“YOU MADE ME LIVE AGAIN” ….! TwiNj ff (Episode 8)


Helloooooooooooooooooooo friends ….. Well I knw naraz ho ….

Bht zyada late hogayi na .. but kya karun .. time hi nhii mila .. I am not well … That’s why post nhii ker payii … plss maaf ker dena … naraz mt hona … Tabyat thk nhii hai na is lye nhi post ker paayi … Mgr dekho I can’t be absent for so long … Is liye I m back ….
Bht hogayi meri bak bak … Tum log bhi kya sochte hogy .. kesi ladki hai .. har waqt chapad chapad bolti rehti hai …. But kya karun chup nhi raha jata mujhse … u knw Aadat se majboor …
Enough of bak bak ….. ab episode le lo …..
Array yrr itni bhi kya jaldi hai thora to sabar karo .. ..
There is a note in the end … plss read that coz it helps u in upcoming episodes …
I hope story nhi bhoole hoge tum log but recap de deti hun phir bhi …

Recap: Twinkle slipped from the stairs & Kunj holds her on time … Their cute nok-jhok ..Kunj reveals that he doesn’t believe in God …

Episode 8

Kunj was lost in her beauty … She was praying to bhagwaan to help her forgetting evrything around her … She doesn’t noticed that Kunj’s eyes were continuously on her …..

After sometime she stands up & comes out from the mandir …
Kunj comes into his senses … Twinkle reaches close to him .

K: “ Twinkle .. itni der lagti hai kya ..? Me kab se wait ker raha hun ..” (Twinkle .. How long u take … I was waiting for so long)

T: “Kunj … u knw when I m around God na .. I feel peace … I feel peace in this mandir … I want to tell everything to God … My pain .. My happiness … My sorrows … My griefs … Everything … Whenever I talk to God … Mujhe time kaa pata hi nhii chalta …”
She stops & then again starts “ Well … Me tumse ye sb kyun keh rahi hun … U doesn’t believe in God na .. forget that … Let’s go …”

Kunj didn’t utter a single word & went towards the car … They both sits in the car …

T: “ Kunj … Its boring plss .. turn on the radio ..”
He turns the radio on …
Bol Do Na Zara was playing … They both looked at eo ..

Itni mohabbat karo na
Main doob na jaun kahi
Vaapas kinare pe aana
Main bhool na jaun kahi
Dekha jabse chehra tera
Main toh hafton se soya nahi
Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chipa
Main kisi se kahunga nahi
Main kisi se kahunga nahi

There was a pin drop silence … They both were feeling awkward … Twinkle quickly press the button ..

Next it was playing

Tere dar pe aake tham gaye
Naina namazi ban gaye
Ik dooje mein yun dhalke
Aashiq anayat ban gaye
Main aur tum
Kaisi dil lagayi kar gaye
Rooh ki rubaayi ban gaye
Khaali khaali dono thhe jo
Thoda sa dono bhar gaye
Main aur tum
Chalo ji aaj saaf saaf kehta hoon
Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyaar hai
Yunhi nahi mein tum pe jaan detha hoon
Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyaar hai

They both share a short but intense eyelock …
Kunj broke it & press the radio button ..
Next it played ..

Hum jo har mausam pe marne lage
Wajah tum ho, wajah tum ho
Hum jo sher-o-shayari karne lage
Wajah tum ho, wajah tum ho
Bikhre bikhre se the hum pehle
Ab sawarne lage
Tumhari galiyon se rozana jo
Hum guzarne lage
Wajah tum ho, wajah tum ho (x2)

They again looked at eo … Both were trying to hide their feelings but of no use .., Their eyes were speaking … It started raining heavily ….
Twinkle hit the button & again a song

Yaariyan ve,

Dil mera hay nasamajh kitna, besabar yeh bewakuf bada,
Chahta hai kitna tujhe, khud magar nahi jaan saka
Is dard-e-dil ki sifarish, ab kar de koi yahan
Ki mil jaye isse wo baarish, jo bhiga de puri tarah..2x

They both couldn’t able to control themselves … Kunj stopped the car … They looked at eo … Their eyes were speaking those things which thier mouth was not able to tell …
Both hugged eo … tightly … That much tight that even air
cannot pass from between them … Their bodies were
touching eo … not only bodies but the souls … Music was
playing … They both were not in a mood to break the hug …
Both wanted to melt in eo …

