“YOU MADE ME LIVE AGAIN” …!! TwiNj FF (Episode 19)

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In case if anyone missed the previous episode:

Episode 19 –
Twinkle hold her cheek … everyone was shocked even uv was ..! His hand was trembling.. he couldn’t take it and moved out from the house ..! Mahi felt very bad for him ..! Priya and Mahi came out … Priya makes twinkle stand .. twinkle was numb .. she was stunned at her brother’s behaviour. She thought she deserved that slap. Afterall, she did very bad. She couldn’t respond. Kunj was standing not able to speak anything.
Uv was standing near the car. He was cursing himself for raising hand on her princess.
Uv – “How could you do this Uv.. You, you slapped twinkle .. Ahhhh uv why you do this.” He screamed on top of his lungs.
He closes his fist and hit the car’s bonnet. He doesn’t pay any heed to his pain. His hand started bleeding. Mahi came there.
M –“Hey what you did? Haan .. you hurt yourself? Why?”
He doesn’t say anything and hugged Mahi so tightly. It was so quick that Mahi couldn’t able to understand anything. He was crying vigorously. She felt his pain and hugged him back to console him.
Aahatein kaisi yeh aahatein
Sunnta hun aaj kal aye dil bata
Dastakein dete hai dastakein
Kyu ajnabi se pal aye dil bata
Kuch toh hai jo neend aye kam
Kuch toh hai jo ankhein hai nam
Kuch toh hai jo tu kehde toh
Haste haste mar jaaye hum
He broke the hug. Mahi was also crying with him.
Uv – “I am Sorry .. wo I was not in my senses.”
M – (smiled) “Its ok .. I understand. You can’t tolerate what Twinkle did. Its natural. You love your sister a lot and you have all rights to scold her for her misdeeds .. and you can slap her too !”

Uv – (still crying) “But why she did that? She knew that herr brother loves her a lot and can’t live without her. Still she did that.”
M – (kept her hand on his shoulder) “Yuvraj, life is too complicated. When you try to find the answers. Life changes the questions. You live only once, so live your life like a carefree bird. Without any stress, without any guilt.”
Uv – “But how? I spent this whole year yearning for her. She was always close to my heart. Kunj was right. He won. He always used to say that Twinkle is alive but we never listened to him. His love for her was that much strong that Kunj returned to his life from death.”
Mahi was shocked to hear that.
M – “But why he did that? He loves her a lot? Then why?”
Uv – “Twinkle told you everything?”
M – “Yes, me and priya were the ones who helped her a lot. She was in depression. We tried to make her happy. She was happy but only infront of us. Every night she used to cry for you and Kunj. We both know that she still loves him but she will never accept.”
Uv – “I am sure that she will never accept it. But Kunj is there na. So no need to fear. He will settle all the things. It was all a misunderstanding but Twinkle is Twinkle. 1 baar jo wo keh de to kar ke dikhati hai.”
M – “Hmm. You are right. She is like that only.”
Uv – “You are Mahi na.?”
M – “Yes.”
Uv – “Hmm, you know Kunj cried every single night for Twinkle. I know twinkle will never understand him but its true. He missed her so much.”
M – “Yuvraj, you should talk to Twinkle.”
Uv – “Hmm you are right. Let’s go.”
They moved inside.
There Twinkle was sitting on the sofa. Kunj was sitting beside her. As soon as yuvraj entered the hall. She jumped on him and hugged him tightly.
T – “Bhai. Please forgive me. I am sorry. I never meant to hurt you.” She said crying and sobbing.
Uv – “Princess.”
Twinkle broke the hug.

T – “Bhai, you know me apke munh se princess sunne ke liye kab se taras rahi thi.”
All were having tears in their eyes.
T – “Bhai, what happened to your hand?”
Uv – “Nothing.”
T – “Shut up, can’t you take care of yourself. Mahi bring first aid kit.”
Mahi brought the kit and gave it to Twinkle.
T – “Mahi you do the bandage, I have some work.”
Mahi sits down and uv sit on sofa. She holds his hand and clears the blood with cotton.
He eyed her lovingly. Her hairs were left open and were playing with the air.
He was adoring her.
Kuch to hai jo dil ghabraye
Kuch to hai jo sans naa aaye
Kuch to hai jo hum honton se
Kehte kehte keh na paaye

