“YOU MADE ME LIVE AGAIN” …!! TwiNj FF (Episode 20)

Hi guys, I am back with my ff. The most awaited one..! I guess no one missed me??? But I literally missed you all ..,!!
Happy Promise Day guys…!
Wada Karte Hain Dosti Nibhayengay
Koshish Yahi Rahegi Tujhe Na Satayengay
Zaroorat Pade To Dil Se Pukarna
Mar Bhi Rahen Hongay Toh Mohlat Lay Ker Aayengay
Haan guys … mujh per bhi Survi ka asar aagaya hai…, right survi…??? ?????

In case if anyone missed the previous episode:
Episode 19

Episode 20 –
Kunj sat outside the house on the street. The weather was 0° centigrade. His jacket was not enough for him to save him from cold.
Inside, twinkle was in her room crying vigorously.
T – “Twinkle… what you did haan? Tu ne kunj ko bahir nikal diya ..! Itni sardi mein .. where will he go..? Haan? Don’t u have brain? You are really a siyappa queen of Kunj..!”
She cleared her tears and stood up from the bed. She heard a knock. She opened door and uv was standing burning in anger.
T – “Bhaii you, what happened??”

Uv – (shouting) “Twinkle kya kiya ye? Kunj is outside. Today is the forecast of rain. What if rain start? What will he do?”
Twinkle got scared from his anger. Mahi came from back.
M – “Don’t shout Yuvraj. She is your sister!” she said placing hand on his shoulder.
He jerked her hand away.
Uv – “Its the matter of bro and sis. You are no one to interfere. Just stay out of it…!” he said angrily
Mahi got scared and ran away.
T – “Bhai, gussa mujh per tha na, mahi per kyun utara. She must be crying. Wo bht sensitive nature ki hai…!”
She ran to Mahi.

Mahi was sitting in the lawn on the bench crying. Uv also reached there. Twinkle was seeing her from the distance.
T – “bhaii see she is crying!”
Uv – “Twinkle you go in your room, i will talk to her..!”
T – “Sure.”
Uv – “Hmm you go..!”
She headed towards her room.
Uv came near Mahi and placed his hand on her shoulder.
Uv – “Mahi..!”
She turned around and quickly cleared her tears.
Uv – “I am sorry..! I didn’t intend to hurt you, i was angry at twinkle..!”
M – “Its ok Yuvraj, you don’t need to be sorry. Me ne aesa kaha that u hurt me..! Tum toh kisi ko hurt hi nahi kerty na..! Vo sirf tumhara gussa hota hai jis ko tum control nahi ker paaty….! I don’t need your sorry..!” she said with tears on her eyes and went towards her room. He felt very bad.

His also welled up and a tear fell down. He was shocked.
Uv – “I m crying.., why?? For hurting Mahi??. Is it really the reason. Why am i crying for some random girl..! But she is not random na ..! She stole my heart… when i first saw her pic i fell in love wid her.. yes mahi i love you..!”
He smiled. He felt water droplets falling on him and realized that it started raining.
Uv – “Oh god ..! Damn it..! I forgot kunj..! Waisy hi he is suffering from s serious disease from past year … i have to check..!”
There twinkle heard the sound of rain. She quickly opened the window of her room and saw Kunj sitting drenching in rain ..!
She shout “Kunj ..!” and bit her tongue..,

Thinks – “Twinkle kya blunder ker diya he will think that i care for him .., i actually do .. but i can’t show it ..!”
He looked at her and smiled.
T – (to herself)”Kunj please yahan se kahin or chaly jaao ..! Please .. poori rat agr yahin raha to bemaar hojaye ga..!”
Tears started flowing from her eyes.
[Itni mohabbat karo na
Mein doob na jaun kahin
Wapis kinary pe aana
Mein bhool na jaun kahin
Dekha jan se hai chehra tera
Mein toh hafton se soya nahi hun
Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chhupa

Mein kisi se kahun ga nahi
Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chhupa
Mein kisi se kahun ga nahi] (I added it because adeeba you asked me..! So here this is for you…!)
She saw Uv coming out of the house with an umbrella. Kunj was continuously looking at her smiling.
Twinkle could hear their conversation becoz it was not very far…! She was on 1st floor.
Uv – “Kunj .. let’s go inside..!”

He didn’t replied and was continuously looking at her..
Twinkle’s pov
He was not listening to bhai and was constantly looking at me .. i was seeing him wid tears in my eyes. I couldn’t help myself.
Bhai said to him “Kunj kis ko dekh raha …!” his sentence was left in middle as he saw in the direction where Kunj was looking. I could see his shocked expressions.
I quickly closed the curtain. And hide behind it.
Hey kash..

