“YOU MADE ME LIVE AGAIN” …!! TwiNj FF (Episode 34)

In case if anyone missed the previous episode, here is the link to it:
Episode 33

Episode 34 –

Morning –
All of them were gathered at the break fast table. Twinkle, Mahi nd Priya were serving the breakfast. They all sat down for the breakfast. Mahi was sitting next to Yuvi and Twinkle was next to Kunj.
Kunj – (whispering in Twinkle’s ear) “Twinkle, I have to tell you something important.”
T – (whispering) “Is time konsi imp bat yad aagayi Kunj?”
K – “Twinkle its really very imp.. nd i m serious.”
Twinkle could sense his seriousness so she said.
T – “Kunj… see its breakfast time, first u do ur breakfast nd then tell me.”
K – “Twinkle please…”
B – “Twinkle, Kunj tum dono ki batein khatam hogayi hun to break fast ker lo.”
Everyone giggles. Twinkle gave him death glares. Kunj made a ‘bechara’ pout. (Imagine him… soo cute..)
They all started their break fast..
Next Scene –
A house was shown at the outskirts of the city. Then a dark room was shown which had Twinj’s pic kept in the middle. Someone entered the room and sat in front of the pic on the chair. It was revealed to be Sia.
S – “Kunj Twinkle… Hahaha .. ek saath rehne ke khwaab dekh rahy hain.. jitne khwaab dekhne hain dekh lo… kyunke aakhir me ye sirf khwaab hi reh jaayen gay.. (Kunj Twinkle are dreaming of living together… See how many dreams you want to see but in the last they would remain as dreams.) She laughed evilly.
S – “That middle class Twinkle.. kunj uske peechay pagal hai… for that behenji.. (guys she doesn’t know that Twinkle is singer.) He doesn’t even notice me. How much I love him. Not to worry.. Soon he’ll be mine, nd Twinkle would herself throw him out of her life.”

Next Scene –
Twinkle was in kitchen along with Mahi and Priya. Kunj came there.
P – “Yes kunj? Why r u here?”
K – “Voh.. actuallyy.. I came here for water. Yeah water.”
Mahi, Priya and Twinkle giggles.
M – “Kunj tum toh bahana bhi nhi bana sakty.. seedha seedha bol do that u came here to talk to Twinkle.”
K – “Nhi voh actually..”
T – “Kunj tumhe kya bat kerni hai?”
K – “Twinkle akele mein..”
Mahi and Priya coughs. Twinkle signalled them and they both left from there. Twinkle cupped his face.
T – “Kunj, why are you so worried? What is the problem?”
K – “Twinkle.. voh..” he holds her hand.
T – “Haan bolo Kunj..?”
K – “It is related to your….” he was telling her just then yuvi came and cuts him in middle.
Y – “Kya yarr tum dono ka romance hi khatam nhi hota…”
They both composed themselves.
T – “Bhai.. voh actually kunj is worried about something.”
K – “Nhi.. its nothing like that. Normal si baat hai.. i will handle..”
T – “Per kunj mujhe toh batao? Maybe I can help you.”
K – “Nhi Twinkle.. Tu pareshan mat ho.. I will handle.”
T – “Kunj tum pareshan ho to me kese na hun?”
K – “Twinkle, tujhe pareshan hone ki zaroorat nhi or me bilkul thek hun… me pareshan nhi.. or tu bhi tension na ly..”
Y – “Yarr please me bhi yahan hun…”
Kunj gave him death glares.

