‘YOU MADE ME LIVE AGAIN’ ..! TwiNj FF (Episode 39)

Hello guys…!! Here I m with the next episode of this ff..! Bht long gap hogaya naa is ff ka..!
Tell me guys, aren’t you liking this track. I guess everyone is losing interest in this ff, if you guys aren’t interested then tell me frankly. I would end it, wesy i thought a lot abt this ff.. becuz this is my first ff… i thought ke me isy shayad 100 epi tak ly jaaun but that isn’t possible without your support guys…! I need your support..! Tell ur suggestions abt this ff.. Do tell whatever you think, good or bad. I won’t mind..
Let’s start the episode with smile! ?

Episode 39 ~
Next Morning
Everyone was gathered at the breakfast table. They were having the break fast chit chatting. Kunj was lost somewhere. He was thinking how to expose Rt and make him arrest. Twinkle, YuHi and Priya noticed him and signalled each other.
Y – ‘Kunj kya hua? Tu kuch din se pareshan nazar aaraha hai? Anything serious.’
K – ‘Nah, nothing Yuvi. Just work load.’
They wasn’t convinced by his answer but chose to be quiet. The door bell rang. The servant opened the door and here comes.. a girl in her mid 20’s wearing a blue mini skirt and pink top. She was revealed to be Sia. (Kya huaa?? Pata to thaa isy aana hai…! ?)
Bebe, Usha and Manohar smiled at her along with Yuvraj. Kunj’s eyes reflects anger and hatred seeing her. TwiHiPri were confused as to who is she.
S – ‘Namaste Uncle aunty. Namaste bebe.’
B – ‘Arry Sia beta..! Aao betho na.’
Manohar – ‘Tum yahan kesy?’
S – ‘Uncle actually wo kya hai na mujhe pata laga ap log yahan to me yahin aagayi. Ap logo acha nhi laga.’
U – ‘Arrry nhi aesi baat nhi.. aao hamare saath break fast kero!’
She just smiled and sat.
S – ‘Hi Kunj! How are you? You must be very good. Twinkle jo mil gayi!’
Kunj’s face was red due to anger. He somehow controlled himself.
S – ‘Arry intro nhi kerwao gy! Chalo tum choro ye kaam bhi me hi ker leti hun! Hi Twinkle, I m Sia. Kunj’s childhood best friend. And of course I would be knowing you. Tumhare hi liye to devdas bana hua tha ye..!’ she said and everyone got sad it.
T – ‘Hi Sia. Well, we should not discuss about past right.’ She said to which Sia nodded smirking.
Kunj didn’t eat the break fast and left from there.
Y – ‘Isy kya hua?’
T – ‘Donno.. let me check.’ She went behind him.
@ break fast table.
Manohar – ‘Yuvraj beta, we are thinking to go back to India what say?’
U – ‘Hmm exactly. How many days we r going to live here. Someday we have to go back.’
B – ‘Bilkul, or ab mujhse yahan nhi raha jata..! Apne desh ki bat hi or hai.’
Y – ‘Keh to ap thk rahy hain lekin.. pata nhi twinkle kya kahy!’
Manohar – ‘To ek kaam kerty hain. You all live here jab tak Twinkle chahti and me bebe or usha ji yahan se chaly jaty hain. Ab wahan business bhi to haina!’
Y – ‘That’s right.’
M – ‘So hum aj hi nikalty hain. Sia you live with them and come back with them.’
S – ‘Of course uncle I would be here only!’
Next scene ~
Twinkle went behind him. He went to his room and punched his hand on the wall. Twinkle quickly came to him and get worried.
T – ‘Kunj, pagal ho. Kya hogaya hai tumhe?’
K – ‘Twinkle, just throw Sia out of here. I can’t live where Sia is there.’
T – ‘Kunj she is your friend best friend. Then why are you saying all that?’
K – ‘She was my friend. Twinkle tu nhi janti wo kya ker sakti hai!’
T – ‘Jab tak tum mujhe nhi batao gy mujhe kesy pata chaly ga!’
K – (thinks) ‘I shouldn’t tell her. She’ll get worried. I will handle her.’
K – ‘Nhi kuch nhi. Chalo.’ He said and they came back to the table. Manohar informed them about their decision while Twinj hesitantly agreed.
Screen freezes…

Precap: Kunj went to meet Leela. Twinkle, Yuvraj, Mahi, Priya spying on him. Sia’s evilness. Rain. Twinj romance…

Sorry sorry sorry.. for the short update!!! Plss bear with it… I know it wasn’t upto your expectations but still.. I m sorry… Twinj romance is coming up…. who is excited. I know you all must be.. ?
Well… will be coming back soon…
Take care
Loads of love

