‘YOU MADE ME LIVE AGAIN’ ..! TwiNj FF (Episode 35)

Hello friendss..! Sorry for the delay. I was not at my home. So here I m with my ff.. You made me live again. Kisi ne guess kya what Kunj is upto. Agar kya to do tell me in comments!
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Episode 35
Twinkle was in her room sitting on the bed and was in deep thoughts..!
T – ‘Kunj bht pareshan lag raha tha.! I don’t know aesi kya bat hai jis se wo itna pareshan hai..! I just hope everything goes well..! Ab koi or hurdles nhi chahiye apni or Kunj ki life mein! Babaji please release his tension, I can’t see him like this!’ A lone tear escaped from her eye but someone catched it in their hand before it fell down! Twinkle looked at the owner of the hand! She saw Kunj. She got up.
T – ‘Kunj, tum.. tum to chale gaye thay na kisi kaam se! Phir..’ Kunj shushed her by placing his finger on her lips. He then cupped her face with one hand and holds her one hand.
K – ‘Twinkle, you know na I can’t see tears in your eyes! Then still why? I told u these are very precious. Don’t let them waste.’ She adores him.
T – ‘No Kunj, wo meri aankh me kuch chala gaya tha!’
K – ‘Acha tho ab madam mujhse bhi jhoot bolengi! U know na I can read your eyes!’
T – (thinks) ‘Damn it! How can I forget that he reads my eyes everytime! I don’t know how he catches my every lie!’
K – ‘Now, you’re thinking that how am I able to catch ur every lie? Ryt?’ She looked at him surprised.
T – ‘Kunj tum tho mere mind reader nikle! Bhaee kyaa hai! Now I can’t even think anything, you’ll get to know every single thing.’ She spoke like a child. Kunj laughed at her childishness.
T – ‘Ab tum kyun hans rahe ho?’
K – ‘Twinkle tu bachhi hai!’
T – ‘Ayy! Bachhi mat bola kero! Bachhi wachhi nhi hun mein!’
K – ‘Twinkle tu bachhi hi hai!’
T – ‘Kunj, Me ne kaha na don’t call me bachhi!’
K – ‘Tu bachhi thi, bachhi hai or hamesha rahegi!’
T – ‘Kunj, I won’t spare you!’
Kunj started running in the room and Twinkle behind him trying to catch him. They were running in the whole room when Kunj’s foot got stuck in the mat and he holds Twinkle’s hand but they both fell on the bed. Twinkle was upon Kunj. He was holding her by her waist. Her hairs came on her face. His hands travelled from her waist to her hairs and tucked then behind her ears. They were lost in eo eyes.!
???? Music plays

They were in the same position when Mahi and Priya entered the room calling Twinkle’s name but stopped at the doorstep looking at two love birds with their mouths wide open. They coughed to gain Twinj’s attention. They came to their senses and both got up from the bed awkwardly! Kunj left the room without uttering a single word. Twinkle sat down on the bed remembering the incident. She had a cute smile playing on her lips. Mahi and Priya came and sat to her either sides.
P – ‘Twinkle, what was that?’
T – ‘What.’
M – ‘Aesa lagaungi na..! Tujhe nahi pata hum kya baat ker rahay hain!’
T – ‘Mujhe nhi pata yarr.. kya bol rahe ho dono?’ She tried to avoid the topic but they both were her friends how can they left her like this.
P – ‘Twinkle, jo hum ne dekha..! Tu or Kunj..!’
M – ‘Haan.!?’
T – ‘Nhi kuch nhi..! (stammers) wo.. wo to.. wo to hum doni gir gaye thay!’
M – ‘Toh uthe kyun nhi thay!’
T – ‘Array uth to gaye thay.,’ she quickly replied.
P – ‘Hamein kya pata kab se gire ho..! Pata nhi kya kya hua hoga! Hai na Mahi?’
M – ‘Han sahi keh rahi hai tu!’
Twinkle’s cheeks turned a light shade of pink.
T – ‘See, yarr its nothing like that, aesa kuch nhi hai!’
M – ‘Chal maan lety hain!’
P – ‘Acha ek baat bolo?’
T – ‘Haan bol.’
P – ‘Yarr I think Kunj bht raaton se soya nhi hai!’
T – ‘Matlab?’
P – ‘Matlab ye ke roz raat ko uske room ki light on hoti hai!’
M – ‘Yeah! Even I saw that. Or wo kuch dino se bht pale or dim lag raha hai! Tu ne notice nhi kiya?’
T – ‘Notice to me ne bhi kiya hai! But wo kuch batata hi nhi, kuch poochti hun to kehta hai tu tension na lay sb theek hai.., ab batao me kese tension na lun!’
Just then Yuvi came inside the room..
Y – ‘Twinki .. u don’t take tension.. I’ll ask him ke kya prob hai? Or me ne bhi dekha hai use raat ko jaagte huay!’