She applies ointment.
Uv – “Ouchhh ..!”
M – “I am so sorry. Does it hurt?”
Uv was lost in her. She blows air on his hand.
Joh hamare darmiyan hain
Isko hum kya kahe
Ishq kya hai ik lehar hain
Aao usme bahein
Kuch toh hai jo hum hain khoye
Kuch toh hai jo tum naa soye
Kuch toh hai jo hum dono yoon
Haste haste itna roye

And finally ties the bandage on his hand.
M – “Done.”
She looked at him and found him staring her.
She got lost in his deep brown eyes.
They came out of their dream world as the heard clapping.
Twinkle was clapping standing infront of Kunj.
T – “So Mr.Sarna you are back to destroy my life once again.”
K – “No Twinkle. Its not like that. I am ….”
She cut him in between
T – “Its like that Mr.Sarna, you can’t see me in peace na. That’s why you came here.”
Uv, Mahi and Priya was signing in no.
Uv – (under his breath) “Twinki, don’t do this. He loves you a lot.”
T – “See bhai, Your so called best friend is again here to destroy your sister’s life.”
K – “Twinkle please. Listen to me once.” Tears started flowing from his eyes (twinkle don’t make him cry. When this man cries na we also cry with him)
T – “Why should I listen. When I was telling you to listen to me. Did you listen that day? Bolo? Hai koi javab?”
K – (shouts) “Haan manta hun nahi sunni us don teri baat. (He calmed down) maanta hun ho gayi galti, per us galti ki 1 salk mujh se door reh ker de di na tu ne saza. Ab toh maaf ker de.”
Tears started flowing from her eyes. She moved closer to him and cupped his face. He closes his eyes. Everyone smiled.
She cleared his tears and laughed sarcastically.
She moved away. Everyone was confused.
T – “You seriously think that i will forgive you. Get it straight to your mind Mr.Sarna. I will never forgive you. Never.”
All were hurt especially Kunj.
Kaali kaali khaali raaton se
Hone lagi hai dosti
Khoya khoya in raahon mein
Ab mera.. kuchh bhi nahi
Har pal har lamha
Main kaise sehta hoon..
Har pal har lamha
Main khudh se yeh kehta rehta hoon
Tujhe bhula diya wo
Tujhe bhula diya wo
Tujhe bhula diya wo
Phir kyun teri yaadon ne
Mujhe rula diya wo
Mujhe rula diya..

K – “Twinkle, please I am sorry.”
T – “Just stop it. I Hate You.”
Kunj was hurt at her statement. Uv, Mahi nd Priya were also sad that she is not doing right.
T – “You know Mr.Sarna. Generally life mein hum jo bhi galtiyan kerty hain, us se kuch na kuch seekhtay hain, but tum meri life ki wo mistake ho jis se mein ne kuch bhi nahi seekha.”
Her words were breaking his heart into pieces.
K – “Twinkle, try to understand.”
Everyone was shocked at her statement. Kunj was the one who was the most shocked person.
Teri yaadon mein likhe jo lafz dete hai sunaayi
Beete lamhe poochhte hain kyun huye aise juda
Khuda! Khuda mila jo yeh fasla hai
Khuda tera hi yeh faisla hai
Khuda hona tha woh ho gaya
Jo tune tha likha…

K – “Twinkle please samajh yaar ..! Me tujhe keay samjjhaun..”
T – “Mujhe nahi samjhao Kunj, kyunke agr samjhao gay to samajh jaun gi .. or agr samajh jaun gi toh bikhar jaaun gi..!” tears were flowing from her eyes.
T – “Get out of here.”
K – “Twinkle.”
T – “I said get out.”
K – “Twinkle please.”
T – (shouts) “Can’t you understand. Just get out from my house.”
He started moving out of house.
Kaali kaali khaali raaton se
Hone lagi hai dosti
Khoya khoya in raahon mein
Ab mera.. kuchh bhi nahi
Har pal har lamha
Main kaise sehta hoon..
Har pal har lamha
Main khudh se yeh kehta rehta hoon
Tujhe bhula diya wo
Tujhe bhula diya wo
Tujhe bhula diya wo
Phir kyun teri yaadon ne
Mujhe rula diya wo
Mujhe rula diya..
Uv – “Twinkle. Where will he go.?”
Kunj showed his hand to Uv and signalled him not to say anything.
T – “Its none of my business.”
Both were crying
He stepped out of house and turned to see Twinkle.
She was crying.
K – “Twinkle, i challenge you 1 day you will forgive me. I promise.” He said and moved out
T – “Not even in your dreams.”