Kash yun hota..
Har shaam..
Sath tu hota..
Chup chap..
Dil na yun rota..
Har shaam..
Sath tu hota..
Guzara ho tere, bin guzara
Ab muskil hai lagta
Nazara ho tera, hi nazara
Ab har din hai lagta….
Haal e dil tujhko sunata
Dil agar yeh bol pata
Bakhuda tujhko hai jata jaan..
Aaha tere sang jo pal bitata
Waqt se main woh mang lata
Yaad karke muskurata haan…
Tu meri rah ka sitara…
Tere bina hoon main awara…
Jab bhi tanhai ne sataya…
Tujhko besakhta pukara…
Aa..chahte meri la fana
Par meri jaan
Dil mein hoon rakhta han..haan..
Haal e dil tujhko sunata
Dil agar yeh bol pata
Bakhuda tujhko.. hai jata jaan..

I hear bhai telling “Kunj, dekh ly she doesn’t care about you ..!Us ny window band ker di hai ..!”
Kunj replied to him which made me shocked “No Uv, she is hiding behind the curtain..! I know she still loves me…!”
Tears made their way and touched my soft skin…!
I wonder how could he know that i was hiding.
“Tu pagal hogaya hai Kunj ..! Chal andar chal warna thand lag jaaye gi ..!” bhai said to him,
My tears weren’t stopping.
“Ab koi fark nahi padta Uv, me mar jaaun ya jeeyun kyunki jab se twinkle ko khoya hai..! 1 pal ka bhi sukoon naseeb nahi hua..!”
I could feel his voice trembling,
“Tu andar chall..!”
“Nope i will not go ..! Twinkle ne mujhy bahir nikala hai toh wo hi andar lay ker jaaye gi ..!”

Haal e dil tujhko sunata
Dil agar yeh bol pata
Bakhuda tujhko.. hai jata jaan..
Tere sang jo pal bitata
Waqt se main woh mang lata
Yaad karke muskurata haan…
You’re love to me
I know love whats meant to be
I know you feel it too
E.. come I love get you
Khwabon ka kab tak loon sahara…
Ab toh tu aa bhi ja khudara…
Meri ye dono pagal aankhen….
Har pal maange tera nazara…..
Aa..samjhao inko kis tarah..
Inpe mera (mera)
Bas nahi chalta han.. haan…
Haal e dil tujhko sunata
Dil agar yeh bol pata
Bakhuda tujhko.. hai jata jaan..
Aaha tere sang jo pal bitata
Waqt se main woh mang lata
Yaad karke muskurata haan…
Kunj plsss listen to bhai..! Please come in ..! I said to myself
Twinkle don’t you know.. he is like you only ziddi… arrogant khadoos. Your sadu sarna ..!
End of pov
Uv – “you are impossible kunj.. theek hai yahin reh poori raat or mar jaa.,,!”
T – (in mind) “Bhaii how could you??”

Next Morning –
Twinkle woke up and found herself near the window. Her head was resting on the window sill. A thought strike her mind. She quickly looked outside from the window and was shocked to see the scenario..!
She couldn’t believe her eyes. She blinked them and again saw the scene but it was same.
“Does he loves me this much???” I asked from myself
“Yes twinkle he really do..! But you can’t trust him again. What if he will break ur heart once more..! No, i can’t bear anymore pain..!” she started crying louder.
She said to herself.

She left the room hurriedly without even wearing her slippers. Her hairs were a mess.
She was climbing down the stairs crying..! Just then she bumped into priya..
P – “Twinkle what happened? Where are you going in a hurry ..?? Is everything alright..?”
T – “Priya .. wo .. bahir .., wo (she said panting heavily)
P – “Wo, wo kiya laga rakha hai seedi tarah bol..!”
T – “KUNJJJJJ …!” She shouts his name and tears started flowing very fast.
P -“Kya hua kunj ko?” she asked being concerned

Twinkle didn’t replied and ran towards the gate..!
Mahi and Yuvi also gathered there listening to her yells.
She opened the gate and shouts

Precap:- Kunj’s disease truth out..! Nd many more twists.

• • • • • • •
Guys how was it??? I hope you enjoyed.
Many of you asked to unite Twinj and said that twinkle is overreacting. She is not overreacting. Its just that she don’t want to be played again like Kunj insulted her infront of whole office staff and again on New years eve. Agr wo chahy bhi to nahi bhula paye gi that he called her whore and all that. I was a bit disappointed that many of you were pointing at her. Just imagine yourself in her place only then you would be able to feel her pain. Sorry if i am rude, but i just wanted to tell this. No one especially girls can’t forget if someone pass cheap comments and point at their character. This is what happened with Twinkle…! Again, i am sorry if i hurt someone. Please pardon me for that.! Sorry again if i acted rude..! So sorry .. from the core of my heart and

I will post next one whenever i will get time .! And a good news my tests will end on Tuesday.. nd then I will be regular I think so ..!
If any mistakes do ignore…!

