“YOU MADE ME LIVE AGAIN” …!! TwiNj FF (Episode 31 & 32)

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Episode 31 & 32

Twinj came down. All were enjoying the Holi. Just then they saw on the gate. Usha, Manohar & Bebe were standing. Twinkle ran towards them and take blessings. She then hugged Usha.
T – (crying) “Mummy ji I missed you so much.”
Usha – “I missed you too my bachha..” She then hugged Bebe. Bebe slapped lightly on her head.
T – “Sorry Bebe.”
B – “Oye sorry kyun bol rahi hai. Haan? Me teri bebe hun samjhi.”
She smiled.
T – “I missed you Bebe.”
B – “I missed you too.”
She then goes to Manohar.
T – “Papaji.”
M – “Twinkle.”
She hugged him and he consoled her. She was crying. Everyone had tears in their eyes. Yuhi, Priya nd Kunj were admiring the bond Twinkle has with them.
M – “Ab toh tu humein chod ker kahin nhi jaany wali na?”
T – “Nhi papaji bilkul bhi nhi pakka.”
They broke the hug.
K – “Hum toh kuch lagtay hi nhi. Hai na Yuvi.”
Y – “Haan haan of course. Ab unko apni beti mil gayi toh hum kon lagtay hain.”

They both acts as crying. All laughed seeing them.
Bebe came towards them and holds their ears.
B -“Achaa toh kon bhool gaya tum dono ko.”
K – “Ouchh bebe chodo na.. dard horaha hai.”
Y – “Bebe.. ahh plss chod do koo nhi bhoola.”
Bebe leaves their ears.
B – “Yeh hui na baat.” Bebe saw Mahi and Priya.
Prihi (Mahi+Priya) came towards Bebe and touched her feet.
B – “Jeeti raho puttar.”
They both smiled and went towards Manohar and Usha and took blessings from them.
T – “Mummy ji, Papa jo, Bebe ye dono meri friends hain. Mahi and Priya.”
Usha – “Acha.”
Y – “Bas bas bht family drama hogaya .. yarr dance toh banta hai.”

Yuvi started the song “Nashe Si Chad Gayi.” They all dances. Kunj holds Twinkle from her waist. Everyone was busy in dancing. No one notices them.
T – “Kunj kya kar rahy ho chodo..”
K – “Nhi chodun ga.”
T – “Kunj please koi dekh lega.”
K – “Dekhne do.”
T – “Kunj please na..” she made a pout.
K – “One condition.”
T – “I know ur condition and I m not going to fulfill that.”
K – “Then stay like this.”
T – (pointing towards his back) “Kunj papa ji.” Je quickly left her and looked at his back. No one was there. He looked at Twinkle who was laughing holding her stomach. He stared at her lovingly. Twinkle noticed his continuous gaze on her and felt nervous. She stopped laughing and ram from there.

At Night –
All were sitting in the hall chit chatting. Yuvi and Kunj were standing. Suddenly Kunj thought something.
K – “Twinkle tera concert hai aj.”
T – “Ohh God shit. I totally forgot. Now what to do?”
B – “Konsa concert.”
Y – “Array bebe apko nhi pata hamari Twinkle itni famous singer ban gayi hai. Or wo bhi changed identity se. U knw Jasmin Bhasin. She is the one.”
Usha, Manohar and Bebe were left shocked.
U – “Twinkle, I m proud of you. But ye achanak singer banny ka khayal kahan se aaya?”

Twinj looked at each other and remembered the night when Twinkle told him about her mother’s wish and sang a song. (Remember ya bhool gaye??)
T – “Nhi Mummy ji.. wo Maa ki wish thi ke me ek singer banun.” She said and tears started flowing from her eyes. She ran towards her room. Kunj followed her.
K – “Twinkle?”
She hugged him tightly letting her emotions flow. He didn’t stop her because he knew how much Twinkle misses her mother. He rubbed her back to console her.
T – “Kunj, Maa kyun mujhe chod ker chali gayi? Me toh last time unse ye bhi nhi bol payi ke I Love her.”
K – “Twinkle everything happens for a reason. Me jaanta hun me tujhe teri Maa toh wapis nhi ker sakta lekin unka pyaar toh de sakta hun.”
T – “Kunj, I wish Maa wapis aasakti.”
Kunj kissed her hairs. She broke the hug.
He sucked her tears from her face and kisses her eyes.
K – “They are very precious. Ab now go nd get ready. Abhi time hai i will drop you and come back.”
T – “Kunj tum bhi wahi pe rehna plsss.”
K – “Achaa ok baba now go.”
She smiled and went to get ready.
K – (in mind) “Twinkle tu bht miss kerti hai na Maa ko. I promise you tujhe itna pyaat dunga ke tujhe kabhi koi kami mehsoos na hogi. I Love You Twinkle. You are my life.”

