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“YOU MADE ME LIVE AGAIN” ….! Twinj ff (Episode 3)


Hi friends … M here again … Free hui to socha ki episode hi likh lun … Well guys thanks to those who comented .. but comments r getting less day by day … I got so less comments on previous episode … I will end the ff guys .. If u r not liking it then plss do tell me .. I’ll surely end it … & yaa plss read a note in the end … Let’s start with the episode ….


Twinkle went to her room & start thinking …

T: What is all this yrr … I m very confused Babaji ..! Yeh sb kyaa haii ? Kunj hates women … Bhaii is saying that his mother is dead & her name is Usha Sarna … But Usha maa is alive … How can it be possible … May be Ushaa Maa .. Kunj ki mother naa hun .. Or maybe .. koi aesi baat ho jo bhaii mujhe naa batana chah rahy hun … ya phir ye bht hi serious matter ho …. 1 kaam kerti hun .. direct Kunj se naa poch lun …but agr us ne phir se ladai start kerdi to … or pata nhii mujhe bataye bhii yaa nhiii …

She started roaming here & there in her room … thinking what to do … Just then an idea comes in her mind …

T: Ideaaa !!! Kuch din Kunj ko observe kerti hun .. directly us se ye sawaal nhii kero gi k why he hates women … usy observe kerti hun .. wo kin baaton se irritate hota hai … kin baaton ko pasand kerta haii… His likes .. dislikes .. evrything … haan ye thk raheyga .. after that.. maybe I’ll come to the conclusion … Wah ! Twinkle Taneja .. u r great … kya mast idea haii … Tu kamaal hai yrr .. I m really intelligent ..1 dum perfect … Twinkle Taneja is Beauty wid Brains …

She started praising herself .. & then slept ….

Next Morning

Twinkle was sleeping peacefully … Sun rays fell on her face & disturbed her sleep … She open her eyes & pick the photoframe from her sidetable …

T: Maa !! Ap ki princess na aj se 1 bht bara mission start ker rahi hai …. Plss mujhe bless kero na …Maa … Aj mein apko bht miss kee rahi hun .. Ap apni princess ko chod ker kyun chali gayiiii … Maa I love u soo much & I miss u …

A tear dropped from her eye .. She quickly wipes it & goes to freshen up … After taking bath … she came out of the washroom .. She wears a light green top with black pant … she wears earrings … applied pink gloss … & tight her hairs in a pony tail …She then wears black waeges … & start climbing down the stairs …

She came in the hall & sat on dining table where Yuvi was sitting ..

T: Good morning bhaaiiii ….

Yuvi: Good morning princess …

T: Bhaiii I was thinking that mein aj se office rejoin ker lun …

Yuvi: Twinki … princess … as u wish …

T: Thnku bhaiii ..

Yuvi: Chalo .. eat breakfast … then v have to leave for office ..

T: Ok bhaiii ..

They both finished their breakfast & then left for office …

In Office
Twinkle & Yuvi reached office …they both go inside …
Receptionist: Hi sir … Hi Mam … Welcome back Twinkle mam …
Yuvi left for his cabin & twinkle stands there ..

T: Thanku dear Tia (receptionist) …Ab mein wapis aagayi hun to we all will do lots of masti … Achaa listen .. M going to bhaai’s cabin … I’ll comeback after sometime … & yaa plss call me Twinkle only …

Tia: Ok mam .. I mean Twinkle …
Twinkle smiles & left for the cabin ..

In Cabin

Kunj was present there standing facing his back towards the door … Yuvi was also there …
Twinkle was coming towards the cabin .. talking on phone .. When she entered the cabin .. Just then Kunj turned towards the door .. they both didn’t see eo ..Kunj was busy woth some files .. & Twinkle was talking on phone .. just then they both collides with eo .. Twinkle’s phone fall down .. They both fall dowm on the ground … Kunj on top of Twinkle … Files fall on both of them … They share a sweet and cute sa eyelock …. (Sajna Ve plays in BG)
Yuvi was witnessing all these & was smiling silently … Then Twinkle broke the eyelock ..

