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In case if anyone missed the previous episode, here is the link to it:
Episode 24

Episode 25 –

Twinkle entered in her room, priya and mahi saw her. They both get inside her room. She was sitting on the bed smiling.
Priya and Mahi were standing folding their hands.
She saw them and gave a “What” look.
P – “Kya kiya hai tu ne?”
T – “Kya kiya hai me ne?”
M – “Achaa, so you think us fool?”
T – “When did i say that?”
P – “Ek saal se tere sath hain, tere dimag me kya chal raha hota hai sab pata hota hai humein.”
M – “Ab bolay gi ke kunj ko kya bol ker aayi hai?”
T – “Vo… vo…”
Priya and Mahi gave a “what” look.
T – “I said to Kunj to sing in my concert.”

PriHi (priya+mahi) eyes popped out.
The both shout at the same time “WHATTTTT?”
Twinkle bites her nails in confusion.
T – “Yes,.!”
They both came near her and sat down on the bed.
Priya checked Twinkle’s forehead.
T – “What are you doing?”
P – “Check ker rahi hun tujhy bukhar to nahi?”
T – “theek hun mein.”
M – “lekin harkat tu ne pagalon wali ki hai.”
T – “koi nahi.”

P – “tu pagal hai wo kesy singing kery ga?”
T – “I know jabhi aesa kaam kiya hai..”
M – “Priya tu bhool rahi hai, wo kuch bhi ker sakta hai is ke liye. Agr wo poori raat barish mein reh sakta hai toh wo concert me singing bhi ker sakta hai..”
T – “Pagal ho, koi itna bada hero nahi hai.. singing ker hi nhi sekta..! I know that..”
P – “Twinkle yarr he will..! Believe me..!”
M – “Twinkle priya is right..! He can do anything.!”
She folds her arms and gave a sarcastic smile.
T – “Hogaya??”
Priya and Mahi passed a fake laugh.
T – “Yarrr… he can’t sing. You know me ne jab usy kaha us ki shakal dekhny wali thi..! I mean..!” she laughed.
Priya nd Mahi gave a whatever look.

M – “Twinkle please don’t do this..! He loves you a lot..! He suffered so much because of you.! Because you left him. He even tried to commit suicide. He never slept in the whole year. Just think once..!”
Twinkle’s eyes get moist.

P – “Ya Twinkle she is right! You should forgive him. He really loves you a lot! Do one thing, listen to your heart, do what your heart says because heart never lies.!”
T – “Yarrr..! Whenever i thought to forgive him..! His words haunt me like a worst nightmare that “I m a whore, i m behind his money.” And all that. I tried 1000 times to forget all those but i can’t. I don’t know why? I m just not able to forget all those hurtful words. I tried several times to overcome this but always i failed. I just don’t know why..?”
She breaks down in tears.

Mahi and priya consoled her.
P – “Twinkle, Stop crying. I know its difficult for you. Take your time. I know you will forget those and will accept Kunj’s love because you are my strong girl.”
M – “Haan twinkle, priya is right.”
The trio hugged.
Someone was peeping through the door. They were Yuvi nd Kunj. Kunj had tears in his eyes.
K – “Yuvi. I m responsible for all this. Please forgive me.”
Yuvi – “Kunj, no.! That was all a misunderstanding. I know twinkle will forgive you.”
K – “Yarr but what about her challenge?”
Yuvi – “Ab pyaar kiya hai tu ne, toh challenge bhi kerna padyga..!”
K – “but how will i?”
Yuvi – “Practice makes a man perfect.”
He said and left from there.
K – “Kya hoge mera..? Babaji please bachha lo.!”
He also left from there.

Next Scene –
Twinkle was getting ready for the concert. She wears a long light pink netted gown with netted embroidered sleeves.

She applies eye liner and mascara and then applies pink lipstick. Looking breathtakingly gorgeous. She wears small simple elegant earrings which added four moons to her beauty. Then she wears a silver coloured pendant. Then finally wears her mask.

T – “Aww twinkle taneja you are looking so awesome. Every boy would fall for you and Kunj would be jealous.”
She smiled and wears her heels. And left from there.

Kunj’s room –
Kunj was getting ready. He was wearing a black tuxedo looking hot and dashing as always. He applies perfume,wears his watch and set his hairs.

K – “Wowww.. kunj sarna you are so hot, every girl would fall for you and Twinkle would be jealous.”
He smiled and left from there.
Both sat in their cars and drove off.
Twinkle didn’t know that Kunj was going to her concert. She reached the place, kunj too reached. He saw twinkle but she doesn’t saw him.

Next scene –
Twinkle was on the stage. She held the mic in her hand and closed her eyes. She remembered the moments spent with Kunj. Whenever she started singing, she always remembered him.
? Yahan se kahan jaaun
Kahan mein chhup jaaun
Ye aadha sa dil
Main kese lagaaun ?
Tears started flowing from her eyes. Kunj saw her tears and his heart ached. He knew that twinkle still loves him.

? Hoon khud se judaa main
Hoon khud se alahada (alahada means seperated)
Ye aadha sa dil main kaise basaaun
O roothe dil, roothe dil, roothe dil
O jhoothe dil, jhoothe dil, jhoothe dil
O toote dil, toote dil, toote dil
Hai kya teri mushkil
O Just go to Hell Dil
Just go to hell
O dil… just go to hell
Dil… just go to hell
O dil… just go to hell ?
She cleared her tears. He was also crying. He was also remembering all the moments spent with her.