Do pal tujhse juda tha
Aise phir rasta muda tha
Tujhse mein khone laga
Juda jaise hone laga
Mujhse kuchh mera..
Tu hi mere liye ab kar dua
Tu hi is dard se kar de juda
Tera hoke tera jo main na raha
Main yeh khud se kehta hoon
Tujhe bhula diya wo
Tujhe bhula diya wo
Tujhe bhula diya wo
Phir kyun teri yaadon ne
Mujhe rula diya wo
Mujhe rula diya..

Precap:- Twinkle crying, kunj shivering in cold.

I hope u liked the episode
Guys my tests are going to start from Wednesday. So i may not be able to post. Please pardon me for that.
I am sorry.
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Lots of love ❤❤????????????❤❤?

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  1. Sohi

    It was very emotional and good
    Sis bro scenes were soo sweet
    Liked it very much
    Do continue

  2. Asna

    Now its too much twinkle bahut zyada kar rhi h she is overreacting… purvi plzzz unite them…

  3. Hey purvi yrr tu toh awsm h aur tera ff bhi kya bolun main tujhe yrr itna fantastic likhti h tu yrrr tu mujhse romance sikhna chahti but main tujhse sab sikhna chahti hun aur especially emotional scenes aur vo twinkle mere kunj rulaya huhh….aur mahi and yuvraj ki toh wahh..kya scenes the vo log ke maza agaya aur tu jo beech mein songs dete h yrr bht mst lagta h aur nxt episode mein kya tu bol do na zara de sakti h ya phir rab ka sukhrana frm jannat 2 try krna plzz aur yeh episode ka song amazing tha twinkle ko toh zaroor kunj ke pyaar ka ahsaas hoga lekin vo jo kr rhe h sahi kr rhe kunj ne bhi usko kitna insult kiya tha….chalo bht bada comment hogaya kya karu tmhari fan jo hun…aur han best of luck for ur exams allah kare tmhara sara papers best jaye…meri duaa tmhare saath h…
    post soon….
    luv u…
    bye jaan…

  4. Aashiya

    Hey sugar , my candy girl,
    U made me cryyyyyy….This was shhhhhoooooooo emotional?????
    Kunj boht hurt hai mujhe rona aa raha hai
    Or precap dekh kar mujhe or v jyada rona aa raha h….candy veelllly baad u al making my kunj shiver in cold ……….
    Acha back 2 normal, back 2 ur aashi,
    Ab kya bolu ab mujhe na diabetes na ho jae pehle to meri sugar meri candy life me aa gae h or meri life eak dum sweetness se bhar gae hai….u no jab mai apse chat karti hu na to lagta h jaise I’m talking to elder sister……u no ure really more than my sister. ……………………..
    Aur meri emotional queen kitne aache se u express those feelings,hurt,betrayal,pain etc .
    Twinkle or yuvi ka bond is tooooooo sweet jus like u . Pata h aap like ho to koi bhi reader us situation se relate kar pata h ….u write soooooooo wellllllll…….
    My candy , my sugar u no I love u shooooooooooo much mere language me bole to:

    hehe kuch jyada maths ho gaya but this is true…………
    All the best again for ur exams ….
    Jab time mile to post karna
    All my love(upar description h????)
    – ur Aashiya

  5. RUTU.....

    Most beautiful episode ever you made me cry I felt like that ,this seen is happening in front of me bcoz of your emotional &loving lines loved it to the core of my heart hands off to you &thank you so so much for this episode as it made my day plz post next one soon if possible love you so much ????
    You are really an amazing writer
    Bye shona

  6. Chiku

    Awwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! That was ssooooo emotional ????lovely. Loved it to the core. U r amazing.
    Ego kills relationships. Y is twinkle doing this????
    Try posting soon??☺️

  7. Superb episode Purvi u made me cry yaar and the precap is also making me ? and pls make twinkle forgive kunj
    Love you ???

  8. SidMin23

    It was nice and emotional ? scene of twinj and both of the have tear in their eyes while speaking to each other and kunj cry ? I can’t see him cry ? or twinkle and for precape it seem like kunj will stay out of twinkle house and let make it rain ☔️ so that twinkle will call him inside with her. Us was perfect brother he hurt ? twinkle but he also hurt ? himself and yuhi scene were cute magi helping him to do bandage to uv. Let see how twinkle will forgive kunj or what he will do to get her forgiveness.

