“YOU MADE ME LIVE AGAIN” ….! Twinj ff (Episode 4)(REALIZATION)


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Let’s move on to the episode ..

The episode starts with Twinkle leaving Kunj’s cabin .. She went to her cabin ..sits down on the chair ..
Twinkle: Thank u Babaji .. He liked my designs .. mujhe to laga phirse larna start ker dey ga ….But thank u Babaji ,. Bacha liyaa … Ohh twinkle u have to find out the reason behind his hatred towards women …
She took the photo of her mother which was placed on her table … She started talking to it …
T: Maa …! I m sorry .. I knw ye sorry kerny se ap mujhe wapis nhii milo ge .. But I m guilty .. Maa I misunderstood u … Papa ki waajah se itne saal ap ko blame kerti rahi .. or jb sachai pata chali to ap ko kho chuki thii … Shayad Kunj or uski maa ke beech bhi aesi hi koi misunderstanding hai … jo ke me clear kerna chahti hun …coz me nhi chahti ke koi bhi meri tarah ki life jiyee … chaahy wo kunj hi kyun na ho … Wo bhi meri tarah hai … jo deekhta hai sunta hai us pe yakeen ker leta hai ….. Or maa .., ap ne hi sikhaya tha na mujhe ke har kisi ki help kerni chahiye …Maa thats why I m doing this .., I m sorry maa … for all the things … I m really very sorry …Mujhy maaf ker do …

Saying this .. she broke down .. she was not able to control her tears .. She was crying bitterly placing her palms on her face ..

Kunj was standing outside the door .. He has listened the whole thing … He was angry,sad & depressed at the same time … He was feeling very bad for Twinkle … but he was also angry on her .. coz she tried to found out his secret ..
He thinks: Twinkle itni strong hai nhiii .. jitni dunya ke saamne banti haii … She misses her mom alot …
He knocked on the door .. Twinkle composes herself …. & he entered the cabin …
K: Wo Yuvi ne bola tha yahan aany ke liye .. usy hum dono se koi kaam haii .. I guess me ne tumhe disturb nhi kiyaa …
T: No .. No its nothing like that …!
Just then Yuvi entered her cabin ….He saw Twinkle’s face & his Mom’s pic on the side .. He understood evrything that Twinkle again cried ..
He quickly came & hugged Twinkle tightly …!
Yuvi: Twinkle .. i told u na not to cry anymore .., tere rone se mom wapis nhii aajyengi … balke wo or hurt hungi … tujhe rota dekh ker .. kyunki wo nhii chahti k tu baar baar roye ..
She again started crying …
T: Bhaiiii …!! Me kya karn …. Me bht miss kerti hun Mom ko .. wo jab thi tab to un se nafrat kerty huay .. 1 bht bari misunderstanding me ghire huay jeeti rahi … per jab sb clear huaa … to mom hi chod ker chali gayiii ….

Tears came in uv’s eyes ,.. they both were crying …. Kunj was witnessing all this … A tear dropped from his eye …

He thinks: Kunj yee .. kya … teri aankh se aanso … ye kesy hosakta hai … but see her na .. kitna ro rahi hai apni mom ko yad ker k … aesi kya baat hai .. jo twinkle bhii apni mom se nafrat kerti rahiii …. stop all this Kunj .., y r u thinking about her …

He brushed his thoughts ….
Yuvi: Twinki .. princess .. stop crying .. See mom don’t wanna see tears in ur eyes …. remember that day .. when u were 8 ..

Flashback –
A lady is shown consoling a little girl … she is none other than Leela Taneja ..
Leela: beta ..!. Why r u crying .. tell me something naa … Stop crying .. u knw na I love u & don’t wanna see tears in ur eyes … Twinkle ..! Shhhhh ..
The girl is none other tha Twinkle ..
Twinkle: Maa .. but see … my class mates taunt me .. sayimg that i don’t have father .. they say that my father left me ..

Leela was stunned listening to her …
Leela:No beta ..! Its nothing like that .. Ignore them & their talks …. & promise me u’ll never cry again about this matter …
T:But maa ..!
L: No ifs & buts ..promise ?
T: Promise …
L: Now stop crying coz ur mom hates tears in these twinkling eyes …
Twinkle smiled ..
They both hugged .. just then uv comes & joined them ..
Uv: Maa ap mujhe bhool gayi ..
T: Bhaiii … hum ap ko kese bhool sakte hain …

