Hi friends I know I am late but my days made it late today also I was not sure that I will give you or not but I know if not than I don’t when will be the next and thanks for all for giving me your support and love so now back to the story without any delay…………


Everyone get up in morning as this is the first day in village the young once feels lazy at morning itself and delayed for fresh up and after a while they had their breakfast and then decided to go out as they decided to go for the lake temple (lake temple is nothing but temple which is present in between the lake and the lake was filled with water once upon a time now it is dried) so as usual elders say they have work in house as they need to prepare everything for the festival which is going to take place in 2 days so they said the young once to leave as they said every one leaves .
They were going through the way of fields and they were admiring the beauty up to certain area they see only seedling of grass which covered the entire area as a green mat and after that coconut trees as garden (in Tamil thotam which means a particular area of field will be planted by only coconut trees and there will be some space in between each). And in a few distance there is a huge tamarind tree and the fruits are seen in bunches.

Suddenly abhi called his bhai and said that he need the raw fruit of it so place pick that form me and they started to pick and there it self they sited and enjoyed eating it and make faces of its sour taste. After that they walked and reached temple and went inside and prayed and came back to their home. Like this 2 days went by going as a gang to many fields and enjoy swimming in wells and motors eat some fruits like mango, papaya directly from the tree rest them in shed (place where the motor is fixed for irrigation purpose). They enjoyed the days as such.

The next day its festival time the whole village is busy and at every place speakers have been fixed and from early morning itself they start playing songs so it brings the feel of festival time (here you can imagine like during cultural time our college audi will played by songs like that) guests started arriving the house the entire house and totally the village seems to be in full mood of masti and celebration. It was evening time everyone in the house preparing to do aarti for the goddess ratham (chariot where the idole of goddess is placed and the entire chariot is decorated with flowers from top to bottom). But the chariot will reach by mid night only till that some events will be taking place after that the chariot will start to move stopped in every house does aarti and it will come rounding entire village. The next morning only it will be completed and like this two days will as gone.

Now the last day of festival this day every think will be different from previous 2 days and this day will be the most special for every men in the house yes, along with the chariot the men’s will spray colours on each other and every faces will be seen in different colours it will give the feel of celebrating holy by south Indians and by evening everyone will drop their energy level and it is almost 0 for everyone.

As these days all heavy for everyone in the house by evening they finish all their works and doze off soon in night after dinner. Soon everyone doze off.
Screen freeze here………

Sorry guys I know that I didn’t give you everything in detail it is because of rush and lack of time and if it is boring forgive me I want to tell you in detail but unable to do that but sure I will give that part when the scene of their holiday comes I will add some things id details in flashback. So please I am really sorry for making you disappointment but sure once free from exams I will give it in detail. now drop your comments as It is important for me I will accept it as anything whether tomato or egg or roses etc., please drop your comments…..

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