“YOU MADE ME LIVE AGAIN” …!! TwiNj FF (Episode 26)

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In case if anyone missed the previous episode, here is the link to it:
Episode 25

Episode 26 –
Twinkle was numb to see the scenario. It was a cliff which was decorated with tiny red bulbs. Red rose petals were scattered all over the floor. Red and white balloons were on the floor with beautiful candles. It was the best decoration ever. She cupped her face in amazement.
T – “Ye sab kis ne kiya hai? Kahi me galat jagah to nahi aagayi. Haan i m at wrong place, bhai mujhy yahan kyun bhejtay.”
She turned around just to found Kunj sitting on the chair with guitar in his hand.
He started tuning it.
? Lo maan liya humne
Hai pyaar nahi tumko
Tum yaad nahi humko
Hum yaad nahi tumko ?

She looked at him being shocked.
T – (thinks) “Kunj, you sing amazing, but how? And why this song? Why are you here? Why you called me here?” her heart started beating fast.

? Lo maan liya humne
Hai pyaar nahi tumko
Tum yaad nahi humko
Hum yaad nahi tumko
Ek baar zara mudke dekho
Aye yaar zara humko
Lo maan liya humne
Hai pyaar nahi tumko
Tum yaad nahi humko
Hum yaad nahi tumko ?

He looked at her with pain and guilt in his eyes. They shared an intense eye lock. Both were crying.

? Lo maan liya dekha hi nahi
Tere kaandhe ka wo til
Lo maan liya toota hi nahi
Tere hathon se mera dil
Chaaon me teri beeti hi nahi
Wo garmi ki baatein
Baahon me teri guzri hi nahi
Wo sardi ki raatein
Lo maan liya humne
Aitbaar nahi tumko
Tum yaad nahi humko
Hum yaad nahi tumko ?

She looked down not able to control her tears. She quickly wiped them. He was staring at her.

? Jaao lay jaao neend meri
Uff na karein gay hum
Jo lay jaao gay khwaab mere
To kesy jiyee gay hum
Jeena mujhko aata hi nahi
Teri saanson ke siwa
Marna bhi ab namumkin hai
Teri baahon ke siwa
Lo maan liya humne
Parwaah nahi tumko
Tum yaad nahi humko
Hum yaad nahi tumko ?
He stood up wiping his tears and kept the guitar on the chair.

She looked at him. He was walking towards her. Her heart started beating very fast. He was looking in her eyes.
K – “Twinkle.” Pain was clearly visible from his voice.
T – “Kunj.” She said in a trembling voice.
? Baatein ye kabhi na tu bhoolna
Koi tere khatir hai jee raha?

K – “Twinkle please forgive me. I know what i did was wrong but believe me now i truly loves you. I spent this whole year yearning for you, craving for you. I crave to see smile on your face. I crave to be in your arms, my favourite place. I know what i did was totally wrong. But please forgive me. Its been too long.”
She doesn’t reply. She was just standing numb not knowing what to do.
K – “I m sorry Twinkle, you know sorry doesn’t mean anything when I say it to the world but it means the world when I say it to you.”

Twinkle looked at him. He was already looking at her. His eyes were telling how much he loves her and how much he suffered and is suffering.
K – “There’s just something about you I m scared to lose because I know I won’t find it in anyone else. I can’t promise to fix all your problems but I promise you won’t have to face them all alone. My world is beautiful, and more brighter because of you.”
?Koi tere khatir hai jee raha
Jaaye tu kahin bhi
Yeh sochna
Koi tere khatir hai jee raha ?

He walked towards her. She moved back. He walked and stand behind her. She stands still.
K – “Do you remember the first time we met?”
Their first meet flashed in front of their eyes. (Di you guys remember???) He started to move in circular motion around her.
K – “Your sweet smile.. it made two unknown people friends. Do you remember all days we spent together. Each day I was more eager to meet you than before. Do you remember when two friends became lovers, remember the time we were together, the best time of my life. I know you cannot forget all that because I never can. Our entangled hearts, our shared emotions, the beautiful time we spent together, don’t let me forget all that. Come back to me. I m really very sorry. I really am for all that went wrong between us. I will make everything alright. Like it once was.”