Aftersometime … Twinkle breaks the hug … It was the most
awkwards situation but they both were smiling endlessly …
Twinkle opens the car door & went outside… It was
raining heavily … Kunj also stepped out of the car … Twinkle
was dancing in joy … She was roaming in circular motion ..
Kunj was admiring her … They both were totally wet …
Kya hua asar tere,
Sath reh kar na jaane,
Ki hosh mujhe na raha,
Lafz mere jo zubaan pe aake ruke,
Par ho na sake wih bayaan,
(He came closer to her … adoring her .. She doesn‘t
noticed him)

Dhadkan tera hi naam jo le,
Aankhein bhi paigam yeh de,
Teri nazar ka hi yeh asar hay,
Mujh pe jo hua..!
Is dard-e-dil ki sifarish, ab kar de koi yahan
Ki mil jaye isse wo baarish, jo bhiga de puri tarah..2x
Yaariyan ve,

(He hold her waist & pulled her towards himself …. Her hands rested on his chest with a sudden jerk … They were looking into eo eyes … both were fully wet … They started dancing … )

Tu jo mila to zindagi hay badli
Main poora naya ho gaya,
Hai beasar duniya,
Kee baatein badi,
Ab teri sunoon main sada,

Milne ko tujhse bahaane katu,
Tu muskuraye wajah main banu,
Roz bitana saath mein tere
Sara din mera…!
Is dard-e-dil ki sifarish, ab kar de koi yahan
Ki mil jaye isse wo baarish, jo bhiga de puri tarah..2x

(Both were dancing intensely looking into eo eyes … Their eyes were conveying the feelings which they were hiding from so long …)

They stopped the dance … Sharing an eyelock …
He quickly left her … They looked here & there .. both were not able to face eo …

Twinkle & Kunj: I want to tell u something …

Both looked at eo .. then again looked down ..

TwiNj: First u …

Again looked at eo …
Rain stopped & twinkle’s phone started ringing in the car …

T: “ wo … My phone ..”
K: “ Hmm “

She goes & picked up her phone … She opened her phone & was shocked …
There were 17 missed calls & 30 messages of Yuvi ..

T: “ Ohhh knw bhaii …”
K: “ Twinkle .. what happened ..”
T: “Kunj .. bhai ke itni calls or messages aaye huay hain ..”
K: “ Ohhh no .. wo kya keh raha hai ..?”
T: “ He is saying where r u twinkle .. when will u come .. and all that ..”
K: “ Let’s go home .. or else we’ll catch cold ..”
T: “ Hmm ..”
They both sits in the car & left to Taneja Mansion ..

After about 10 mnts .. they arrived Taneja Mansion …
They entered the house & saw Yuvi sitting in the hall …

T:(Shouts) “ Bhaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ..”
Yuvi turned around & saw both drenched …
Yuvi: “ Twinkle .. what is this … I told u na not to get wet in rain .. but u never listens … what if u catch cold haan .?..”
T: “ Bhaii .. calm down … nothing is going to happen to me .. acha leave all that .. ap kab aaye ..?”

Yuvi: “ Go & change ur clothes both of u ..”

Twinkle & Kunj went towards their room … They both were happy from inside …. but they were not showing …

In Twinkle’s room .. she was dancing in joy remembering about her moments spent with Kunj …
In Kunj’s room .. he was also thinking the same …

Both were so much delighted & overwhelmed …
The screen splits into two .. on one side showing Kunj laying on the bed with a huge curve on his face …
And on the other Twinkle seeing herself in mirror .. cupping her face from both hands … She was also having a huge smille on her face …

Both were so much happy…
They doesn’t know what is going to come in their lives … a disaster which will destroy their lives …
They changes the clothes & cane out of their rooms at the same time … both looked at eo ..

Yuvi: “ Twinki … come fast .. I wanna talk to u ..”
T: “ Yaa bhaii .. coming …”
They both comes downstairs..
Yuvi: “ Kunj .. u can go home .. thanku for being woth my sister in my absence ..”
K: “ Yrr Yuvi .. don’t say thanks .. it was my duty ..”
Yuvi smiled at his answer .. and the both hug ..
K: “ Chal then bye ..”
Y: “ Bye ..”
Kunj left for his home .. there was only yuvi & twinkle present there …
T: “ Bhaiii .. u wanted to talk to me ..”
Y: “ Twinki .. vo .. i want to say that…. “
He was not able to say anything … He was looking very tensed …
Twinkle takes him to sofa .. and made him sit on it … she sits down on the floor holding his hand ..

