“YOU MADE ME LIVE AGAIN” …!! TwiNj FF (Episode 21)

Hi guys.. I m back.. sorry for delay ..! Now, my exams are over so I m here.
Apart from this I m very sad and hurt today so I was not willing to write but your love is forcing me. So I can’t resist myself from writing. And I m thinking to end this ff and my other one too. And also thinking of quitting TU because of someone very dear to me. I can’t tell her name but all I can say that if she is not here with me then I m not going to continue with my writings and all that stuff. So thinking of quitting TU.


Episode 21 –

Twinkle opened the gate and shouts “KUNJJJJJJJ”
Eveyine gathers ther. Mahi,Yuvi, Priya. All were shocked to saw the scenario. Cloud were continuosly crying whole night and till now. It was raining heavily and Twinkle ran towards Kunj without umbrella or slippers. All three of the, were shocked. Kunj was lying on the ground and his eyes were closed. His lips were shaking.
Twinkle sat down and made his head lie on her lap. She cupped his face and try to wake him up but of no use. He was unconscious. Twinkle was crying badly.
T – “Kunj, kunj please wake up na. See your twinkle is here with you! Please Kunj wake up.”
Rohan came there and saw her concern towards him.
His eyes became watery and he feels hurt.
Rohan – (in mind) Jasmin. I love you. I love you so much. I can’t see you with anyone else but you love him not me. Your smile matters to me more than my love. I m going Jasmin. And I m giving you to him. I know he loves you so much.”
Yuvi, Mahi and Priya were standing like a statue. They never thought that Kunj will spend the entire night over here only.
T – “Kunj, kyun apny ap ko itni takleef dey rahy ho? Chaly jaao yahan se! Kyun aaye tum meri life mein fir se?”
She was completely drenched in the rain and was cursing herself for jis condition.
An idea came into her mind and in the nick of time, she bowed her head and gave Kunj mouth to mouth respiration.
Yuhi’s and Priya and Rohan’s eyes popped out. They neer expected this from Twinkle..!
After about five minutes. Kunj slowly opened his eyes.
K – (in a weak voice) “Twinkle….!!”

She looked at him and cupped his face ..
T – “Kunj .. kunj you are fine na..? Bhai please come here na.. take him to hospital!”
K – “Nahi Twinkle…. is … se …. achi… baat…. kkk…ky..kya … ho…ho…sakk..sakti hai… k …. ku..kunj …kunj sarna…twinkle…..twinklr taneja… ki… baah..baahon mein….mar…mar jaye..!”
T – “Kunj, pagal ho kesi baatein ker rahy ho..!”
He was shivering with cold.
T – “Bhaiii… please come here…!”
Yuvi came towards them and made him stand with the support of Twinkle.
They both made him sit in the car.
T – “Bhai.., i m alsi coming with you..!”
Y – “No twinki.. you go and change ur clothes u will catch cold”
T – (sobbing) “Bhai please…!!!!”
Yuvi by seeing her state allowed her.
They both sits down in the car.
Next Scene –
Kunj was lying on the stretcher and it was moving in teh corridor of hospital. Twinkle and Yuvi were running with the stretcher.
Twinkle was holding Kunj’s hand and he was holding her hand very tightly.
K – “Twinkle…! Let me die na..!” He spoke with much difficulty.
T – “Kunj don’t talk like this.., i m with you. Whenever you lose hope na, just close your eyes and think of me.”
Nurse – “Mam, please leave his hand, we have to do his treatment.!”
Twinkle leaves his hand unwillingly with guilt,pain and love in her eyes. Yuvi was watching that with the distance.
As the stretcher moved forward, Kunj smiles at Twinkle and tears started flowing from her eyes.

After about 30 minutes.
Doc came there, twinkle stood.
T – “Doc is everything fine. Kunj is fine na? Usko kuch hua toh nahi na?”
Doc – “Dekhiye Mrs.Sarna we are trying our best. He was out whole night in the rain. His body temperature is very low. We are trying.”
By saying the doctor went from there.
Twinkle couldn’t help herself and started crying as soon as she listened the word Mrs.Sarna.
Yuvi consoles her.
She quickly hugs him.

T – “Bhai I m so bad..! Everything happened because of me!”
Y – “Twinkle bhy dair ho chuki hai..! Tu ne bht galat kiya. Us raat bhi jab tu usu chod ke chali gayi thi or kal rat bhi! You know he even tried to commit suicide,”
Twinkle was shocked. She broke the hug.
T – “What..? How can he do that?”
Y – “He cut his wrist but me wahan time pe pohanch gaya or usy hospital lry gaya warna shayad Kunj aj na hota!”
Her tears weren’t stopping. She couldn’t do anything.
Y – “Twinkle you know, he is suffered a lot after you left him. He was completely broken and after the news of your death. He was completely broken. He doesn’t got proper sleep and you know 1 more thing, he is suffering from INSOMNIA from the past 1 year.”
This was enough for Twinkle. She looked at Yuvi with an unbelieveable look.
She sat down on the chair like a lifeless body.
Main taan jiya na maraa..
Haaye ve das main ki karaa..