Flashback ends

Twinkle & Uv smiled remembering their moments with their Mom …
Uv: now stop crying .. coz now ur sweet brother hates tears in these twinkling eyes …
Twinkle & Uv laughed at this ….
Uv: Sorry Kunj … i wasted ur time .. but it was important .. coz this princess na .. she misses mom very much …
K: No .. Uv yrr don’t say sorry …
T: bhai .. u wanna talk about something ?
Uv: Yaa …! I want to tell u both that I m going to Shimla .. for some important meeting for 1 week .. so u both have to look after the whole office ..
K: Ok … ! But what is that important meeting ..?
T: Yaa bhaii .. i want to ask the same question ..?
Uv: I m going to finalize a deal with Mr.Kapoor ..
K: Ohh !! so .. when r u going ?
Uv:Today .. at 8 ..
T: Bhaiii .. its too early ..
Uv: yaa princess .. i knw … i m going to do the packing …
T: bhaii …. I’ll do ur packing ..
Uv: No princess u stay here .. M going .. Kunj come with me.. I want to talk about something ..
Kunj & Uv left the cabin .. twinkle started working on her laptop …
Uv: Kunj …. Plss do a favor on me …
K: Bol yrr ..
Uv: Kunj see .., Twinkle loves mom alot .. & there was a huge misunderstanding between them for years … When the confusion got cleared .. A blo*dy hell person killed my mom … so thats why twinkle misses her alot … so plss take care of her ….
K: Uv ..but what was the misunderstanding yrr ??
Uv: Kunj .. I’ll tell u detail later …
K: but apnii us hitler behen ko samjhaa de .. kuch kaho ga .. to ladai shuro ker dy gi ..
Uv laughed listening him …
Uv:(acting) Khabardar jo meri behen ko hitler kaha …
& then they both laughed ..
Uv called Twinkle to his cabin .. she entered the cabin …
Kunj was also there …
T: What is the matter bhai?
Uv: Princess .. the thing is that kunj is going to take care of u in my absence … & he will live wid u in our house …
T: bhaiii … iss sadu ke sath … (making faces)
K: M not sadu …
T: U r ..
Uv: Twinkle its final …
T: ok bhaiiii (helpless)

She left the cabin …. yuvi went to his house & do packing …
At 5:30
Kunj came in cabin of Twinkle … She was working on laptop … her hairs were playing with air … she was looking extremely gorgeous ….
He was lost in her ….
(Ishq Bulaava plays in BG)

Ishq bulaava, jaane kab aave
Ishq bulava, aave jab aave
Main ta kol tere rahna
Main ta kol tere rehna
Main ta, baitha, kol tere
Tennu takda rava
Baaton pe teri hansda rava..
Paagal main khud nu banaanda rava
Tu hansdi rave, main hansaanda rava
Tennu takda rava
Ajeeb ranga di tu hai badi
Lage alag hi jahaan di (Repeat once)
Ae to nazra nazra di gal vey
Tu vi sun le zara
Main ta kol tere rahna
Main ta kol tere rahna
Main ta, rahna kol tere
Twinkle saw him lost somewhere … she snapped her finger infront of his eyes …
He came back to reality …
T: Ohhh hello … where r u lost ..?
K:(mumbles) In you …
T:What ..?
K: Nothing … Let’s go … Uv said to me to take u home …
T: Huhhh .. babaji .. ! I have to bear him for the whole week …
K: Twinkle ..! Plss .. I don’t wanna fight …
T: Hainn ..? Kunj u r saying this …
K: Plss Twinkle …..
They left for home …
In the Parking lot ..
They both came & Kunj sit down to drive .. Twinkle sat on the back seat …
K: Am I your driver ?
T: Nope ..
K: Then, come infront ..
T: Huhhh …
She sits down on the front seat …
K: Twinkle wear your seat belt …
Twinkle was struggling to wear the seat belt but of no use …
Kunj saw her struggling … He comes towards her & make her wear seat belt … They both were just few inches away .. Twinkle could feel his breath … They both were breathing heavily … They share an eyelock … (Jaise Mera Tu plays in BG)
Uljhi si baatein dil
Mujhse bhi baantein
o mehar..mehar meherbaniya
Khud hi samajah ke mujhe samjha de
To mehar..Mehar..Meharbaniya

Ho meherbani jo dil de zubaani
Keh de woh jo na kabhi kaha hai

Aise Tera main..Jaisa mera tu
Aisa Tear main..Jaisa mera tu…

Milte rahe jo aise hi dono
lag na jaaye ishq ki nazar
Aye dil Farebi, tham sa gaya kyun
Aisi baat soch kar

Bas mein na mere ab ye raha hai
Tujh pe aake dil ye jo ruka hai

Aisa tera main..jaise mera tu
Aisa tera main..jaise mera tu
Jaise mera tu (jaise mera tu..)
Jaisa mera tu (Jaise mera tu..)
Jaisa mera tu (Jaise mera tu..)
Hoo hoo.. (jaise mera tu..)
Jaisa mera tu…
Jaisa mera tu!