T: “ Bhaii .. u r looking tensed … if u want to say anything na .. don’t hesitate just say it .. I knw ..”
Y: “ Twinki .. u know Mr.Kapoor ..”
T: “ Yaa I know him .. then?”
Y: “ I went to Shimla to meet him & to finalize a deal with him .. That deal is very important for our company .. Agar unho ne humare sath kaam nhi kya .. the we’ll be in a big loss ..”
T: “ Bhaii .. come to the point .. What Can i do for u ..?”
Y: “ Twinkle its a matter of ur life …”
T: “Bhaii .. what is it .. just say na ., i can do anything for u ..”
Twinkle’s world slipped beneath her feet … Her heart skipped a beat after listening to his brother’s statement …She left his hand ..
Y: “ Twinki … I know ,. Its hard for u ..but take ur time .. & think over it .. U know na this is very important deal .. Mr.Kapoor said that he’ll work with our comapny agr me tumhari shaadi unke bete se kerwa dun … “
Tears started flowing from her eyes … She never thought that something like this will happen to her .. She doesn’t know what to say …
T:(in shaking voice) “B..haii…Aaa…ap ..ne ….unn…unhein ….kkkk…kya ….kkka…kaha ..?”
Y: “ Me ne kaha ki me unhein tum se pooch ker javab dun ga ..”
She stands up & ran towards her room …
She closes the door of her room & started crying loudly & sits beside the door …
T: “ Babajii .. ye kya kiya apne … Meri khushi dekhi nhii jaati apse …. yaa mujhe khushyan dena nhii chahty … kyun…. kyun kya apne aesa … “
She was stuck … She doesn’t know what she should do … on one side her love .. her life … her Kunj .. & on the other side … her brother .. whom she loves alot … her brother who always wants her happiness …
T: “ Babaji … I never thought that one day .. I will have to choose between my love .. my life … & my dearest brother …What to do …?”
She thinks for sometime & took a decision …
She clears her face & opened the door of her room & went downstairs …
T: “ Bhaii .. where r u..?”
Yuvi was sitting on the sofa .. looking hell tensed …

Y: “ Twinki .. kya hua..? Agar tujhe nhii kerni shaadi to mein mana ker deta hun unhein ..”
T: “ Bhaii … I m ready for this marriage …”
She said this & sits down on the sofa lifelessly …
Her body was like a deadbody …Sometimes before .. she was that much happy that she forgot the world around her & now… Her world was now upside down ..
Y: “ Thank you sooo much .. Twinki … I know u will never hurt your brother …”
He hugged her …
Yuvi called Mr.Kapoor & told him the news … He hanged up the call & turned towards Twinkle …
Y: “ Twinki .. his son is coming to Amritsar on 7 p.m … tum us se mil lo on 9 p.m “
T: “ ok bhaii .. kahan milna hai ..”
Y: “ XYZ CLUB ..”
T: “ Okkk ..”

Sarna Mansion

Kunj arrives there … Manohar was sitting in the hall with Bebe …

Bebe: ” Kunj puttar .. tu aagaya …”
K: “ Haan bebe ..”

M: “ Kya baat hai … mera beta bara khush lag raha hai …”
K:(smiling) “No Papa … Its nothing like that … “

M: “ Tu ab beta apny papa se bhii baatein chupaaye ga ..”

K: “ No Papa .. I m happy bus aesay hi .. “
Saying this he ran towards his room …
In the room
Kunj lays down on the bed thinking about Twinkle …

All the moments they spent together were flashing infront of his eyes …

K: “ She is so cute na .. so adorable … Uff her killer looks r driving me crazy .. I’ll propose her today ..”
Saying this he called someone …
K: “ Hello … yes that place only and ya decorate it as per my wish … I don’t want any problem ..Hmm okay …”
He hanged the call … A cute curve appears on his lips …

Taneja Mansion

Y: “ Twinkle .. princess .. see its 8:30 ..go get ready …”
T: “ Hmm ok bhaii ..”
She goes upstairs and selects a cream color dress for herself .. she wears that and applies mascara and red lipstick …
Her phone beeps …
She opened it & saw the msg of Kunj ..
“Twinkle … come at this place at 10 .. I m sending u the address … I want to say something … plsss its a request come on time ..”
Then it again beeps & she saw the address ..
A smile appears on her face ..
She messaged him that she’ll surely be there on time …

T: “ Ek aakhri baar to Kunj se mil lun … shayad hum dono ka saath yahin tak ka tha ..”
She comes downstairs …
Y: “Twinkle go fast …”
She took the car keys & left …
After 20 mnts she reached that club … She entered inside ..
T: “ Ohh know shitt .. bhai se name to pocha nhii uska .. ab kahan dhundoo usy …”
Just then Kunj entered in the same club … both didn’t saw eo …. He went towards the bar ..
Twinkle was standing in a corner … Kunj saw her …
K: “ Twinkle .. yahan pe..? Strange ..”