Next scene –
Twinkle came down wearing a red colour full gown with matching accessories looking extremely gorgeous and stunning. Kunj looked at her and his mouth got wide open. Yuvi came near him.
Y – (whispering) “Jiju aankhein nhi hat rahi na meri behen se. Kitni khoobsurat hai na wo.”
K – (unknowingly) “Bht ziyada.” He realized what he said and looked at Yuvi who was laughing.
K – “Saale teri bhi baari aayegi.”
Y – “Abhi toh teri hai na.”
K – “Wesy ek baat bata?”
Y – “Haan pooch?”
K – “Tere or Mahi ke beech kya khichdi pak rahi hai?”
Yuvi looked boggled.
Y – “Matlab..? Kuch bhi toh nhi.”
K – “Mujhse bhi jhoot boly ga.”
Yuvi looked down and smiled.
K – “Kyaa?” Yuvi looked at Mahi.
Y – “Yarr its just that I felt some connection with her. She is so beautiful. I m confused about my feelings.”
K – “Idiot, chal teri help ker deta hun. Aankhein band ker or jis ladki ka chehra aaye samajh lena you love her.”
Yuvi closed his eyes. He saw a girl giving balloons to the children. She turned around and

It was Mahi. Yuvi quickly opened his eyes and looked at Mahi who was talking with Bebe. He admires her beauty.
K – “Kya hua?”
Y – “Mahi.”
K – “I told you!”
Y – “Matlab such mein Kunj?”
K – “Haan.”
Yuvi took him out in the garden.
Y – “Kunj tujhe aesy hi paya chala tha ki tu Twinkle ss pyaar kerta hai.”
K – “Nahi yarrr! Humari love story alag thi teri alag hai. Humari love story bht complicated thi, bht problems thi but I hope teri love story me koi problem na ho or haan jitni jaldi hosaky confess your feelings warna bht dair hojati hai.”
Yuvi patted his back.
Y – “I know Kunj and I m sorry meri wajah se hi teri or Twinkle…” kunj cuts him in between.
K – “Nhi yaarr tu sorry na bol., galti meri thi, i shouldn’t have acted like that.”
Twinkle came there.
T – “Kunj me tumhe kabse dhoond rahi hun! Or tum yahan per ho. Pata hai kitni dair horahi hai.” He came towards her and holds her hands.
K – “Sorry.” Yuvi was smiling looking at them.
T – “Chalo..”
K – “Sorry yarr Twinkle! Tera bhai hai na iski love sto….” Yuvi gave him death glares and Kunj realized he just spoke in front of Twinkle.
T – “Kya..? Agay bolo?”
K – “Sorry yarr Yuvi! Lekin me apni jaan se kuch nhi chhupa sakta!”

Twinkle blushed listening that.
Y – “Twinkle vo… IloveMahi.” He said in a go. Twinkle’s mouth got open.
T – “What bhai? Ap Mahi se .. I mean. Kesay? Kyun?”
Y – “Great Twinkle, me me tujhse pocha ke tujhe kunj se kesy pyaar hua? Kyun hua? Ajeeb bat kerti hai. Tu hi kehti hai na ki pyaar bata ke nhi hota bs hojata hai. Toh mujhy bhi hogaya.”
T – “Haan woh toh theek hai but.”
Y – “twinkle u won’t tell it to her.”
T – “Okk.”
K – “Chal Twinkle dair horahi hai.”
T – “Hmm chalo!”
They both went.
Next Scene – Concert.
Twinkle was on the stage. Kunj was standing in the crowd. She looked in his eyes and started singing

