: tell me first how you are
PRAGYA: And also tell me how your life is
DIYA: fine my life is also good I am working in a software company at US two day before only I returned to India. Tell me about you
At that time the boy came and he asked abhi to pick him up. Abhi also did it
DIYA: he is muna only Na we see him in that home
Both at that time in chorus no he is prabhit he is son of Mr and Mrs Mehra this gives shock to diya she exclaimed what
PRAGYA: Yes it is true we both got married six month before only
ABHI: Yes and our friends also doesn’t known about us so I am planning to keep a party in my house this week end.
DIYA: still in shock I am unable to believe this how it happened and you two use to fight always during college na and you used to say the same dialogue that you are one and only person I hate in this world
PRAGYA: Yes diya but destiny changes everything in our life also it happened it is long story I will tell that to all in party you are the one first invited so please come
DIYA: yeah sure and now I am getting late so I leave now see you in your house
Saying this diya left. Here abhi and pragya was tensed to see prabhit because it seems he is in good mood so they know how he will trouble them for eating and sleeping. Times also runs suddenly abhi phones rings he pick the call and said that they are on the way to home only dadi reach there in 1o minutes.

Now the screen shift to mansion all the family are waiting for them suddenly trio rushed inside as lighting all were shocked without wasting a second pragya said to abhi
PRAGYA: Take to our room and freshen up I will bring his food
ABHI: Han bunny you go and bring I will make him ready saying they he rushed to room and she rushed to kitchen
All came to known that prabhit going to start his torture all decided to have dinner as it take more time to settle him. Pragya rushed to room and fresh herself and changed her night dress meanwhile abhi and prabhit were ready. At that time dadi crossed their room and she saw the whole scenario from outside and happy tears flow from her eyes and prays to the god to keep them happy like this forever.
In side room
Pragya was running behind abhi to feed prabhit as prabhit is sitting at abhi’s back and go round the room like horse ride almost it take one hour to feed him. Prabhit is different from other kids usually kid will trouble their parents when they are out of mood but he is vice visa. after feeding abhi patted him putting on his shoulder and made him sleep in that time pragya came down took food for both and went to their room. They finished their dinner soon went to sleep

The screen freeze showing the bed, in which prabhit is laying in between them both of them keep their hands on him.

Sorry for my late update because I was totally busy with my assignments, presentation, test and seminars I don’t know how the episode is please forgive me if this is boring you and make sure that I will give my best in upcoming updates thank you all for your support and do leave your comments also it will help me to correct my faults and thanks for those who comment me for last episode see you all soon take care all.

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