He started taking steps towards her .. just then he saw a guy comes to twinkle …He was shocked seeing Twinkle with a guy …
On Twinkle’s side ..
Guy: “ Are u Twinkle Taneja ..?”
T: “ Ummm .. yes .. but may I know who r u ?”
Guy: “ I m the one jis se tum milne aayi ho .. Mr.Kapoor’s son ..”
T: “ ohhh .. what is ur name .?”
Guy: “ Arnav .. Arnav Kapoor ..”
T: “ Hmm ..”
Kunj comes a little closer to them … It was a strange thing for him to see Twinkle with a guy .. His heart was beating faster thinking what if ….
He puts a full stop on his thoughts & tried to listen their conversation …
Arnav: “ So Twinkle Taneja … R u ready for our marriage …?”
Kunj’s heart skipped a beat after listening the word marriage … He was not in his senses … His eyes became watery … He took the support of the chair to stand …
T: “ Yess .. I m ready ..”
Kunj cannot believe his ears .. but it was reality … Tears started gushing from his eyes … He feels betrayed … He went towards the bar & drinks …
He drinks 20 glasses … His eyes were red due to crying comtinuously ….
He holds the 21st glass & were going to drink but .. he break the glass in his hand .. his hand started bleeding badly… Many pieces of glass were stuck in his hand .. he doesn’t pay any heed to the pain or blood coming out of his hand … he rushes out of the club & sits inside the car & left …
Inside twinkle was restless .. she wanted to go where Kunj has invited her … she saw the time .. it was 9:30 ..
T: “ Arnav .. I want to go somewhere ..bye ,.”
Arnav: “ Array twinkle listen ..”
She doesn’t listens his words & quickly left from their …
Arnav: “ Doesn’t matter baby .. after marriage I’ll show you what I am …” He smirked evilly ..

Twinkle reaches the place …
She stepped out of the car … she takes few more steps & was dumbstruck looking at the scenario …
The place was decorated beautifully .. with red and white curtains & ballons … red heart shaped candles were surrounding the whole place … the place was as beautiful as Twinkle ..
She cupped her face with her hands …

T: “ Kunj .. Kunj … where r you ..?”