M – ‘Tum bahir khade hamari baatein sun rahe thay?’
Y – ‘Nhi wo to bs..’
M – ‘Kya wo to bss..! Koi girls ke room me aesy enter hota hai! Or baatein sunta hai..! Manners nhi hain..!’
Y – ‘Aayyyyy ..! Don’t mess with Yuvraj or else..!’
Mahi got up from the bed.
M – ‘Or else? What. Haan??’
Twinkle nd Priya were enjoying their fight.
M – ‘Kya hua darr gaye.?’
Y – ‘Ayy..m Yuvraj Taneja kisi se nhi darta..!’
Mahi mimics him..!
T – ‘Bhai, Mahi stop this yar… dono bachon ki tarha fight ker rahe ho..! Atleast ye to dekho ke ktine bare ho.. still u r fighting like cats nd dogs..’
Y – ‘She started it!’
M – ‘Whatttt??? Twinkle he started it!’
T – ‘Not again..! Say sorry to each other.’
YuHi – ‘No way!’
T – ‘Theek hai then I won’t talk to both of u.!’
YuHi – ‘Nooo..!’
YuHi to eo – ‘I m sorry!’
Twinkle smiled – ‘Good..! Now shake hands!’
Yuvi forwarded his hand and Mahi shakes hand with him. They smiled.
Y – ‘Can u two please leave the room if u don’t mind. I want to talk to Twinkle alone.’
PriHi – ‘Yeah sure! Why not..!’
The two left the room.
Yuvi sat down.
Y – ‘Twinkle yarr! What to do? Itna nervous to me pehly kabhi job interview detu huay nhi hua.! Phir aj? Whyyy? Me usy propose kyun nhi ker paa raha?’
T – ‘Pehle fight to ker lo fir ker dena propose!’
Y – ‘Twinkiii!’
T – ‘Bhaiii.. don’t know ke wo apse pyaar kerti bhi hai ya nhi..!’ She said but she knows that Mahi loves him..! (Remember the prev epi)
Yuvi looks sad..
T – ‘Don’t be sad.! I’ll find out soon.’
Y – ‘That’s like my princess.!’ He smiled broadly and got up to go.
T – ‘Bhaii, don’t forget to ask Kunj!’
Y – ‘Ohhk.! Meri pyaar mein pagal behen!’ Yuvi left the room and Twinkle smiled.

Next Scene –
Kunj was shown working on the laptop. He was researching about Rt.
K – ‘Don’t know kya hoga! I can’t tell Twinkle about it. I just hope everything goes fine.’ He closed the laptop and holds his head. Yuvi came in his room.
Y – ‘Kunj what is the problem?’
K – ‘Kya. Nothing I m fine!’
Y – ‘Phir tu raat ko jaagta kyun hai?’
K – ‘Yuvi! Dekh I know tujhe ye sunke shayad acha na lagy but I can’t help myself! Mujhe Twinkle ke bagheir neend nhi aati! That day when Twinkle made me sleep, I slept after whole 1 year, I don’t know why but uske baad firse kabhi neend nhi aayi! Only Twinkle is the cure for my insomnia!’
Y – ‘Tu ne pehly kyun nhi bola?’
K – ‘Me kesy botla! Mujhe achha nhi laga!’
Y – ‘Pagal!’
K – ‘Teri behen ke pyaar mein!’
Y – ‘Ufff! Acha now I m in a hurry, see u soon!’
K – ‘Ok’
Yuvi left the room and saw Twinkle sitting in the hall. He went towards her.
Y – ‘Twinki?’
T – ‘Yup bhai?’
Y – ‘Aj se tu khud sone jaane se pehly kunj ko sulaye gi!’
T – ‘What.? Why?’
Y – ‘Kyunke usy tere bagheir neend nhi aati! He said jis raat tu ne usy sulaya tha wo uske baad se nhi soya, or tab bhi 1 year baad soya tha!’
T – ‘Bhai wo pagal hai kya?’
Y – ‘I asked the same question from him, and guess what he replied.’
T – ‘What?’
Y – ‘He said teru behen ke pyaar mein!’
Twinkle looked down and smiled unknowingly.

At Night –
Twinkle went to Kunj’s room. He was sitting on the couch.
K – ‘Twinkle tu?’
T – ‘Kyun chali jaaun!’
K – ‘Nhi..! I mean.’
T – ‘Foran sonay ki tayyari kero..’
K – ‘Matlab?’
T – ‘Itni simple baat nhi samajh aarahi! Kunj tum na ek bachhe ho! Khud so bhi nhi sakte..’
K – ‘Agar bachha banne se tum milo to me banne ko tayyar hun.’ He whispered in her ears sending shivers down her spine. She pushed him and made him lay on the bed. She closed the lights and made his head lay on her lap. She started caressing his hairs. He closed his eyes.
K – ‘Twinkle?’
T – ‘Hmm?’
K – ‘I love you!’
T – ‘I love you too!’
Soon he drifted into sleep. She made him lay on the bed properly and covered him from the blanket. She looked at him and get lost in him.
T – (in mind) ‘Kitni peaceful sleep mein hai..! Kunj meri itni aadat mat daalo! Agar me tumse alag hogayi tumse bichad gayi to tum to ek second bhi mere bina nhi reh paaogay! Babaji hum dono ko hamesha ek saath rakhna ..! Kabhi mujhe Kunj se alag mat kerna kyunke wo nhi reh paayega na apni Twinkle ke bina!’
Tears formed in her eyes. She wiped them and bent down. She kissed his cheek and then left to her room..!


Precap: Twinkle’s performance and the fact revealed to Sia that Jasmin Bhasin is Twinkle Taneja only!!

Hey guyss! How was it. Sorry for short update, I m having a severe headache that’s why! Sorry!
I m working on the second ff.., will post soon!
Bay Khudi ff will be posted soon..
I’ll also post A mystery soon!
Do comment..!
Loads of Love! ??????

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