Hi everyone, thanks for all our support. I am really happy to see your documentation. Now let’s jump back into the story

It was a nice evening a big mansion is shown at the entrance a car is entering from the car a man is coming down. He went into the mansion and found no one is there he called a servant and inquire about others and he replayed all went away for some other work and so he leaves. He ran to his room and found no one and get tensed and called a servant and ask where is she. He stated that he doesn’t know as he returned home 10 minutes before only. He calls down the servant for being careless and leaves the home.

Here the screen shift to the ballpark, which is engaged with its people some were playing some were doing exercises or so were doing yoga and they are many kids playing totally it is seeming like a busy arena. Immediately the screen switches to the entryway of the park there the same car was coming with a high speed and blocked up the same man get down as soon as he got in the park, his eyes began to search somewhere at a spot it gets bewildered and a grin formed on his lips soon he started acting towards that position. There’s a girl standing she is assuming a black track with wide arms and there were golden work at borders she left her hair loss it was acting according to the wind she is facing to the side where they are planted bloomed with bright colored blooms. He slowly kept is hand on her shoulder suddenly she was offended and turned to see who is it and smile formed on her expression

MAN: Ya, tell me one thing when you came hither I was looking for you for a long time I called you also you didn’t pick it up where is your mobile how did you came when there are no automobiles at home you didn’t inform the servant as well.
GIRL: Hey Bunty relax, pass on same breath in between. I did one hour ago only by walking
MAN: walk? Why you could wait for me at present
GIRL: yeah, I feel bored and then only
MAN: Hmmm… Oh, I forget where he is
GIRL: look there he is, playing happily

MAN: ok then calls him we can get home
GIRL: uff…See how happy he is meeting with his friends are letting move after some times no…
MAN: ok as you bid
GIRL: come we will go down in that bench on that point
They ran towards the bench and sit. He place his hand round her shoulder as he his protecting her and another hand holding her hand, this presents the love of him to that she rested her head on his shoulder in a mode of replying.
The screen freeze on their happy face and on the other side that playing kids

Ok guys this is the first episode tell me how it, here I is wanting to tell you one thing still their face is not shown it will be on coming scenes

And myself Kalai from Chennai I am studying. plz place you comments asusal any thing is welcomed i also replayed to those commented me if there any mistakes or if it is boring plz forgive me i want to tell u all one thing it will take 2-3 days to post my next one but i will surely reply all your comments .take care all see you soon

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    Superb yaar… And I am also from TN..

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    Nice Kalai choti….update next soon please

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