Kunj comes from the side & stands infront of her … His hand was bleeding .. his eyes were red …
T: “ Kunj .. what happened to u .. ye kya halat bana rakhi hai apni … pagal ho tum … see ur hand is also bleeding ..”
She took his hand & tears her dupatta & ties around his hand …
K: “Why does it matters to u Twinkle …?”
T: “ Kunj .. it matters to me coz I lo …”
K: “ What say na .. “
T: “ No .. nothing …”
Her vision got blur due to the tears …
Kunj clapped his hands .. & laugh loudly …Twinkle was confused ..
K: “ Ohhh .. so twinkle taneja .. dikhaa diya na tumne ki tum bhi 1 aurat ho .. dhoka denay wali ..”
T: “ Kunj .. what r u saying .. mujhe kuch samajh nhii araha ..”
K: “ Tumhe samajh aayega bhii kesay … Twinkle .. teri wajah se mera conception badal gaya tha about girls .. me ne socha tha ki tu mujhe kabhii dhoka nhi dega .. kabhi dil nhi tode gi .. but see na u proved me wrong … nikli na tum bhii meri maa jaisi …”
T:(shouts) “Kunj .. tum kya kahe jaa rahay ho …seedha seedha kyun nhii bol dety ..?”
K: “ Twinkle ..bht badi galti hogayi mujhse … bht badii … me ne socha tha aj sb bata dunga tujhe .. me kya feel kerta hun kya nahin .. tere lye kya sochta hun .. tere lye mere dil mein kya feelings hain .. socha tha apny dil ki baat bol dun ga .. but of no use .. u betrayed me Twinkle Taneja .. Aj shaam mein madir se ghr jaaty waqt mujhe aesa laga ki tu bhi wohi feel kerti hai jo me kerta hun .. jo me sochta hun tere baare mein .. but I was wrong ..”
Twinkle cut him in the middle …
T: “ Kunj .. tum kya kahe jaa rahy ho .. bol kyun nhi dety jo tumhare dil mein hai mere liye .. “
K: “ Kesay bolun Twinkle .. tu ne sb khatam ker diya … jb teri shaadi ho rahi hai to faaida … shaam mein mujhe aesa feel keraya ki tu bhi mere lye kuch feel kerti hai or raat ko teri shaadi ki baat ..”
T: “ Kunj meri baat suno .. listen.. u r misunderstanding me ..”
K: “ Haan twinkle .. i was misunderstanding you .. mgr aj tera pata chal gaya tera alsi chehra saamne aagaya …”
T: “ Kunj .. liisten to me once ..”
K: “ No .. today I will speak and you will listen .. tu ne kya socha mujhe pata nhii chaly ga … me hi pagal tha ye sochta raha ki tu mujhe kabhi dhoka nhi degi .. mgr dekho .. de dya dhoka tu ne Twinkle … wohi sb kuch kya jo meri maa ne kya tha … mere papa ko chod ke wo kisi or ke sath bhaag gayi thi .. mujhe chod ke .. Tum aurtein hoti hi aesi ho .. Jhooti .. dhoka deni wali .. “
They both were crying bitterly..
K: “Tum aurtein hoti hi aesi ho .. Jhooti .. dhoka deni wali ..U know what I hate u … “
T:(shouts at top of her voice) “ Bs Kunj … bht hogaya …”
She continued: “ Tumhe kya laga .. tum bokte rahogy .. or me sunti rahun gi .. listen Mr.Kunj Sarna .. be in ur limits … Jo kuch tumne dekha ya sunaa zaroori to nhii wohi sach ho … koi problem hogi us ke peechay .. shayad me majboor hogayi hungi … shayad mujhe apne pyaar or apne bhai me se kisi 1 ko choose kerna pada hoga .. but no .. tumhe kisi ko samajhna hi nhii hota .. tum mujhe kabhi nhii samjho ge Kunj .. never .. or haan kya kaha tumne har aurat ek jaisi hoti hai .. to thk hai tumhe jo soch rekhni hai mere baare me wo rakho ..mgr I’ll never tell u ki mene aesa kyun kiya … kyunki tum kabhi nhii samjho ge .. or haan tumhari maa .. kisi maa ko shok nhii hota apni family ko chodne ka .. circumstances hi aesy hoty hain ke wo step lena padta hai jo shayad ap se apki zindagi cheen le .. Mere saty bhii aesa hi kuch hua .. jabhi me samajh paayi … Agr ladkiyon se nafrat bhi kertay ho na .. tab bhi atleast unki respect kerna seekho ..”
He was crying continuously … Twinkle’s condition was worse … She ran from there sits in her car & left … Kunj break down & fell on his knees …
He shouts: “ Twinkle … why u do this ….?”
Twinkle in the car was crying bitterly .. She was not able to control her tears …
T: “Kunj .. I’m helpless …”
(Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays in BG)
Paas aaye..
Dooriyaan phir bhi kam
Na huyi.. Ek adhuri
Si humari kahaani rahi
Aasmaan ko zameen
Yeh zaroori nahi
Jaan le.. jaan le..
Ishq saccha wahi
Jisko milti nahi
Manzilein manzilein..
Rang thhe noor tha
Jab kareeb tu tha
Ek jannat sa tha
Yeh jahaan…
Waqt ke reet pe
Kuch mere naam sa
Likh ke chhod gaya
Tu kahaan..
Hamari adhuri kahani
Hamari adhuri kahani..(2x)
Khushbun se teri
Yunhi takra gaye
Chalte chalte
Dekho na hum kahaan aa gaye
Jannatein agar yaheen
Tu dikhe kyun nahin
Chaand sooraj sabhi, hai yahaan
Intezar tera, sadiyon se kar raha
Pyasi baithi hai kab, se yahaan
Hamari adhuri kahani
Hamari adhuri kahani.. (2x)
Pyaas ka yeh safar
Khatam ho jayega
Kuch adhura sa joh tha
Pura ho jayega
Jhuk gaya aasmaan
Mil gaye do jahaan
Har taraf hai milan ka sama
Doliya hain saji
Khushbuein har kaheen
Padhne aaya Khuda khud yahaan
Hamari adhuri kahani
Hamari adhuri kahani.. (2x)

Precap: Twinkle to meet Usha and the whole truth …

So guys … bht lambi hogayi na episode .. pata hai subha se break de de ker likh rahi hun …
Ohh haan yaad aya ..

NOTE:- I mentioned in the intro that Manohar is responsible for Kunj’s condition .. But now forget that .. I have made a change .. He is not responsible for Kunj’s condition …
Sorry guys .. I knw its confusing but ur all confusions will be cleared by me …

No proof reading .. ignore the mistakes plss ..

Will post next soon ..

Till then bye bye … Take care_ Be Happy ..

Love_u_loads ???????????????????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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