“YOU MADE ME LIVE AGAIN” …!! TwiNj FF (Episode 33)

Hello friends… I m back with the next episode of my ff.. Thanks to all who commented on the prev episode… I m really overwhelmed by your sweet cute loveable comments..
In case if anyone missed the previous episode, here is the link to it:

Episode 33 –
Kunj had tears in his eyes. He was shocked at the scenario. He went towards his car and composed himself. He had many thing running in his mind. He sat down on the driving seat and started driving without uttering a single word.
T – “Kunj what happened. Why are you silent? Is everything alright?”
He looked at her caressed her hairs.
K – “Twinkle its nothing, you don’t need to worry.”
T – “But Kunj you seems to be worried.”
K – “Arrayy baba its nothing, apny dimaag per zyada zor mat daal.” He said making her smile and he too smiled for her although he was disturbed.
T – “Kunj I m always with you and will always be with you.”
She said holding his hand. He passed a smile.
Soon they reached home. Kunj looked at Twinkle who was sleeping peacefully on his shoulder. He tucked the hair strands behind her ears and kissed her forehead. He adjusts her to seat and stepped out of car. He went towards her side and picked her up in his arms and went towards her room.
K – (in mind) “Twinkle you are so cute. Babaji please made her all wishes come true and take care of her. I will always be with her to save her anytime but if anything happens to me then please don’t let her feel alone.” He stared at her lovingly. He made her lay down on the bed and covered her from the blanket. He was about to go when Twinkle held his hand.
T – “Kunj don’t leave me.”
K – “Twinkle you aren’t asleep?”
T – “Nope..” she replied and he looked at her with ‘impossible’ look.
T – “Actually I wanted to know that whenever I would sleep in the car so would you pick me in your arms or would wake me up. So I got to know it.”
K – (smiled at her cuteness) “Twinkle you are seriously a Drama Queen too.”
T – “I know I am.” She said with a cute curve on her lips.
K – “Now can I go?”
T – “Kunj please can you be with me here till I don’t sleep. I feel alone without you.”
K – “Can I say no?” He replied and sat near her on the bed. She holds his hand and lie down on his lap.
T – “Kunj?”
K – “Hmm?”

T – “You will never leave me na?”
K – “No, Twinkle never.”
T – “Agar me tum per chillaun tab bhi?”
K – “Tab bhi nhi jaaun ga..”
T – “Agar me tayyar hone me time lagaun tab bhi?”
K – “Tab bhi..”
T – “Agar me Siyappe karun tab bhi?”
K – “Haan Twinkle tab bhi…”
T – “Agar me tum pe trust na karun?”
K – “Haan tab bhi..” he realized what she said and looked at her with tears.
K – “Twinkle why did you said that?”
T – “Because I wanted to know ke tum mujhe kisi bhi haal me nhi chodo gay.”
K – “but.. tu mujh pe trust nhi kerti?”
T – “Khud se zyada tum pe trust kerti hun kunj.”
K – “Toh fir?”
T – “Ohoooo Kunj leave that na..” she cleared his tears.
T – “Ladke rote huay achay nhi lagtay.”
K – “I know.”
T – “Per tum cute lagtay ho.”
K – “I Love You Twinkle.”
T – “I know.”
K – “What?”
T – “I know.”
K – “Twinkleee.” Irritated.
T – “Kunjjj…”
K – “Now sleep.”
T – “Okk..”
She closed her eyes and held his hand tightly. He smiled looking at her.
T – “I Love you too Kunj.”
She said making him smile more. He kissed her forehead and soon she drifted to sleep.

Next Scene –
Kunj came out of Twinkle’s room.. Uv was passing by there.
Uv – “Kunj tu?”
K – “Haan yarr teri behen ke nakhre..”
Uv – “Ohh toh apni gf ke nakhre utha raha tha tu..”
K – “or nhi toh kya…”
Uv – “hmm interesting..”
K – “Achaa sun? Mujhe tujhse bht imp bat kerni hai.”
Uv – “Haan bol…?”
K – “Uv wo tere papa or maa..” he was about to say further when Manohar called Yuvi.
Uv – “ayaa uncle..”
K – “Yuvi baat to sun..”
Uv – “Baad mein.. abhi uncle is calling me..”
K – “Uv .. uv..” he called him but he ran away to Manohar. Kunj closes his fists.
K – “Kya karun..? What the hell? How to tell him.. Or twinkle usko bataun ya nhi..? Nhi abhi nhi.. me pehky khud confirm karunga… chal kunj lag ja kam per.”
He went to his room and opened his laptop and searched Raminder Taneja..
He saw his pictures.
K – “Kya karun how to find out where is he? Kunj beta kuch to kerna hoga.. but abhi so jata hun.. subah dekhun ga..”
He closed the laptop and dozes off.
Episode ends..

Precap: Let’s see what Kunj is trying to find out????

How was the epi. I hope it was not boring… drop down ur comments..
With lots nd lots of love ?????❤❤

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  1. Fatimaa.

    Heyy purvi…jaan..
    Kya epi tha..loved it..
    Twinj talks were shoo sweet…
    Post next one soon…
    Love uh❤❤❤❤

    1. Purvi128

      Thank you jaan… post ur ff plss
      Love u ❤?

  2. Sohi

    Interesting episode my dear
    Plz plz don’t bring that duffer Sia plz ????????
    Liked twinkles tantrums on kunj hehehe
    Why kunj is searching about rt ??
    Do continue and post soon

    1. Purvi128

      Thanks Sohi.. Glad you liked it. 🙂
      Your question will soon be answered. Keep thinking nd guessing.
      Will post asap.
      Love you?❤

  3. Ramya

    Awesome purvi amazing
    Loved twinj bond
    But what’s bothering kunj
    I’m eager to know
    TWINJ moment r aoo cutteee
    Love u keep smiling

  4. Haye jananman..loved it..

  5. SidMin23

    Purvi your too good writer and twinj conversations ??❤️ Do post soon.

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    Interesting suspense full epi

  7. SidMin

    Yaar itna suspense khyu …. why … ???
    Loved the episode especially the scene in Twinkle’s room was just too cute…
    Love you post soon ❤

  8. Purvi dear it was superb
    But suspense!!!!!
    Plz reveal the suspense soon
    Post next one soon
    Love u

  9. Intresting marvellous write the next one ASAP and little of yuhis sequences also

  10. Presha

    Hey puru…
    Its awesome….
    I just loved it…
    Twinj bond nd love for eo…
    Love u…. Post soon….

  11. You made me smile again… Dii?????just fab but susupensivee ?…..dekhe kya hota hai aage ???post next soon ??

  12. Twinjfan.tamanna

    Sooo cutteeeeeee! Awwww I love Kunj so much! And the most beautiful part was when he had tears. Sid looks so cute with tears! I m waiting impatiently post soonest! And sorry na jaan kal ke liye plz maaf karde plz! Lekin mujhe sacchi laga wo boring hai isliye kehdiya! ????????????

    With love,
    Urs shona??

  13. Awesome episode
    Twinj were cute
    Post soon

  14. Awesome episode dear
    Twinj scenes were cute
    Post soon

  15. Really a good episode
    Post soon

  16. Amazing update

  17. Marvelous episode

  18. Interesting

  19. Baby

    Puru my jaan…. 🙂
    Amazing osm sooocute a bit emotional…..m getting something dat wats jpning bt ll tell u later on hangouts…. 🙂
    Loving it…..
    Love u sooo mch srriiieee first of all m late n den small cmnt bt busy….
    Love u sis 🙂

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