His voice shakes. She was crying because….
? Tu jahan jaaye mehfooz ho
Tu jahan jaaye mehfooz ho
Dil mera maange bas yeh dua
Baatein ye kabhi na tu bhoolna
Koi tere khatir hai jee raha ?

K – “Twinkle I promise, I’ll never let you cry alone. For every day, I miss you. For every hour, I need you. For every minute, I feel you. For every second, I want you. Forever, I LOVE YOU. Thinking of you keeps me AWAKE. Dreaming of you makes me ASLEEP. Being with you keeps me ALIVE.”
? Humdard hai Humdam bhi hai
Tu saath hai toh zindagi ?
K – “If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes, only then would you realize how special you are to me. If you are alone, i will be your shadow. If you want to cry, i will be your shoulder. If you are not happy, i will be your smile. If you need me, i will always be there. I love you not because of what you have, but because what I feels. I care for you, not because you need care but because I want to. I am always here for you, not because I want you to be with me but because I want to be with you.”
Twinkle could feel his pain. She wiped her tears. He also wiped his tears.
? Tu jo kabhi door rahy

Yeh humse hojaye ajnabee ?
K – “Twinkle agar mein chahuh bhi tab bhi na likh paaun lafzon ko jinhe padh ker tum samajh sako ke mujhy tumse kitni mohabbat hai. You know twinkle, Pyaar, mohabbat, aashiqui.. sirf lafzon ke siwaa or kuch nahi..” he holds her hand
K – “Per jab tum mili., in lafzon ko maainy mil gaye..!”
? Tujhse mohabbat karty hain jo
Tujhse mohabbat karty hain jo
Kaisy karein hum us ko bayan
Baatein ye kabhi na tu bhoolna
Koi teri khatir hai jee raha?

K – “When I first met you, I honestly didn’t know you were gonna be this important for me.”

? Jaagi bhi hai royi bhi hai
Aankhein ye raaton me meri
Kyun har ghadi milke tujhe
Lagti rahy bas teri kami ?
He holds her hand and comes in front of her. He looked into her eyes and kneeled down. Twinkle looked at him being shocked.
K – “Twinkle you’ll never know how much I LOVE YOU, so please don’t take my sunshine away from me. Twinkle I loved you since I myself don’t know. Twinkle forgive me and accept my love. Will you please accept your Sadu Sarna?”
Tears were flowing from her eyes. She kept quiet.
K – “Twinkle, say something yarr?”
She took off her hand from his hand and started walking towards the exit. He stood up and ran towards her. He holds her wrist and pulled her towards himself. She lands up on his chest due to the sudden jerk.
K – “Twinkle kyun ker rahi hai aesa? I really love you a lot. Why are you doing this to me?”
T – “Kunj, zaroori to nahi ke har sawaal apny sath ek jawaab lay ker aaye.”
She took off her hand.
T – “Aur dil todne ka ka haq sirf tumhe nahi..!”

She again started walking. He followed her.
K – “Ohh to tumhare liye badla lena hamare pyaar
se zyada zaroori hai?”

She doesn’t reply and keep walking. He again pulled her.
K – (shouts) “God Damn it Twinkle, please stop ignoring me.”
She gets afraid. He calms down.
K – “Twinkle beat me, punish me, scold me, but please don’t ignore me. I beg to you. Tum bhi mujhse pyar karti ho bahut pyar, lekin kahogi nahi … tadapogi mere bagair lekin jataogi nahi … mere paas aana chahti ho, seene se lagke rona chahti ho, dil mein rehna chahti ho lekin rahogi nahi … lekin main tumhari tarah nahi hoon … main toh reh hi nahi sakta yeh kahe bina ki mujhe tumse ishq hai”
Tears formed their way and started flowing from her eyes.

T – “Kunj hum kitne din jiyee ye zaroori nahi hum unn dino me kitna jiye yeh zaroori hai, now pls let me go.”
K – “First answer my question.”
T – “Kunj please leave me.”
K – “No.”

T – (shouts) “What is your problem Kunj? Tum jab chaho meri zindagi me aao, jab chaaho chaly jaao. Tum jab chaaho mujhy insult karo, jab chaaho aaker apni mohabbat ke daaway kero. Tumhara jab dil chaahy mujh pe trust kero, jab na chaahy to na kero.”
She was crying badly, she parted herself from Kunj.