T: Plsss get up ….!
They both stands up & composes themselves …
T: Btw…Tum yahan kya ker rahe ho .?
K: ye to mujhe tum se pochna chaiye …
T: Wah wah .. mery hi office me khary mujhse hi poch rahy ho k me yahan kya ker rahi hun..
K: Me bhi yahin pe kaam kerta hun ..
T: bhaii ap ko bht hansi aarahi hai … ap ne isy kyun rakha yahan …?
Yuvi became serious and replied: Twinki princess .. he is my business partner …

T: Huhh .. business partner … bhaii Ya to ye yahan kaam kary ga ya mein…
She bites her tongue & realizes that she said wrong .. & thinks: Abayyy twinkle ye kya naya siyyapa kya tu ne .. agr kunj yahan hoga to usy ache se observe to ker paaongi … Hayyee babaji .. plss bacha lo ..

Kunj: O hello madam .. me yahin pe kaam kern ga .. fashion designing meri dream hai ..

Twinkle: Sadu sarna … Fashion designing is my passion ..

Yuvi: Stop it ! See u both r very important … Tum dono hi yahan pe kaam kero gy .. & its my command .. saying this he left the cabin …

T: Uffff … Haaye Babajii .. ye kahan phansa diya .. iss Sadu ke sath kam kerna padega …

K: Mujhe koi shok nhii tumhare sath kaam kernay ka …

T: Even I m not interested …..

They both make faces & turn in opposite directions …

(Tashan e Ishq plays in BG)

Next Scene

Twinkle was doing fun with whole staff coz yuvi was not present … She was dancing with many girls …. & boys ..
They were dancing on Let’s Nacho ..

[Suthamana paatu pulla
Suthamana seithi pulla
Suthamaga kekkumulla kandupudicho
Kaathu mela maatu ippo
Satham konjam yethu ippo
Idha pola yedhum illa kandupudicho]

(She was looking very cute while dancing, kunj was just staring at her… Kunj:(self talk) She is so cute … O my God !Ye ladki hai ya kyaa .. Koi itna bhii cute hosakta hai … Ufff … ye mein kya soch raha hun .. kyun Twinkle ke baare mein soch raha hun .. No, no … ! I can’t do this ..)

Hone laga sunset hai
Bhai tera full set hai
Motion bhi dekho mera banne laga
Dekho toh haseena ko
Waanabe Kareena ko
Thumko ko fever hai chadne laga
Thoda hard sa hoke
Thoda gentle sa hoke
Thoda senti sa hoke
Thoda mental sa hoke
Saare, saare, saare, saare..
Let’s nacho
Chalo nacho
Everybody let’s naacho!
Chalo nacho
Chalo nacho
Kar dance full, Romance full
Kar dance full, O baat sunle..(x2)
Naacho! Naacho! Naacho!
Everybody let’s nacho!
Chadha hai bukhar, party karni lagatar
Mere yaar din char zindagi ke tu jee le
Ho jaao taiyaar, ye gaana hai on repeat
Dekho bajti hai beat na pado tum dheele
Bakwaas bhula ke koi step sa banake
Haath upar uthake poori jaan lagake
Saare, saare, saare, saare..
Let’s nacho
Chalo nacho
Everybody let’s nacho!
Nacho! Nacho! Nacho!
Everybody let’s nacho!

They stop dancing … Twinkle was laughing like a kid .. Kunj was again lost in her ….
Just then they heard Yuvi’s car horn … Whole staff gets busy in their work …

Twinkle went to her cabin … Kunj was passing by from the corridor … He stopped listening some voices .. 2 staff members were talking ..

Staff member 1: Hey u see .. Twinkle mam .. She is so awesome … Sir gaye to unhon ne break de diya ..

Staff member 2: Haan u r saying right … Twinkle mam sub ladkiyon se alag hain … There is something different in her …

Staff member 1: Haan … right .. The person whom she get married will be the luckiest person in the world ..

Kunj left to his cabin … He start thinking about Twinkle in his cabin sitting on the chair …

Kunj:(thinks) Kya waqai Twinkle sb se alag hai … She is so pure hearted & generous … Nhii I m thinking wrong … Har ladki ek jaisi hoti haii …

His thoughts were disturbed by a knock ..

K: Come in !!
Twinkle came inside .. & showed him some designs …

T: Mr.Sarna .. these designs r made by me .. Yuvi bhaii said me to show it to u …

She was explaining about the design …
Kunj was lost in her beauty ..
After explaining she looked at Kunj .. & snapped his finger infront of his eyes ..