Y – “Maaf ker dy yarr galti hogayi.” Yuvi said dramatically.
K – “Chup ker.. bada aayaa..”
T – “Bhai, apki kya kaam hai?”
Y – “Voh.. Twinkle actually.. I wanted to ask that..”
T – “That Mahi likes you or not?” Yuvi looked at her surprised.
Y – “How do you know?”
T – “Jesy apko sab kuch pata chal jata hai mere baare mein aesy hi mujhe bhi pata lag gaya.. or wesy bhi.. ab me toh free hojaun gi.. apki wife jo aajaye gi.”
Y – “Twinkle ki bachhi…”
T – “Or to kya… thank god ab ap ka room nhi saaf kerna padega mujhe..”
Y – “Twinkle tu na..”
K – “Yuvi, when r u going to propose her?”
Y – “I don’t know.”
K – “Pagal hai tu..?”
T – “Bhai.. you should propose her soon..”
Y – “What if she rejected.”
K – “Toh teri bezzati hogi…”
Y – “Kunj saale…”
T – “Sahi toh kaha usne.” Twinkle nd Kunj laughed.
Y – “Twinkle tu bhi.. tum dono ko dekh lunga mein..”
And the three burst into laughter.
Next Scene –
Twinkle, Mahi and Priya were sitting in the room.
T – “Mahi ek baat bata?”
M – “Haan pooch?”
P – “Mujhe bhi kuch poochna hai tujhse?”
M – “Kya poochna hai?”
T – “Priya, tu bhi wohi poochne wali hai jo me poochne wali hun..”
P – “Shayad.”
T&P – “Mahi, you love someone?”
And the three looked at each other.
M – “Kya yarr tum dono na…”
T – “What tum dono? You have to answer.”
M – “Yes, I love someone.. bass khush..”
P – “Ohooo… nd u didn’t told us.”
M – “Yarrrr..”
T – “You know what….? I think I know who the person is.”
P – “Who?”
T – “Yuvi bhai…?”
Twinkle smiled and Mahi’s eyes popped out.
P – “How do you know?”
T – “I mean, how she cared for him when he saw me after 1 year. How she consoled him.. how she took care of him at the hospital.. i had the gut feeling that something is there… right Mahi..?” Twinkle looked at her. She was blushing, her head bowed down.
P – “Bol Mahi?”
M – “Yes..” there was a silence and then Twinkle hugged Mahi and Priya also joined them. They broke the hug.
M – “But jo bhi tu ne bola.. is waqt toh mujhe bhi nhi pata tha that I love him. Toh tujhe kese pata chala…?”
T – “Abay buddhu.. tu bewaqoof thi na… per mujhe toh nazar aagaya tha..”
M – “Yeah, point..”
P – “Chalo at least you accepted that u r buddhu..” nd they laughed.
M – “But Twinkle, what if he doesn’t feels the same way..”
T – “Toh me kya karun.. bhabhi ji..”
M – “Hatt nikal… bhabhi ji.. aayi badi..”
She laughed.
T – “I will talk to bhai..”
M – “Nhi koi zaroorat nhi..”
P – “Oyee hoyee..”
T – “Acha yarrr nhi bat karungi.. but I would surely get to know about his feelings..”
M – “How?”
T – “Bhai hain wo mere samjhii…”
M – “Ohh yess..”

Next Scene –
Kunj was in Twinkle’s room. He opened the cupboard and started finding something.
K – “Twinkle’ mother’s name is Leela. Right., toh unki picture bhi hogi Twinkle ke pass..” he took out her hand bag and found a pic. It was of Leela. Kunj understood. He kept it back and left from there. He was running when he collides with Twinkle.
T – “Kunj what happened? Why are you running?”
K – “Nothing Twinkle.. I have to go somewhere.. I was getting late that’s why..” he turned to move but Twinkle held his wrist.
T – “Kunj, I know koi problem hai jo tum mujhe batana nhi chahty..” she hugged him. He placed his arms around her. She cuddled herself into him.
T – “Kunj, me janti hun tum mujhe tension nhi dena chahty.. isi liye saari tension khud ne leli hai.. but kunj its my right to know. Kya me tumhari kuch nhi lagti..”
He caresses her hairs.
K – “Twinkle me ne aesa toh nhi kaha.. its just that me tujhe pareshan nhi dekh sakta., or wesy bhi mujhe koi pareshani nhi.. bs kuch office work tha.. jiske liye i was a bit worried, but now everything is normal. Tu tension na ly.. nd u know na how much I love you… is liye plss tension lena chod nd smile..” he cupped her face nd pecked her forehead. He signalled her to smile nd her lips formed a small curve but a fake one.
K – “Not like this.. show ur white, glowing teeth..” she smiled broadly at his statement. He knows how to make her smile. He again kissed her forehead and she closed her eyes feeling his gentle touch. He then left from there.
T – (in mind) “I know kunj something is bothering you, nd its about me.. kyinke agr kuch office work hota toh tum itne pareshan nhi hoty.. I know its about me but what is it? Jiski wajah se u r so much worried. I just hope everything is fine..” she looked at Kunj going. He turned around and passed her a flying kiss. She just smiled at him.
Screen freezes..

Precap: Maybe the mystery will be solved….

Hey guys… I know i m very late.. but I can’t do anything. I was busy with my family .. so that’s why couldn’t read or write anything.., sorry to all the writers… i haven’t read a single thing from Friday.. sorry guys.. I hope you understand…
Well, I guess the episode was boring.. but bear with it…
With lots nd lots of love ❤❤???????????❤❤?

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