Dil jude bina hi tut gaye
Hatth mile bina hi chhut gaye
Ki likhe ne lekh kismet ne..
Baar baar rond akhiyan
Tainu jo na vekh sakiyaan
Khole aaye aaj kudrat ne..
Katta main ki ve din teri sonh tere bin
Main taan jiya na maraa..

Chhan se jo toote koi sapna
Jag soona soona lage
Jag soona soona lage
Koi rahe na jab apna
Jag soona soona lage
Jag soona soona

Hai to.. yeh kyon hota hai
Jab yeh dil rota hai
Roye sisak-sisak ke hawayein
Jag soona lage

Chhan se jo toote koi sapna
Jag soona soona lage
Jag soona soona lage
Koi rahe na jab apna
Jag soona soona lage
Jag soona soona re..

Soona laage re…

The screen splits and showed Twinkle crying, Yuvi sad and Kunj on the hospital bed attached with machines.

Precap:- T – “Kunj, you said na you love me then you have to wake up for me. You have to wake up Kunj!”

I seriously don’t know guys how was it? I just wrote it, i know it wasn’t upto the mark, but seriously I m not in a mood,

With all my love

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  1. Sohi

    Purvi if you really think iam your friend
    Then you are not going to quit tu or ending any ff got it
    If you does like that then iam never going to comment on your any ff
    Plz try to overcome your sadness and hurt
    About episode it was very emotional
    Do continue

  2. SidMin

    Loved it …
    Awesome … so emotional …
    Bechara Kunj …Hope he gets well soon …
    Bechare Twinkle ….
    Precap is scary …..
    Love you post soon 🙂

  3. SidMin23

    Purvi again amazing episode and poor kunj ?? and now twinkle will forgive him and waiting for twinj confessions and uv also tell twinkle how kunj suffer

  4. Presha

    Hey purvi awesome epi yasr just loved it…
    It was very emotional… Nd I know who is the person sweetepis for whom u want to leave as she is also leaving but we discussed it na nd she also agreed but don’t do this to us…

  5. Chiku

    Oyeeee!!! Its soooo nice. Soooo lovely. Loved it. Emotional episode. ???but u really liked it.
    Sochna bhi mat end karne ka. Nahi toh baat nahi karungi????????
    Aur next jaldi post kar
    Wait nahi horaa hai
    Love u?

  6. Hey purvi i m vry bzy but this was so beautiful can’t control myself..,
    post soon..
    luv u..

  7. Hey! Please don’t make rohan alone. He is such a nice guy! Please make rohan and priya together! Please. It’s a request!

  8. too..lovly

  9. Awesome and emotional episode purvi I loved it and don’t u dare to quit tu pls stay yaar I love your writings

  10. hey..purvi..yrr rula diya??and song the was perfect. …it’s too emotional. .m plzz end mat karna….

    loads of love

  11. Purvi dii ?amazing and lill emotional episodeeeee????

    You are quitting TU ..,……..,…,…………..I am not sadd about it?? but verrrryyy verryyy sadd ???? whyy ??….. No you can’t …..?,…,…..But if it’s important to do soo I will not forcee youuuu and we are with youu always ????.

    Post soonn

  12. Awesome…..
    Emotional….????? luv u sooooooooooo much and plzzzzz try to post nxt asap….
    And sorry?? for not cmnting in previous episodes….. My exams are coming so plz forgive me…..plzzzzz post nxt asap…..

  13. SiyappaQUEEN

    Amazing episode yaar. You know mujhe tumhari writings ne maar dala seriously. Love it to the moon and back. Hope Kunj will get fine. And about leaving tu I don’t know what to say bcaz Even i am quitting tu soon. But I don’t want you to leave. You’re an amazing fabulous writer.
    Love you to infinity.
    Be happy always.
    Post next episode soon.
    I am waiting.

  14. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome emotional sad epi

  15. Baby

    purvi i know u cant end it…………..
    hainaaa………u wont end anthing yaar………..plssss………
    u wont vaise hi mein bhot sad hun or ab iss episode ke baad or bhi sad hun………
    yaar luvd it emotional n painful
    love u lods………….☺
    post soon…….♥♥

  16. Aanya_pandey

    This was really very emotional update.. loved it dear!!!

  17. Ramya

    I’m not going to talk to u
    U r ggoing to end ff
    How can u do dis
    Yeh galat hao
    I can’t do like dis
    Plsss don’t end plsss na
    Mere liye plsssss
    Episode was awesome amazing
    Love u keep smiling

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