‘YOU MADE ME LIVE AGAIN’ ..! TwiNj FF (Episode 38)


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Episode 38 ~
Twinkle reached the house. She was restless. She get inside and saw that YuHi nd Priya were waiting for her.
T – ‘Array ap log ab tak soye kyun nhi? Its quite late!’
Y – ‘Array we were waiting for you!’
Mahi – ‘Aur to kya, tu ne itna acha sing kya Twinkle or…’
P – ‘Kisko dedicated kya tha madam apne wo song ‘Me phir bhi Tumko Chahungi!’?’
Twinkle slightly blushed listeing that. Yuvi came forward and side hugged her.
Y – ‘Don’t tease my princess..!’ he said to which Mahi and Priya laughed.
M – ‘Vaise Twinkle, ye Romeo hai kahan?’
T – ‘Oh shit, I forgot to tell. When I came outside the driver was waiting for me and I received his text stating that I should go home and he has some important work to do.’ Twinkle said being tensed.
Y – ‘Don’t worry aata hoga, kisi kaam se hi gaya hoga!’
T – ‘Haan bhai but I m really worried, kuch dino se wo bht ajeeb behave ker raha hai .. Mujhe aisa lag raha hai that he is hiding something from me.’

P – ‘Oyee Romeo ki Juliet, don’t be tensed! Aisa kuch nhi hai! Koi office work hoga!’
T – ‘He said the same but I don’t think so its about that.’
M – ‘Twinkle tu bila wajah itna pareshan horahi hai! Sb theek hai.’
Y – ‘I guess Twinkle is right!’
M – ‘Yuvraj tum bhi apni behen ki tarah physco hogaye.’
Y – ‘Tumne mujhe pyscho kaha, I won’t leave you!’
M – ‘First catch me then we’ll decide who will leave nd who will not.’ She said and started running while Yuvi chased her. Twinkle and Priya tapped their foreheads as now they again started fighting.
T – ‘Guys please! Stop this. We need to talk about Kunj.’
Mahi and Yuvraj stopped and looked at Twinkle.

M – ‘I m sorry Twinki but yeh iski galti hai!’ pointing towards Yuvi.
Y – ‘What the hell, psycho tumne bols mujhe!’
M – ‘Jo bhi hai mistake is yours!’
P – ‘Stop it, fir shuru tum dono!’
Y – ‘Acha ok, we won’t fight again.’
M – ‘Twinkle tu jaa, change ker aaja, hum tere room mein hi aajaty hain!’
Y – ‘Haan that’s right!’
M – ‘Thank god tumhe meri koi bat to sahi lagi!’
Yuvraj opened his mouth to answer her only to be cut by Twinkle.
T – ‘Not again please!’ she said nd left to her room. YuHi glared at each other and Priya laughed at them.

The camera shifts to the mansion where Kunj entered. He was shocked to see the scenario. Leela tied on the chair with ropes and a tape on her mouth. He was boggled at the situation. He quickly came towards her and took out the tape from her mouth. She was crying bitterly. Her body was weak. She couldn’t even talk properly. Kunj started to find water for her and at last found a bottle. He made her drink it. He had tears in his eyes seeing her state.
K – ‘Leela aunty?’
L – ‘Who are you and how do you know me?’
K – ‘I m Kunj! Kunj sarna son of Manohar Sarna.’
L – ‘Manohar’s son! But how do you come here.’
K – ‘Actually the thing is that I m Yuvi’s friend.’ Listening to her son’s name she started crying even more.
K – ‘Calm down!’
L – ‘Twinkle or Yuvi kesy hain?’
K – ‘They are good, but they both misses you a lot specially Twinkle.’ Saying that he had some unknown pain in his voice.
L – ‘Twinkle… but she hates me.’ Leela was confused.
K – ‘She hated you but now she knows the truth and she love you a lot.’
L – ‘Per tum yahan kyun aaye ho jaao yahan se agr kis ne dekh liya to tum mar jaaogy beta, go nd save ur life.’
K – ‘Me nhi jaaungs, jaaunga to apko saath ly ker nd how can I risk my life, nothing is going to happen to my life becuz MY LIFE IS TWINKLE!’
L – ‘Tum us se pyaar kerty ho?’

K – ‘Haan khud se zyada! Aunty please tell me the whole thing what happened to you nd how come u r here.’
L – ‘Tum yahan tak kesy pohanchy?’
Nd he narrated the whole thing to her.
L – ‘Apny bachon se itna qareeb ho ker unse nhi mil sakti!’ she said crying.
K – ‘Ap unse zaroor mily gi.’
L – ‘Kunj beta, he just want my all property that’s why he kept me here for years. He even framed me wrong in Twinkle’s eyes. He then kept me here after that and spread the rumours that I m dead. From now, I m dying to see my children.’
K – ‘Aunty, me apko yahan se nikal ker rahunga, yeh vaada hai mera.’
L – ‘Per kesy?’
K – ‘Ek baar bharosa ker ke dikhein!’
L – ‘Twinkle or yuvi ko pata hai is baare mein!’
K – ‘Nhi, or me kuch batany bhi nhi wala. Sub khid karunga!’
L – ‘Lekin tumhe Twinkle ko batana chahiye, me janti hun apni beti ko pyaar kerti hsi na tumse pareshaan hogi tumhe lekar!’