So wait for me..!
Nd miss me…!
Love you loads?❤???❤?????

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  1. Sohi

    Hey the episode was emotional yet good
    Twinkle is doing correct
    No girl could tolerate anyone saying bad about her character
    Waiting for the new twists
    Do continue

  2. Chiku

    Woaaaah!!!! Lovely episode ????I seriously loved it. It’s amazing. Woaaah yaar mindblowing.wat happened to kunj???????
    Plzzzzz jaldi post kar

  3. Ritzi

    Damn purvi!! Marvelous!! No yaar…personally I don’t think twinkle is over reacting…kunj deserves it…so I just suggest u to go with the flow nd my one reqst. I knw adeeba told u to write the song…but when this kind of demand is not demanded then pls don’t waste yr tym in writing songs ….so tht we can get more scenes ! Ya I knw m selfish.. Hehe

  4. Purvi ur ff is driving me crazy yaar I loved it to the core and I’m always very desperate for ur ff especially this one is my favorite pls try to post soon I’m waiting desperately ???

  5. Paavu

    Hi I m pehli to cmmnt na yeahhh meri oreo it wss soo awsumm yrr lov ed kunj role today and u k w I m soo happyy hw u hotta knw hale dil is my fav sng its my fav drar I m soo jappy and I agree totally to ir pnt hwcan a girl bear such wrda frm anyone and moeeover frm d one whon she li es u r rt shes nt overreacting I m wid u meri oreo ya I dun get hury and I want dis new epi tom only

    1. Paavu

      Srry nt pehli to cmmnt srry

  6. Presha

    hey sweetipie awesome epi i loved it it was a bit emotional nd lovely

  7. Asna

    Hawww mera bhi rone ka mann kr rha h yr… i was lost in the episode i dont know may be after sometime i have started crying… ye tw bhi na pyaar krti h kunj se pr usse wapas nhi la sakti tadapne ke liye chod diya….

  8. hey purvi…today episode is fan…mind blowing. yeh….I think twinkle is overacting. ……Kyo ki. maine kunj zayada chat I twinkle se???????hehe

  9. Amaya Bhardwaj

    Hey Purvi,
    Awesome episode yrr….
    Loved it….. Post next one soon

  10. Hey purvi it was so emotional episode jaan…thnx alot for writing bol do na zara song i just loved it aur han tune sahi bola tere mein survi ka aadat agaya h wah kya shyari likha tune..loved it baby..
    post soon..
    luv u..

  11. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing emotional epi…n u r right ….twinkle uski jagah sahi h…cozzz jb koi aapke character pr cmnt krta h toh bhot dard h…..aur vo bhi tb jb koi humara sbse close insaan esa bolta h….

  12. SidMin23

    Purvi it was nice and kunj insult twinkle and this time twinkle is doing right she is not at all overreacting. Hope kunj is fine and twist is comming on the ways. Excited to read more of it. Twinj were so stubborn and kunj actually stay outside for twinkle but what he did last time insulting her infont of people was very bad he dint trust her.

  13. RUTU.....

    Hey Purvi,
    Awesome amazing fabulous episode dear and emotional too just loved it and you are right that twinkle is right at her place she is not at all overreacting
    Love you ???

  14. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂 The episode was full of emotions …
    Loved it 🙂 Love you Post soon and I understand Twinkle’s condition she is right at her POV 🙂
    Love you 🙂

  15. SiyappaQUEEN

    Solly solly solly for late comment. Maaf kar de mujhe please. I am pleading. ☺ Dost samajh kar… Love you to the infinity. Amazing, fantastic mind blowing are yaar words bhi nahi hai define karne ke liye meri jaan. And about shayari woh toh super se bhi upar thi. Damn cute shayari and tu kabhi galat hoti hai. I am glad ki tu mujhe iss layak samajhti hai. It means a lot. Pata hai I was surprised cum shocked to see my name after shayari. It makes me feel so proud to have a friend like you…
    Love you to the core and endlessly. ?

  16. Ramya

    This was cute one
    I mean kitna pyaar hai
    Bin bole samaj jate hai so sweet
    N what disease kunj have
    I’m so excited
    Love u keep smiling

  17. Baby

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhh babaji……………
    nhi nhi purvi………☺
    hayeeeee srsly too emotional cute n adorable srsly i agree no bodycan forget d insult especially a girl cant ever……….but they haveto…yaar kunj ke suicide attempt ke baare mein kaab pata chale ga twinkle ko?
    well loved this episode d dialouges and everything woaoaaa………..♥
    lods of love☺♥☺♥☺

  18. Aanya_pandey

    It was just so so so good!!! Loved it

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