‘YOU MADE ME LIVE AGAIN’ ..! TwiNj FF (Episode 40)

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Episode 40 ~
Kunj took his car keys and was about to go out when Twinkle stopped him.
T – ‘Kunj! Listen?’
K – ‘Yeah?’
She looked at the couch in the hall and saw YuhiPri hiding behind it. They signalled her to ask and said best of luck.
T – ‘Kunj where are you going?’
K – ‘Twinkle are you alright?’ he said checking her forhead.
T – ‘Yeah, I m ok and why are you asking this?’
K – ‘Becoz tu usually aesy questions nhi kerti!’
T – ‘Arry to kya hua? Mujhe tumse kuch important baat kerni hai!’
K – ‘Kya? Bolo?’
T – ‘Kunj..? I know tum mujhse kuch chhupa rahy ho. Kyun? Ye me nhi jaanti lekin kuch hai jo tum mujhe batana nhi chahty!’
K – ‘Twinkle nhi aesa kuch nhi!’ she took her hand in his.
T – ‘Kunj, I won’t force you to tell me. Whenever you think its right to tell me, then tell me. I’ll wait for it.’ She said to which Kunj hugged her. She hugged him back.
Yuvi, Mahi and Priya tapped their forehead.
Y – ‘Iss ko kis liye bheja tha or ye kya ker rahi hai!’
M – ‘Me ne kaha tha na mt bhejo isy per tumhe to meri bat sunni nhi hai!’
P – ‘Arry ab tum dono ladna mt shuru ker dena! We have to think what to do next? Ye Twinkle to kisi kaam ki nhi!’ and the three of them left from there.
They broke the hug and Kunj cupped her face.
K – ‘Twinkle, tu tension na ly. I just want to see a smile on your face. That’s all for me!’
T – ‘And I want to see smile on your face, no matter what happens!’

They both smiled and he pecked her forehead.
K – ‘Bye.’
T – ‘Take care Kunj.’ He moved back and gave her a flying kiss. She smiled and saw him going.
T – ‘I just hope he is safe. Pata nhi kya ker raha hai!’
She went to her room thinking about him. All this was witnessed by Sia who was burning in anger seeing them.
S – ‘I won’t leave you Twinkle, you snatched him from me. I will destroy you.’ She said and laughed like an evil.

Next Scene ~
Yuhi and Priya were sitting in Yuvi’s room and were lost in thoughts. Twinkle came there finding them.
T – ‘What the hell you all are doing here? I have been searching you for so long!’
P – ‘Hogaya tera romance!’
T – ‘What?’
M – ‘Aisa thappad marungi na.’
T – ‘What the? But why?’
Y – ‘Tujhe kis liye bheja tha Twinkle?’ he said faking to cry. The three girls laughed at him.
T – ‘Bhai, kitne funny lag rahy ho!’ she said trying hard to control her laughter. Yuvi was lost in Mahi admiring her. She looked at him and both shared an eye lock. Twinkle and Priya stopped laughing and looked at them. They both smiled and coughed to gain attention. Yuhi came in senses and looked here and there.
T – ‘Priya, in dono ko dekh. Mujhe keh rahy thy or ab khud dekho!’
P – ‘Exactly Twinkle, kuch kuch hota hai!’ she said and both of them burst into laughter. Yuhi gave them a death glare. Mahi threw cushion at Priya and Yuvi on Twinkle.
Y – ‘Twinkle..! Let’s come to the point.’
T – ‘Bhai chodo na! Kunj hamen nhi batana chah raha to chod do. Wo khud bata dega jb usy thk lagega!’
M – ‘Zyada side na ly uski!’
T – ‘Mujhe nhi pata tum logo ko jo kerna hai wo karo!’
P – ‘Twinkle listen!’
Y – ‘Dekh Twinkle, aesi kon si bat ho sakti hai jo wo tujhe nhi bata raha mujhe bhi nhi bataya! Har waqt pareshan rehta hai!’
T – ‘Bat to thk hai apki!’
Y – ‘Toh done! We have to spy on him!’
T – ‘Bhai..!!’
Y – ‘No Twinkle. Please we have to!’
T – ‘Ok!’