She finished the song. Kunj was feeling very special. She came down from stage and walked towards him. She entwined their hands and left from there.
It was 11:30 p.m. Twinkle looked at her watch.
T – (thinks) “What to do? I have to do something. He won’t leave me alone. Let me call bhai.”
They both sit in the car and left. In the car, Twinkle holds his hand and writes from her fingers “I LOVE YOU”. Kunj was driving the car.
K – “Twinkle?”
T – “Hmm?”
K – “Yeh jo .. tum mere hath per likh rahi thi wo tumne ab tak officially bola nhi hai.”
T – (blushing) “Bol dungi na.”
K – “Kab?”
T – “Bas.. kisi din. Acha kunj aj kuch special nhi hai.”
K – “Kyaa?”
T – “Kuch bhi nhi.”
K – “Nahi toh.”
T – “okk..” kunj stopped the car.
K – “Twinkle, I m coming.”
T – “Okk.” He went and Twinkle called Yuvi.
T – “Bhai. Is everything done?”
Y – “Haan Twinki, everything is done. I m going.”
T – “Okk.”
Twinkle cuts the call and came out of the car went towards the driver’s seat and sat down. Kunj came and saw her sitting on the driving seat.
K – “Twinkle?”
T – “Chup chaap betho.”
He sat down next to her without uttering a single word. She started driving.
K – “Twinkle tu wrong way per jaa rahi hai.”
T – “Me ne kaha na chup chaap betho.”
K – “Okk.”

After sometime, they reached to a place. They both came out.
K – “Twinkle tu kahan ley ker aayi hai.” Twinkle didn’t reply and tied a silk cloth on his eyes.
K – “Twinkle what r u doing?”
She took him further. She looked at her watch. It was 11:55. She thought 5 minutes left.
She took him to a dark place and waited for the clock to struck 12. As soon as the clock struck 12. She opened his blindfold and all the lights got open.
T – “Happy Birthday Kunj Sarna.”
Kunj looked at her in disbelief. The place was decorated beautifully. A cake was kept on the table.
T – “Come one cut the cake.”
He cuts the cake and feeds her. She also feeds him.
K – “Twinkle thank you.”
T – “Ur welcome.”
K – “By the way tujhe meri birthday yaad thi?”
T – “Kesy yaad na hoti.” He hugged her.

They broke the hug. She looked at him and then kneeled down holding a flower.
T – “I LOVE YOU KUNJ.” Kunj had tears in his eyes. He stared at her lovingly. He took the flower from her hand and took her in his embrace. He kissed her forehead and moved in circular motion, twinkle still in his embrace shouting I LOVE YOU TOO TWINKLE. He kept her down on the ground and holds her from her waist. She placed her hands around his neck.
K – “Twinkle its the best birthday of my life.”
T – “Kunj, mere pass abhi is flower ke siwa or kuch nhi hai tumhe gift dene ke liye. I wanted to gift you my heart on this day, but wo toh mere pass hai hi nhi.”
She kissed him on his cheek.
T – “My heart has been stolen by you long back.”
K – “Twinkle isn’t it the perfect crime that I stole your heart and you stole mine.”
T – “Indeed it is.”
K – “Twinkle my love for you has no End and I will keep on loving you till my last breath.”
T – “Kunj I m so lucky to have you.”
K – “And I m so lucky to being loved by you.”
T – “Kunj, let’s go home. Its pretty late.”
K – “Hmm okk.” He holds her hand and left from there. He made her sit in the car.
K – “Twinkle I m coming in a minute. I forgot my phone there.”
T – “Ok Kunj!”
He went towards the place and saw his phone on the table. He took it and was about to go when something caught his attention. He went towards the bushes and what he heard and saw was enough for him to loose his senses. His eyes got widened. His face shocked and tears in his eyes.

Screen freezes on his shocked face.

Precap: What did Kunj saw??? Think..!