T: Where r u lost ..?
K: No .. no .. Nothing ..
T: How is my design ..
K: Its good ..
T:(making puppy face) Only good ..
Kunj smiled at her childish nature & said: Its pretty awesome …

Twinkle has broad smile on her face: Thanku ..
Episode ends on their smiling faces …
So guys .. this episode is end here … I hope u didn’t got bored … .. I tried to write a long episode … But its not that much long .. coz I m busy with my exams … after exams .. I promise I’ll post longer episodes & will post daily …
NOTE:- Guys .. I’ll not be able to post the episode tomorrow coz I have my Mathematics exam on Wednesday & its so hard for me .. coz I hate Maths .. I’ll try to post next soon..

& plss do comment …
Comments r decreasing day by day .. I’ll end this ff if I got less comments ….

Bye bye ..!

Loads of love …!! 😘😘😘😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😘😘😘😚😚😚❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  1. Hey purvi…ohh wait ! What did u say that u will ending this ff aree bhai keu hum toh roz cmnt karte hay na……………….ok take it seriously…….plssss don’t be upset…everyone will cmnt…..plssss don’t end this ff i beg u…… Ab toh yeh mera fav ff ho chuka hay…..or today’s epi was awesome,,,, fabulous,,,, mind blowing,,,,I luv this arrogance kunj and cute se twinkle and swtt sa UV….luv ur whole epi sooo much….no problem after ur xm when u free then post ur ff ok…..will be waiting….. And best of luck 4 ur xm…..luv u……,,,,,,,,.

  2. Roshini125

    The epi is so nice n lovely, I request u to add more twinj scenes.
    Never bother abt cmnts, everyone will read bt few will be able to cmnt.
    All the very best for ur maths exam. It pretty easy yaar don’t be tensed u will do well in ur exam….gud luck. Haa…u should come back on Wednesday night ok I will be waiting fr ur ff

  3. Hey don’t end this ff it’s awesome I liked twinkles character very much waiting for the next update do continue

  4. Sohi

    Hey don’t end this ff it’s awesome I liked twinkles character very much waiting for the next update is kunj in love with twinkle

  5. Chiku

    Woah it’s awesome 😍😍😍😍😍lovely post next soon
    Loads of love😘

  6. Ramya

    Oh hello purvi who said dat episode was not good it was awesome dear so don’t bother comments sabke exams hai yaar n episode was awesome amazing
    ALL d best fr exam dear

  7. Purvi128

    Thanku Chiku,Sohi &
    Ramya … 😙😙

  8. Purvi128

    Sohi … Kuch Kuch Hota Hai … in Kunj’s heart … but he is not in love now … Aesa insaan jo ladkiyon se nafrat kerta ho .. us ki itni aasaani se pyar ho hi naa jaaye … He is not realizing what is actually in his heart … Upcoming episodes will clear all ur confusions … There r lots of twists & turns upcoming … So stay tuned with TU & my Ff “YOU MADE ME LIVE AGAIN” to knw ahead …

    Love u loads 😙😙😙😙

  9. SidMin

    Loved it awesome 🙂 Kunj feeling for Twinkle So good 🙂 Post soon can’t wait 🙂 Twinkle is really so sweet 🙂 Love you 🙂

  10. Adya

    Awww that was superb yrr…I’m loving it. …dear u can’t expect so many comments in the beginning….stay still ..
    Post soon
    Loads of love

  11. Nice episode… I really liked it very much…. And the story has a much suspense that y kunj hate womens n what is the past oh her mom…. Thank u for the episode… Post next one soon…

  12. Aanya_pandey

    Super duper episode yrr

  13. Jiya_Ani

    Hayeee…meli chotu…I never knew that you are such a amazing writer!!..
    I am sorry for not commenting on previous episodes.. Honestly dear..I read only a countable no. of ffs..and right now only Crazy di is one who is posting… Kya karu..I can’t read all…I am damn hectic!

    But this was awesome!.. And I can’t assure if I’ll comment on further episodes.. but will read and will try to make u realize my presence with short comments.. Hope that’s fine with you 😃

    And girl..keep going… 😘

  14. Purvi128

    Hey Shreya … meli sissy … don’t be sorry dear …
    Its ok … Its fine . & I m fine with ur short comments … 😙😙😙😙❤❤❤ I’ll post fourth ep today …

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