“YOU MADE ME LIVE AGAIN” …!! TwiNj FF (Episode 22)

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Me Ne Unn Lamhaat Se Mohabbat Ki Hai,
Tum Se Milna Toh Ek Khwaab Sa Lagta Hai,
Me Ne Tere Intezaar Se Mohabbat Ki Hai.
Priya please reply me.

Episode 22 –

A voice came from behind – “TWINKLE…!”
Yuvi and Twinkle turned around and found Priya,Mahi and Rohan.
Priya and Mahi ran towards her and hugged her tightly.
M – “Twinkle..!”
T – “Mahi, Priya. I m the reason behind Kunj’s condition. Wo is haal tak meri wajah se hi pohancha hai..! I am his culprit.”
Yuvi tried to control his tears but was not able to. He moved out of there. Mahi saw him going.
P – “No Twinkle. Its nothing like that. He loves you so much. Please forgive him.”
T – “But Priya,”
P – “But what Twinkle?”
They broke the hug and Mahi cleared Twinkle’s tears.
M – “Twinkle sambhaal khud ko. Apny liye nahi to kam se kam kunj ke baare me soch. Agr wo tujhe aesi halat me dekhy ga toh kya usy acha lagay ga? Nahi na.”
P – “Han Twinkle, mahi is right. Tu Kunj ki strength hai us ki kamzori nahi.!”
T – “But us ki kitni buri halat hai! Mahi Priya me confuse hun!”

M&P – “About what?”
T – “Me Kunj ko maaf karun ya nahi?”
M – “Twinkle we will talk about it later. Teri bhi tabyat kharab hojaye gi agr tu aesi halat bana ke bethi rahi!”
P – “Or haan ye breakfast ley, tu ne kuch khaya nahi hai!”
Priya passed her the lunch box.
T – “Mujhe bhook nahi!”
She gave it back to her.
M – “Twinkle, aesa nahi hota. Tu khud ko kyun saza de rahi hai?”
T – “Mujhe saza milni chahiye. Kunj ki halat itni kharab hai or me yahan beth ker breakfast kerun. No way!”
Mahi and Priya couldn’t insist more and they both hugged her once again.
Rohan was seeing them. He couldn’t able to see tears in Twinkle’s eyes.
Mahi get up from there and moved in that direction where yuvi went.
She found him sitting outside the hospital.
She goes near him and kept her hand on his shoulder. He turned around. She was shocked to see his eyes red.
M – “Yuvraj, what happened. Is everything fine?”
Y – “Nothing is fine. On one side my best friend and on the other my sister. Kya karun mein?”
Tears started flowing from his eyes, her eyes got moist.
Y – “I am sorry again mahi for yesterday’s incident.”
M – “Its ok yuvraj. I understand. Ho jata hai!”
Yuvi nodded his head.

Yuvi’s Pov
Mahi i want to tell you i love you, but i can’t tell you now. When i first saw ur pic i fell in love with you that day only. I don’t know why but you always attract me. Whenever i got sad you console me and i found everything in that.
End of pov
Mahi’s pov
Yuvraj i don’t know why, but i got sad when i see you crying, i hate tears in your eyes. I can’t sew you crying, i don’t know why. When i m around you, i feel like i m complete. I don’t know what is this feeling.?
End of pov
Next Scene –
Twinkle was seeing Kunj from the window. He was attached with various machines. She feels like someone stabbed her heart. Her heart panicked seeing her love in that condition.
(Tum Hi Ho Instrumental plays in BG)

(Guys please listen this at least once, if link didn’t work the copy paste it, but please listen. This will help you imgaine her situation well)

A drop of tear fell from her eye.
Doctor came out of the room.
She was busy watching him with tears in her eyes so she doesn’t notice doctor.
Doc – “Madam,”
She looked at the doc. Her vision was blur because of the tears.
Doc – “Mam, agar inhein 5 hours mein hosh aajata hai then it is good or else.”
T – “Or else?” Her voice trembling.
Doc – “Or else he will slip into coma!” (Echoes)
She couldn’t believe her ears and sit down on the floor.
Doc went from there.
These words were echoing in her ears. She closed her ears from her hands.
T – “No kunj. No you will be fine, i know.”
She got up and opened the door room and entered inside it.
She sat down in the chair and stared at him with pain.
T – “Kunj.” The only word which came out of her mouth.
T – “Kunj, open your eyes. You said na you love me then open your eyes. You can’t leave me. I will not allow you to do so. Me tumhe kahin nahi jaany dungi. Kunj open your eyes. I can’t live without you.”
She sat down in the bed and holds his hand.
T – “Kunj you suffered whole year. You love me this much. So pleas for the sake of our love. Open your eyes. Open your eyes”
She said and burst into tears.
Music plays.
Screen freezes.

Precap:- Twinkle was shown holding Kunj’s hand. She was crying. Her tears fell down on his cheek and some movement in his hand is shown.

Phewwww guys, i hope it didn’t bored you.
Guys i know you are waiting for their confession and want them to be united but i have planned something for the upcoming episodes and trust me they are going to be united soon.

Love you all ?????❤❤❤

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  1. lovely epi : PS I want to see something like twinkle taking care of kunj when he comes home and also twinkle helping him sleep since he didn’t sleep in a year ….

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  5. SidMin

    Hey … Just loved it Awesome episode… it was fab….
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    Love you post soon ❤❤❤❤

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  7. Awesome episode purvi I’m loving it and the emotions were portrayed well pls continue soon

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