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Sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy……. Maaf ker do sab…. Ritzi yarr u were so angry at me… I m sorryyyy.. Fatimaa sorry.. Ramya sorryyyy… Milli di plsss aesa mat kerna… plss maaf ker do…Cp sorry.. Me bht buri hun na..! Me ne sab ko itna hurt kiya… Rashi sorry.. Nisha di sorry..Simiyy sorry.. Sia, Padu sorry.. Arati di sorry.. Purnima sorry..???????? Sohi plsss don’t hate me.. That’s why no one loves me…. I m sorry.. that was april fool.. i never thought that u guys would be so hurt. I m sorry. Me ne bht galat kiya na.. maaf ker do yarr… Mujhy nhi pata tha ki sab itna hurt hongay… plss maaf ker do.. Me ne sapne me bbi nhi socha tha… Me kahin nhi jaa rahi.. itni asaani se sabki jaan nhi chodny wali mein samjhy… Me kahi nhi jaaun gi.. or haan Ishu (Paavu) sach mein leave ker rahi hai cuz of her studies.. nd ritzi.. it wasn’t like that.. u guys r the part of my life nd everyone has a special place.. ritzi me kisi ko bhi strangers consider nhi kerti.. I m sorry for hurting you. I m a big idiot, stupid. Or suchi bolun toh me bht badi siyappa queen hun.. maaf ker do yarrrr.., me kahi nhi jaaungi pakkaa promise….. ??????? You all know that I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH ?????❤❤❤❤❤ So ritzzzz… nd sohi ab meri wajah see mood kharab tha tum dono ka ab theek ker lo … plssshhhshhhhh or apny ff post ker do….. plssssssshhhhhh ??????????????????????????? plss ker do post… or haan me kuch bhi kerny ko tayyar hun tum logo ke liye.. I m ready to do anything for your forgiveness.. plss mujhss jo kerwana hai kerwa lo… per maaf ker do… mujhy punishment dedo but forgive me plss…..

Love u loads ❤???❤???????

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  1. Fatimaa.

    Oooo myyyyyy goddddd…
    Purvi ki bachi…yaar aisa april fool koi banata hai kya……tumne to sach me panic attack dila diya tha yaar…..tumhari vo line padhke meri sitti bitti gul ho gayi thi….itna gussa aa raha tha muje aur mene sara gussa apne kunj par utar diya…bechara??……
    Yaar but thank god it was a joke and u r not leaving….paavu ko boht miss karungi…..

    And ur episodes was amazing….soo nicely written……loved it.❤❤❤❤???……

    Post soon jaan…..love u…
    Ab muje jake mere kunj ko manana padega……i m so scared of him???????

    1. Purvi128

      Oyeee solllyyyyy…
      Or tu ne mere jiju per kesy gussa utaara haan…???? Mere maasoom se jiju meri tarah maasoom hehehe ???
      Chal ab jaldi mana le jiju ko… ??
      Love you jaan ??

      1. Fatimaa.

        Maasoom aur vo b tere jiju…haha joke of the century….well badi mushkil se manaya yaar…kya kya nahi karna pada….?????….
        Love u

  2. Mujhe laga hi that …ki aapp hamra ullu bana rahin thi but still Jaan hi leeli meri??but why now fear when you are there?????????…..and ha appko jaane bhi nahi denge kahin??and coming to the episode ..it’s awsome and superb and what not??but yeh nayi namuni aaa rahe hai…sia ????but paavu di chod rahi hain??kuch hi nahi sakta kya???post next soon ???

  3. Sohi

    Purvi when I read that u were going to quit telly updates i was soo angry that I took out my whole anger on my sis. Ab mujhe jakar use manana hoga
    But Really agar tum Sach me quit karti na I would have surely left telly updates
    Sorry for hurting u don’t ever think that we hate or don’t love. Ur are tho jaan of my
    About episode liked twinj scenes and confession
    Very eager to know that why kunj was shocked
    Do continue and post soon
    I will post my next episode till tomorrow

  4. Oyii babylove main janti thi tu april fool bana rhi h..badi ayii TU chodne wali..hum sabko zara chodke bata..huh..acha chal bht hogaya mera bakwass..vaise tune toh sorry ki auto rickshaw laga di mtlb itne saare sorry..sachi mein tu babylove h meri..acha episode bht jhakkas tha yrrr marvelous yrr..
    Luv u..

  5. Presha


    Itna buttering … Omg!!!
    Yaar epi was awesome…
    Just loved it…
    Too good….
    Twinkle proposal…
    Ready for shock….
    Post soon..
    Love u…

  6. Sach me pagal banke rakegi kya
    Agar samne hothi na kichidi banke rakhti
    This one was mind blowing

  7. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous epi….n esa kon krta h….itta bekar mzk….agr sach me esa kiya naa toh……
    Pta ni kya krungi…..