T – “Tumhe kya lagta hai yun aaogy, do chaar maafiyan maango gay, or me tumhe maaf ker dungi. Nahi kunj nahi, tum galat ho. Kabhi tum ne socha mujh per kya beeti hogi us waqt, nahi tumhe kya pata. Tum ne jab mujhse kya kaha you loved me haan, saari aaurtein ek jesi hoti hain, you said you was betrayed, haan now you aksed forgiveness from me you said you was wrong, you said you loves me, har jagah tum tum or sirf tum. Mein kahan gayi, kya meri koi feelings nahi, mein hurt nahi hui, mere pass dil nahi, ya me kuch feel nhi kerti.”

K – “Twinkle..!”
T – “Nahi kunj aj sirf me bolungi or tum suno gy.1 sal tak apna dard apny dil mein chhupa ker rakha kisi ko nahi bola, aj bolny do. Tum ne mujhy galat samjha, tum ne mujhy insult kiya, tumhari wajah se me ek saal aony bhai se door rahi, mummyji se, papa se, bebe se. Tumhari wajah se. Again sirf tum, to me ne kyun itna suffer kiya, haan? Kyun? Nahi hai na iska jawaab. Me batati hun. Kyunke me ne bhi tumse pyaar kiya…!(echoes) haan kiya me ne tumse pyaar. But you will never understand. Tumne kabhi mujhy khushi di nahi, meri life mein jitni problems hain jitni sadness hai sab tumhari wajah se. Tum ne sirf dukh diya hai mujhy..! You loves me, you hurt me, you didn’t beleive me, but what about me? Sometimes i think why the hell in earth i m alive? I should have di…….”

He kept his hand on her mouth preventing her to speak.
K – “No, twinkle. Please never ever talk about death.”
He hugged her tightly not letting her go. She tried to get rid of his arms but he was tightly holding her. Finally, she gave up but didn’t reciprocate.

K – “Twinkle i was craving to hold you in my arms, I wish this moment get freeze.”
He broke the hug and cupped her face. She was crying badly. He was also crying
K – “Twinkle I know you suffered so much, but you know I also suffered. I got the punishment of hurting you and that punishment is still not completed and you know how? You didn’t forgive me. Twinkle for the one whole year, I never slept a single night, I was always missing you, finding you in the stars. I know you still loves me but you will never express it, i know not so easily because you are a Siyyapa Queen.”
She jerked his hands and left the place. He stood there numb. She sat down in the car and left from there crying.

K – “Twinkle, please forgive me, I love you so much, I can’t live without you, please come back.”
He took out the beer bottle and poured it in glass. He drank it and broke the glass in his hand. Blood started oozing out from his hand. He stood up and threw the bottle and stood at the edge of the cliff.
He shouts “TWINKLEEEEEEE..!”

? Hum to na samjhy tum hi to ho
Hum to na samjhy tum hi to ho
Kyun tum ko paake tum se judaa
Baatein ye kabhi na tu bhoolna
Koi teri khatir hai jee raha
Jaaye tu kahin bhi yeh sochna
Koi teri khatir hai jee raha ?
Twinkle was in the car crying.

T – (thinks) “Ohh god is devdas ko me wahan us ckiff pe chod ke aagayi, kahin firse koi stunt na maare ye. I just hope he is safe. Babaji why i m getting such feeling that something bad would happen like i was getting when i was in the aeroplane when Kunj tried to commit suicide that’s why i was restless.. ohh fish..!”
T – “Driver, please car turn kijiye or wapis usi jagah chaliye please jaldi…!”
D – “Ji madam.”

After 15 minutes
Kunj was standing on the cliff edge.
K – “Agr twinkle ne mujhy maaf nhi kiya toh me jew nahi paaunga toh its better i should die, twinkle bhi sukoon me rahegi or baaki sab bhi.”
As he took one step out of the cliff, when

Screen freezes….


Precap:- SURPRISE….?? GUESS IT….??

Guys how was it. I m posting it on Vaasu di’s order. She ordered me to post today only. Vaasu di is it upto your expectations as you asked for a long episode??
Do comment guys..? Please..! And now also i want 22+ or i will post the next episode late.. Got it??
With all my love ❤❤???❤❤?????

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