K – ‘Uski chinta ap mat karein! Jab tak meri saansein chal rahi hain usko kuch nhi hosakta me usy kabhi kich nhi hony dunga! Or ap to janti hongi usy agr bata diya na usy to or zyada pareshan hogi k kahin kuch ho na jaye!’ he said smiling.
L – ‘Sahi kaha!’ Leela too smiled.
K – ‘Me chalta hun apna khayal rakhiye ga! Kal subah me aaunga!’
L – ‘Beta ye sb kyun ker rahy ho tum, itna asaan nhi jitna tum samajh rahy ho!’
K – ‘Asaan nhi lekin me asaan bana sakta hun. Twinkle ne mujhe meri Maa di to kya me usy uski Maa nhi lauta sakta jinke liye wo raato ko roti hai, me apni Twinkle ke liye kuch bhi ker sakta hun!’
L – ‘Tum ye sb Twinkle ke liye ker rahy ho?’
K – ‘Hmm! Twinkle ke liye!’ he said and left from there.
L – (in mind) ‘Kitna pyarr kerta hai Twinkle se!’
Next Scene ~
Everyone was gathered in Twinkle’s room.
T – ‘Bhai apko bhi aesa lagta hai?’
Y – ‘Haan twinkle, some days ago he was going to tell me something but I went from there as someone called me! There is something which is bothering him?’
M – ‘But what it could be?’
P – ‘Exactly, we have to find that!’
Y – ‘Jahan tak me Kunj ko janta hun he never got tensed like this for some office work. Wo itna pareshaan Twinkle ke liye hi hota hai!’
M – ‘But pareshani ki kya bat hai, Twinkle to bilkul thek hai!’
P – ‘Donno, what’s going on in his mind.’
They were talking when Kunj came in. Twinkle noticed him and signalled them.
K – ‘So, what’s up kya chal raha hai mere bagheir!’
M – ‘Voh actually na hum tumhe hi dis…’ twinkle gave her death glare.
T – ‘Nhi actually, hum tumhare song ko discuss ker rahy thy which u sang that day remember?’ kunj nodded.
YuHiPri – ‘Yeah..!’ kunj sensed something fishy.
Y – ‘Twinkle I m going, bye gud nyt.’

M – ‘Even I m going. Gud nyt.’
P – ‘Me bhi chali. Gud nyt sweet dreams.’ Nd the trio ran from there. Kunj was somewhat confused by that. Twinkle got up from the bed and came to him.
T – ‘Kunj, kahan chaly gaye thy. I was so worried.’
K – ‘Twinkle tu choti choti baaton pr pareshaan na hua ker. Chill yarr.’
T – ‘Great, tum aisy chaly gaye or me pareshan na hun, mujhe akela chod diya wahan!’ she pouted and acted to be angry, she turned her face to other side. He smiled at her cute antics and took out chocolates from his pocket and kept infront of her. She got super happy.
T – ‘U brought it for me.’
K – ‘Yes of course jaan!’
She took it from him and in excitement kissed his cheek. He was surprised by her sudden action nd smiled. She blushed and took it from him. She started eating and Kunj kept on admiring her childish nature.
T – ‘Kunj u r the best. Thank you!’ she realised he was staring at her and offered him the chocolate. He nodded in no. The chocolate was smeared on the corner of her lips. He looked at her lips and then looked at her. She again offered him.
T – ‘Kunj have some.’
K – ‘If u r insisting so much then I’ll take.’ He moved closer to her. She was unaware of his intentions. He kept coming closer to her. She closed her eyes feeling the proximity between them. Their heart beating faster He moved closer to her lips and from the corner of her lips licked the chocolate. Her breaths were unstable. He moved back licking it and smiled looking at her closed eyes and fast breaths. He smiled seeing what effect he has on her. She opened her eyes just to find him smiling. She remembered what he did and turned a shade of crimson. She hugged him tightly trying to hide her blush.

K – ‘Twinkle kitni cute lagti hai tu yarr!’
T – ‘I hate you!’
K – ‘What? Why?’
T – ‘Because tum hamesha aesa..’ she stopped and looked at him.
K – ‘Twinkle tujhse ek cheez maangi thi wo bhi nhi di!’
T – ‘Kya?’
K – ‘Yaad ker. Bhul bhi gayi!’ she remembered and started to push him out of her room.
T – ‘Out.. foran.’
K – ‘Twinkle listen .. yarr Twinkle..’ but he was now out of the room. She was about to close the door when he stopped her.
K – ‘Good Night and haan dream about me!’
T – ‘No, I would dream about my Prince Charming.’
Listening to her, his face dropped.
T – ‘Who is standing right in front of me!’ his face lit up. Twinkle closed the door and stood leaning to it. She blushed remembering his act.
He went to his room and was continuously thinking about her. Both were thinking about each other and soon drifted to sleep..!

Guys… I m really sorry very sorry for disappearing like that. I was very buys. Forgive me please! ??????-
Love you All
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