  8. This comment is deleted for being ‘nonsense’.

    1. Purvi128

      Thanks for your opinion and it is not going to effect us… hehehehehehee… ????????

  9. Affaa

    Speechless walla episode…. Amazing, awesome, superb, nice, good, beautiful, wonderful, outstanding, mind blowing etc….. I just want to hug you tight…. Love you baby…. Take care.. Keep writing… And that shock… I’m waiting for it

  10. Amaya Bhardwaj

    Awesome amazing epi yrr….Mujhe PTA tha tu April fool BNA RHI h….Maine phele guess Kr liya tha….. Isliye Tere LST post PE CMT ni Kiya….Srry for that….
    Plz APNA wo dusra FF jaldi post Kr na….
    Love you
    Keep smiling ?????????

  11. Twist was awesome
    Liked twinj scenes

  12. Fabulous episode

  13. Interesting

  14. Amazing

  15. Ramya

    Purvi ki bachi
    Tu na bohat stupid hai aur nahi tho kya aisa kkoi kehta hai srsly
    Pehle ho mera mood off thaaur tera quit hone ka news sun kar aur ggussa aa gaya n srsly tujhe aur koi idea nahi aaya tha fool karne ke liye haa
    But anyway agli baar aise kabhi mat karna jab tak sohi ne mujhe Bataya nahi ki yeh prank haal mmai bohat guesse mai thik
    Ainda aisa ma karna
    N episode was amazing awesome superb
    Dont know kunj ne kya suna hoga I’m so excited

    N ishu ko batana usse kaho ki voh tab hi post kare jab uske holiday hai we all will wait for her per quit mat hone ko kahona plsssssss
    Bolo ki ramya suspense queen ko bohat miss karti hai
    Plssss kaho na usse wapas aane ke liye
    N no worries her to post whenever she is free ya phir exaams ke baad holidays milte hai na tab post karne ke liye kaho
    But plssss s bolo usse

    Love u keep smiling

  16. SidMin

    Loved the episode it was awesome . …
    I knew it … vise even I was planning to do it … but Then mene chod diya … lazy you know (great minds think alike ?)
    Loved the Cute sa confession … abhinkon hai yeh jise Kunj ne dekha ? …post soon can’t wait …
    Love you ❤

  17. Twinjfan.tamanna

    Dekh! Maine tho sahi kaha tha! I know u better?? and the epi was so sweet! I just loved it my jaan! Yaar so beautifully written! Just loved it to the core!! Aur shock! Kya yaar bichara Kunj! Ro raha tha aisa kya dekha usne! Jaldi post her.jaldi!??love you so much!!

    With love,
    Urs shona

    1. Purvi128

      Haan jaan u r right… Tu mujhe mujhse bhi ziyada janti hai, right?
      Kal post ker dungi… maybe kal question ka answer mil jaye… keep on thinking what he saw??
      LOVE U MORE THAN YOU SHONA ??❤❤❤❤???

  18. SidMin23

    Nice and at last u keep it as shock to all and wonder what kunj saw do post soon purvi.

  19. Ritzi

    ‘Thank god!’ Was wht my heart could say…oh dear…m really sorry for my sudden burst ….I m really guilty for it, u don’t need to apologize for it. It was completely my fault….but let’s forget it nd start fresh…..

    The epi was miraculously mindblowing thts all I can say ..pls post yr next ff soon

    1. Purvi128

      Oyee ritzzzz.. u don’t need to be sorry.., and if u want to then post ur fs nd ff.. nd unite twinj soon in both… ??
      Or haan don’t be guilty.. yarr…
      I m posting the other ff now.,
      Love you ??

  20. Purvi it’s OK dear don’t say sry again
    And episode was mind blowing dear

  21. Baby

    Hiii puru mu jaan…. 🙂
    Mujhee pata tha its an april fool bas yeh mujhe mere cmnt krne ke baad realise hua….kunki jab mene date dekha den I got dat….

    Mujhse chalaki haan….m angry….fr dat joke bad joke….bt still lobe u….

    Loved d episode it was amazing n srsly wat did kunj saw yr….m sooo ddammn nervous….
    Love u…. 🙂

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