  9. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂
    The episode was so emotional each word Twinkle said showed her pain UV’s guilt his pain everything was just perfect
    Kunj’s pain … his Love … I could feel it why not Twinkle yaar she made my hero cry …
    Loved the song selection … both of them were perfect and touchy … both of them are there in my playlist ..
    Love you 🙂 Post soon 🙂

  10. Presha

    Hey purvi meri jaan awesome nd so emotioal update just loved it don’t make kunj suffer so m7ch plz

  11. Purnima.agrawal30

    Awesome emotional sad epi…..

  12. Baby

    Ohhh god hahahaa yaar yeh zara batayenge yeh status kia khushi mein hai I luv u too hahahahahaa…..ohk I m glad dat I was able to make my purvu laugh……hahahahahaaa…..even m laughing alot after reading dat…..bt yaar srsly I deserved a sister wala luv u haina hahahhaaa…..ohhh god n surely I ll help u my baby bas 8th se 13th tak m nt available at all m going for marriage m soo sry I forgot to tell u soo u ll help u bt pakka yeh mera vaada hai or baby jab vaada karde toh todti nhi or kisi or ko help bhi nhi kre dungi mein teri mrin hi krungi hahahahahaaa ohk kaafi mazak karlia mene…..bt now d episode srslu yr too cute too adorable too lovely n emotional episode….bt twinkle ko aisaa nhi krna chaiye tha she domt know wat she is doing she dont know wat hpnd to kunj uske piche se awww….soooo emotional n lovely episide…..even I luv emotional attyachaar bt ek hadd tak hahahaa….
    Love u purvi 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Ask help from me anytime luv u 😉 hehe……. 🙂 🙂

  13. Purvi dii emotional kar diyaa?? sach mein a fantastic updatee??kya likhte ho app……
    Post next soonn??

  14. SidMinTwiNj

    Hey cutie it’s so emotional ?????? yaar… Mera bechara Kunj usse rota dekh k muje b rona aa gaya ??????? Twinkle se bolde ki agar Kunj hurt hoga toh hum b hurt ho jayenge aur wo royega toh hum b royenge usse bolde ki humare Kunj ku ziyada hurt na kare ni toh ??? u know cutie I so love intense emotional scenes and in ur ff I get to read it so it’s one of my favorite ffs… U very beautifully portray the emotions by reading it I get real feelings and it make me to shed tears… Love you to moon and back for writing this emotional ff… I can’t see Kunj in so much pain it pierce my heart but still I don’t want Twinkle to forgive him so easily coz the long time she takes to forgive the long time I get to read intense emotional scenes… Just love you beyond this universe ????????????????????????

    All the best for your tests… Rock it and come back with a bang…

  15. Mia12

    Awwwwww meri jaaaaaan,☺☺☺☺
    M shoooo shooooo shooooo shoooiiiii 4 cmnting late,,????……,,le kan bhi pakadti hu,??? Wo kya hena mera phn meri Ammi ke pass thi mrng se but ab m happy I got my phn,,yeppiii,???? or tuje pata hai teri Jo hukum hena wo hai,,,,ff post hchuka hai read kar or cmnt kar,,??? wo mere liye famous 1 hogayi hai,?????? l love this my jaan,??,, or meri jaan muje nai pata tha ki meri jaan emotional scenery mai number 1 niklegi,,??? Yarr rone ki halat hogayi hai ab,,I just loved it,,???? but thik hai kunj ko or tadpana usne tw ki bhtttt insult kia,,??? Janti hai ur very great writer and mere liye toh meri jaan already professional writer hai,,???? As i already said teri song selection toh bilkul my fav hai always,,??? its touched my heart alwys,,☺☺☺ and muje or bhi emotional scene cahiye meri jaan degi na,,??? and thank 4 making yuhi pair coz I don like yuki as a pair,,?? ek or rqst hai jaan plzzzzzz plzzzzzz plzzzzzz plzzzzzz jaldhi yeh ff ki next part post kardena OK,, ☺☺ agar health thik lage toh,,no need to hurry my jaan,☺☺☺ Or sun……,,,,
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    My jaan,,☺☺ My chocopaii,,?? My vanilla,,??My candycrush,,?? My hot coffee,,☕☕ My love,,???
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  17. SiyappaQUEEN

    Purvi amazing mind blowing fabulous episode. I can feel each and every words of twinkle. Love it to the core….??? love you too..

  18. Aanya_pandey

    Thay was a really emotinal roller coaster.. waiting for next ones to come

  19. Ramya

    Purvi rula diya mujhe
    Awesome amazing
    It’s super
    N it’s enough yaar ab unhe Mila do
    Bohat bura lag raha hai donno ke liye
    Sry fr late
    Love u keep smiling

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