They broke the eyelock … Kunj moved towards his seat but (unfortunately for them & fortunately for us) her hairs got stuck in his shirt’s button …. There was complete silence .. Kunj tried to free her hairs but she got hurt …
T: Ouch …!
K: I m sorry ..
T: Its ok ..!
He was trying to free her hairs .. She also tried …In order to took out the hairs .. Twinkle’s hand touches his … Again they share an eyelock .. (Gerua instrumental plays in BG)
Babaji ..! What feeling is this .. I want to be with him always … why I feel like this moment stops here only … Why I m feeling butterflies in my stomach … He is so close to me .. Haaye Babaji .. plss help me …

She is so pure … so cute .. so adorable .. so innocent ….. Wait a min … Kunj Sarna what r u thinking .. u r praising a girl … No u can’t do this … U hate women …

He listened to his mind & doesn’t pay any heed to his heart…. He broke the eyelock …
She took out her hairs from his shirt’s button…..
He started driving the car … There was an awkward silence … Twinkle was looking outside of the window coz she was not able to face Kunj …
After sometime .. they reaches home …
Uv was ready to leave …
Uv: twinkii .. u came …
She ran & hugged Uv tightly …
T: Bhaiii .. Plsss jaldi aana …
Uv: Princes .. I’ll soon come back dear ….

They broke the hug … & Uv went towards the door .. to leave ..
Twinkle hugged him from back …
T: Bhaiii plsss don’t go naa … I’ll be alone … (she started crying) bhaiii .. after maa … I can’t afford to lose u … u r evrything to me …
Uv: Twinkle .. princess don’t cry .. u r not alone .. kunj is here na .. He’ll be with u ….
Uv forcibly broke the hug coz Twinkle was not allowing him …. He left the house without turning back ..coz he knew that he’ll become weak seeing her sister …
Twinkle sit down on her knees … She was crying vigorously … Kunj was so much confuesd at her behaviour .. He couldn’t able to understand why Twinkle is behaving like this …. ??? Twinkle was like this after her mother’s death .. After Leela .. Only Yuvi was there for her support …
Kunj tries to consol her … He sit down … Twinkle quickly hugged him …. very tight … He was numb at her sudden reaction … He thought that it is needed to comfort her .. so he started rubbing her back .. & hugged her back …
T: Kunj … I can’t lose bhaiii … he is evrything to me … kunj un ko samjhao na .. mujhe chod ke mat jaayen … Maa bhi mujhe chod ke chali gayii .. ab bhaiii .. mujy dar lagta hai … k kahin bhaii bhiii …
She was completely choked up … She was crying bitterly …
K: Twinkle … shhhhhh .. calm down …. I m here na … plss stop crying …. I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU … (it echoes)
She looked at him … They realize their position … & awkwardly leave eo …
T: Mmm … Sorry … I was not in my senses …
K: Its ok … Twinkle …
She stands up & quickly ran to her room ..
K: Strange yrrr … Twinkle kitni tooti huii hai … Aesa kya hua hai is k past mein .. that she became like this … Dunya ke saamne .. mere saamne .. 1 mask chadha ke rakhti hai .. happiness ka … but alone … she is like a lifeless body … aesa lagta hai .. kisi ne us se is ki zindagi cheen li ho ..

A tear dropped from his eye …
K: kunj ye kya horaha hai .. tere sath … kyun soch raha hai us k baare me itna … Tu 1 ladki ke lye ro raha hai …. Kya mere dil ko twinkle pasand aagayi hai … haan maybe …
A smile appeared on his face …
Ohh god .. damn it ! I start liking her… but no I can’t do this … I have to control myself … Kya me sirf like kerta hun ussy …? I don’t knw …. Am I in love with her ? No this can’t be possible … I hate girls … They r cheaters … I have to hide my feelings ….
Twinkle’s room
What is happening to me …I asked ..
Its something u r not realizing .. My heart spoke …
Its nothing .. just chill pill.. My mind denies what my heart said ..
Its something … Heart said
Its nothing … Mind said
U see yourself .. when he is around u .. u want to stop that moment … u felt like u r in heaven when u were in his arms … u want to be with him forever … heart said
Heart is lying … its nothing … u just want to hepl him thats all … mind again denies ..
Then they both started fighting .. there was a storm going on … heart was saying something that mind was denying .. & mind was saying something that heart was denying ….
Aftet sometime there was a complete silence …. After so much of fighting my heart wins ….
“U LOVE HIM” Heart said ..
“Yes .. I accept it …….. I LOVE HIM … Oh babaji … I love him .. I love that ruthless, heartless, arrogant & sadu person …”
I started dancing around my whole room …. thinking that I love him …. It was a very cute feeling … loving someone …. Twinkle Taneja is in love ….


Sometimes you love someone so much that not even the truth can change your mind ….
Love is broad; if you love someone, you love all things, not just their beauty. Love is narrow; you love one and only one, compared to them, no one matters ….. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Love is like a wind … u can’t see it but u can feel it …

PRECAP- Kunj to hurt Twinkle & a shock …..
Hey guyss … plss support me … I tried to write a long episode ….
I hope u didn’t get bored ….

No proof reading .. so ignore the mistakes … Sorry ..

Comment kerna mat bhoolna ….. samajh gaye ….
I’ll post next soon

Till then bye bye

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