? Hai meri ghalti
Ya khud ki khata tu
Sharminda dil bas itna bata tu
Ke ab kya paana
Ke ab kya kona
Sharminda dil bohot hua rona
O roothe dil, roothe dil, roothe dil
O jhoothe dil, jhoothe dil, jhoothe dil
O toote dil, toote dil, toote dil
Hai kya teri mushkil
O Just go to Hell Dil
Just go to hell
O dil… just go to hell
Dil… just go to hell
O dil… just go to hell ?
Her tears weren’t stopping. It was the first time she was crying this much and wasn’t able to control her tears. Her eyes met with Kunj. She was shocked to see tears in his eyes. She couldn’t believe that Kunj was there. She continued singing and ignored him.
? Dardon ki aadat si lag gayi hai
Aansu bhi meri hansi udaaye
Deti hoon khud ko main kharashein
Kyun nayi
Koyi mujhko mujhse hi bachaye
O roothe dil, roothe dil, roothe dil
Jhoothe dil, jhoothe dil, jhoothe dil
Toote dil, toote dil, toote dil
Hai kya teri mushkil
O just go to hell dil
O.. just go to hell
O dil .. just go to hell
Dil … just go to hell
O dil .. just go to hell
Just go to hell
O dil just go to hell
Dil just go to hell
O dil .. just go to hell ?

She completed the song and cleared her tears. Everyone was clapping and hooting.
On the other side, YuHi, and Priya were watching the concert on TV. They were having tears in their eyes.
Yuvi – “I just hope Kunj achy se sing ker ly..!”
M – “Haan .. I m really very scared.”
P – “Chill yarr..! I know Kunj will gonna rock it.”
They all smiled.
At the concert hall.
Twinkle climbed down the stage. She was going out when a spotlight fell in her.
She heard “Hello ladies and gentlemen.”
She was shocked because she recognised the voice. It was Kunj only. She turned around closing her eyes.
K – “I m Kunj Sarna, the famous businessman. You all know me right..?”
Everyone shouts “Yes.”

K – “A beautiful girl challenged me to sing a song, so i m here to complete that challenge. Are you ready?”
He said looking at twinkle. She opened her eyes and makes a bechari face. The crowd hooted.
T – (thinks) “Uff twinkle, what a mess you have created. Why did you forgot that this Great Kunj Sarna can do anything. Kunj is right. You are really the biggest Siyappa Queen till date.”

Kunj holds the guitar and started tuning it. He holds the mic properly and started singing.
? Tu safar mera
Hai tu hi meri manzil
Tere bina guzara
Aye dil hai mushkil ?

Twinkle was shocked at this. She never thought that Kunj can really sing this much good. He is the best singer till now. She thinks.
There YuHi and Priya’s eyes popped out hearing Kunj’s voice.

? Tu mera khuda
Tu hi duaa mein shamil
Tere bina guzara
Aye dil hai mushkil ?
His eyes welled up. A lone tear escapes from Twinkle’s eye. She never thought that Kunj will accept her challenge and will complete it.

? Mujhe aazmati hai teri kami
Meri har kami ko hai tu laazmi
Junoon hai mera
Baanun mein tere qaabil
Tere bina guzara
Aye dil hai mushkil ?
He cleared his tears. Twinkle thinks “Kunj, please stop this! Now, i know you can do anything for me. But please i want sometime.”
? Yeh rooh bhi meri
Yeh jism bhi merarh
Utna mera nahi
Jitna hua tera
Tune diya hai jo
Woh dard hi sahi
Tujhse mila hai toh
Inaam hai mera
Mera aasmaan dhoondhe teri zameen
Meri har kami ko hai tu laazmi
Zameen pe na sahi
Toh aasmaan mein aa mil
Tere bina guzaara
Ae dil hai mushkil ?

He reminisces insulting her. She reminisces the same. He reminisces the truth. She leaving him. He reminisces cutting his wrist, talking to her photo, the promises made to her. His condition. She reminisces publishing a fake news abuout her death. He reminisces watching the news of twinkle being dead. She reminisces their meet after one year and he spending the whole night in the rain. She reminisces his terrible condition. Then knowing that he is suffering from insomnia.

? Maana ki teri maujoodgi se
Yeh zindagani mehroom hai
Jeene ka koi dooja tareeka
Na mere dil ko maloom hai
Tujhko main kitni shiddat se chaahun
Chahe toh rehna tu bekhabar
Mohtaj manzil ka toh nahi hai
Yeh ek tarfa mera safar safar
Khoobsurat hain manzil se bhi
Meri har kami ko hai tu laazmi
Adhoora hoke bhi hai ishq mera kaamil
Tere bina guzara ae dil hai mushkil ?

He completed the song with tears in his eyes still remembering their moments. He comes back to reality as everyone clapped. Twinkle ran from there crying badly. There YuHi and Priya were smiling having tears in their eyes.
Next Scene –
She comes out of the concert hall crying vigorously. She stopped as she saw her car missing. She saw her driver with the car at a distance.
She ran towards it.
Driver – “Madam yuvi bhai told me to take you somewhere. Sit in the car.”
T – “I m not going anywhere, take me to home.”
Her phone rings, she picked it.
T – “Bhai what is all this?”
Y – “Twinkle calm down, just sit in the car.”
T – “Bhaiii..!”
Y – “Please princess, atleast for my sake.”
T – “Okk..!” and makes a pout.
She sat in the car and the driver drove off.

Next Scene –
Driver stopped the car at an isolated place.
T – “Bhai ne mujhy yahan kyun bheja hai?”
D – “Madam, ap ko yahin pe utarna hai.”

T – “Okk..!”
She stepped out of the car, and the driver left.
It was an isolated place and very dark.
T – “Anyone here..!”

She started walking in the direction of the arrow.
She reached a place which was very dark. Nothing could be seen.
Suddenly the lights went on and she was dumbstruck to see the scenario.
Episode ends on her shocked face.

Precap:- Guess what?????

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