Next Scene ~
Kunj was again there to meet Leela. He entered inside after making sure no one was there.
He went to Leela.
K – ‘Aunty?’
L – ‘Kunj beta!’
K – ‘Aunty mere pass abhi time nhi mujhe foran jana hai! They all are suspecting me! I can’t tell them.’
L – ‘So?’
K – ‘Mere pass ek plan hai!’ he told her something which was muted. He then left from ther quickly.
Kunj reached the house and Usha, Manohar and Bebe were all set to go.
K – ‘Thody din ruk jaty na!’
B – ‘Arry puttar, kuch din ki to bat hai phir tum log bhi wahin hogy!’ kunj hugged all three of them and everyone bid bye to them.
Later at night ~
Yuvi, Mahi, Twinkle, Kunj, Priya and Sia were in the hall watching TV.
Y – ‘Kunj, ek bat bata?’
K – ‘Pooch?’
Y – ‘Aj subah tu kahan gaya tha?’
K – ‘Wo ke kisi kam se gaya tha!’
Y – ‘Aesa konsa kaam jo mujhr nhi pata!’
M – ‘Arry Yuvraj chodo na, Twinkle ke liye surprise plan ker raha hoga. Hamein kyun batayega!’
T – ‘Oye Mahi, zyada nhi haan!’
P – ‘Theek hi to bol rahi ho wo!’
T – ‘Priya tu bhi shuru!’
Y – ‘Acha wo sb chodo, me na soch raha tha kyun na abhi hum ice cream khane chalien!’
S – ‘Wohho.. ice cream, that’s a good idea!’
Y – ‘Yuvraj Taneja ke ideas to humesha achy hi hoty hain!’
M – ‘Bss .. koi achy ideas nhi hoty tumhare. Tumse achy to mere hoty hain!’
Y – ‘Ooo.. pagal..’
M – ‘Tumne mujhe pagal bola!’
K – ‘Ohh godd.. stop fighting.. bachon ki tarah ladd rahy ho tum dono!’
T – ‘Arry Kunj ladny do.. tumne wo to suna hi hoga na ladne se pyaar badhta hai ryt?’
P – ‘Ohh yess.. lado.. or lado..’
Yuhi were left embarrassed. They glared at each other.
K – ‘Chalo let’s leave to have ice cream.’
Nd they all went to get ready..!
Some time later
Twinj, Yuhi, Priya and Sia left to have ice cream. They reached the ice cream parlour and ordered their favourite ice creams.
Yuhi were stealing glances of each other. The ice creams came and they started eating. Soon, it started raining heavily. Twinkle left her ice cream and went out. Kunj ran behind her. Mahi too came out and Yuvi behind her.
Twinkle was enjoying dancing in the rain. Kunj was admiring her beauty. He went closer to her and held her waist. She stared at him meeting his intense gaze. The rain drenching them, creating a heated effect between them. They both kept on coming closer to each other, the proximity between them increasing. As their lips were about to meet, there was a thunder sound which scared Twinkle and she hugged Kunj. He hugged her back rubbing her back. She broke the hug. He kissed her forehead and then kissed her eyes. She turned around turning a shade of crimson. He smiled and back hugged her resting his chin on her shoulder. A sensation ran down her spine. He kept her hairs on one side and kissed her neck. She closed her eyes. He made her turn around and pulled her closer. He moved closer to her lips but then dug his head in her neck giving her pleasure. He bites her neck making her moan his name. He gave wet kisses to her. Her knees went numb and she hugger him tightly. They both had a broad smile playing on their faces.
Screen freezes on their happy faces.

Precap: Twinj and Yuhi’s walk with some romance.

Hey guys?? I hope this was upto your expectations..
Nd yeah how was the romance because I m very bad at it, I know.
Nd Sohi, I read your comment, you said you are not going to start your ff and not even going to comment? May I know the reason? Yrrr??

I will be coming back soon..!
Loads of love ??❤❤??❤❤??

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