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  1. Presha

    Hii butter cup…
    Hw r u…
    Amazing giggling epi…
    Loved it….
    Too good…
    100 epi a wow… I m excited…
    Plz plz….
    Post soon

    1. Presha

      Mind blowing**

      1. Presha

        Giggling was typed by mistake

  2. Sohi

    Hello purvi
    Episode was amazing
    I want to kill sia

    Umm about the ff honestly telling I was very much interested in it before
    But after that I’m no more interested in it even now
    As their was long gap in it and ur other ffs are more awesome so……

    But I still like it u can continue but regularly u have to post it
    Do continue

  3. SidMin23

    Finally u post and u know all are extied for twinj romance

  4. Hey purvi…. First of all a big wala sorrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyy bay khudi m na cmnt krny ka liye ….. Belive me i was hell bzy i did not get time to read it i read it now only …. Its awsm …. Waiting for revealition but as i know but then also i wanna read it…. Now cming to this ff its awsm luvd it …. But yr epi bht bht bht short thi …. Shuru hony sa pehly hi khatam ho gai …. Maza nhi aya parhny ka ….

    But yeah give twinj more scenes… Some sweet , romantic, cute, emotional….
    Yr ek request ha agr tm puri kro yr plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz kal meri bday ha toh apna devil wala ff or ye wala ff dono post kr do plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzz yr its humble request…. Plzzzzzzzz…….

    I know i am no one to u and to request u but plzzzz still i am requesting plzzzzz do post ur both ff tommorrow …..
    And yeah do reply to my cmnt and tell me that will u post or not ……

    Plzzzz reply b do or kal ff b post kro ok byeee… Luv u??…. Tc

  5. Yeah and never ever thought to end it ok…. Its one of my fvrt ff…. Or tm na is ki 100 epi krny ka socha tha m kehti ho 200 kro par is ko end mat kro plzzzzzzzzz i luv ur all ff byee…

  6. Sidmin ki sadia

    Awesome. Epi. I just luv it do continue
    I have a doubt that why kunj hate sia

    1. Purvi128

      Read the prev episodes… u’ll get to know… the episodes in which twinj were seperated

  7. Nice episode ?
    Post soon plz don’t end na ??
    I loved this track plz post devilff plz fast

  8. Cheena2001Cp

    Loo a gayi Sia … Cheap girl???….. The episode was awesome??…pata nahi Kya karname karengi yeh….?…post this along with other ffs……soon ???

  9. Asna

    Hy purvi… thank God u updated it… I was waiting for it n the story is…….. my god I can’t tell u… I love this story very much n ur thinking skill too… plzz update next asap…
    Lots of love…

  10. purvi please end mat karo…
    who told u we lost interest in it..I like this ff very much
    never ever think about ending it…
    I’m not excited..
    I’m super excited for twinj romance
    Aur intezzar mat karvana..
    post soon

  11. Baby

    uff puru loved it ♥
    ek baat bata sia hai kon kisko imagine krun or ye kab aayi yaad saa nahi aa rha…….?
    well really luvd it ♥
    love u ♥
    amazing marveleous ♥

  12. Ramya

    Awesome purvi
    And please yaar isse 100 episode Banana
    I really like it alot
    Please please
    N I’m in love with your one so don’t you dare to say like that
    Love you keep smiling

  13. Ayesha51

    amazing purvi




    u nailed it dear

    hate this sia

    plz ise 100 episodes se jyada banana

    ok sry for late commenting

    actually I haven’t read the previous parts

    so now finished reading 38 episodes

    abd frankly speaking

    u are awesome
    mind blowing
    just incredible

    plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz POST ASAP

    my cupcake
    my choco
    my vanilla
    my muffin
    my butterscotch
    my sweetie
    my darling
    my cutie

    jaldi post karna haan

    love u to the cube of infinity multiplied by the cube of infinity multiplied by the cube of infinity to the power of the cube of infinity

    love u to the moon and back

    love u till my last breath

    waiting for ur reply


    BTW u can call me MOULI if u like
    thats my nickname meaning MOST PRECIOUS CROWN
    with love,
    urs sis com friend Ayesha / Mouli

  14. The episode was marvellous
    Loved it
    Hate that sia
    Well please post a devil falls in love with an angel
    Please please
    Love u ??❤❤
    Keep smiling ☺☺
    Take care

    1. And please don’t end it
      Love all your writing

  15. awesome episode puru mindblowing ?????

    yrr mujhe tere saare ff pasand aur ye bhi unme se ek h aur end karne ki to sochna bhi mat samjhi

    aur sahi kha anayaali ne tu iss ff ke 100 nahi 200 epi. post karna OK
    luv u sweety????????

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