“YOU MADE ME LIVE AGAIN” …!! TwiNj FF (Episode 17)

Hello guys.. I m back .. thanks a lot for your sweet and lovely comments.. It means a lot to me ..! Thank you so much ..!

…. Yaar I am amazed … shocked … haaye meri jaan meri vanilla .. meri cold coffee … mere baare mein itni baatein karti hai …! Oye hoye … pata hai priya me khud se hi jealous horahi hun … or haan priya’s bff I mean fariha … tu mujhse jealous horahi hai …! Hawwwwwww …! Koi nahi me tujhse se teri bff nahi cheen rahi …. Lekin itna bata dun …. Priya meri bhi hai …., meri cold coffee .. meri vanilla … meri jaan ..! Samjhi na ….!

Priya tujhe 1 song dedicate kerna chahti hun .. jesy tu ne mujhe kya tha na … pata hai tera comment padh ke toh I was blushing … haayeeeee … me tere liye kitni important hun …! Omg … I can’t believe yaar ..!
Or ab tere liye wait kerna hai …. Koi nahi jab tu bilkuk free hojaye tab register hojaiyo … no problem …. Tere liye toh mein apni aakhri saans tak bhi wait karungi … jaaneman …!❤❤??
Sohi u asked ke kis ko imagine karun ,.. toh then imagine Krystle D’ Souza ..!
In case if anyone misses the previous episode, here is the link:
Episode 16

Episode 17 –
Kunj was in his room getting ready.. Sia comes from behind
S – “Hey kunj baby .., u need any help..?”
Kunj’s anger raises its peak ..
K – “How many times .. I told u not to
call me baby ..! I just hate this word ..!” (in a harsh tone)
S – “Kunj ..! Please don’t talk to me like this!”
K – “Ohh .. then u want me to talk to nicely after knowing all the truth about you?” (he said sarcastically)
S – “What are you saying.?” (confused)

K – “You very well know that what I am talking about!”
S – “Kunj please … just say simply what you wanna say!”
K – “Sia.. just stay away from me and my family else you will face the consequences.”
S – “Ohh please ..! Your mom called me here .. And I am not going away … why are u talking like this? Just say directly! Tum kya samajhte ho me yahan kyun ho??”
K – “I know your intentions. So its better that I am not saying anything!”
S – “What are my intentions? Why are behaving so rudely?”
K – “Because I know that you want me to forget Twinkle. And you are here only for this. And you will do that! Am I right Ms.Sia Maheshwari?”

S – “Kunj..! Are you mad? Why would I do this..!”
K – “Because you loves money!”
S – “Ohh please ..!”
K – “Stay away from me and my family … and let me clear one thing ..! Twinkle is My LOVE ..! She is My Life .., no matter what happens … I will never ever forget her ..! She is the one WHO MADE ME LIVE AGAIN .., who makes me understand what is LOVE .., what is LIFE …! Do you get that?”
He said and comes out of his room but stop in midwag and turned back.
K – “Tum toh kiya ..! Ab to bhagwaan bhi mere dil se TWINKLE ko nahi nikal sakta ..! Or mujhe poora yakeen hai ke me us se bohoy jald milne wala hun ….!”
He said and moved from there ..
S – “Haayee … what to do now? Ye kunj bhi na …! Twinkle mar bhi gayi hai phir bhi iske dil or dimagh se nahi nikalti ..! MISSION FAILED ..!” She stamped her feet loudly on the floor …
Screen shifts to kunj …! He was sitting in car ..
He was teary eyed ..
K – “Twinkle … please me tere bina nahi reh sakta …! I love you so much ..!”
Haan ho gayi galti mujhse main jaanta hu
Par ab bhi tujhe main apni jaan maanta hu
Ek aakhri mauka de mujhe
Aaj bhi main tujhe apni shaan manta hu..

Sirf saanse hi to baaki hai
Jab teri yaad aati hai
Yaad me teri saath ye bhi chod jaati hai

Galti to sabse hoti hai
Galti mujhse bhi ho gayi
Ab maaf bhi krde mujhe
Kyu dur itna ho gayi

Ek galti ke liye
Kyu sath chod gayi
Tu kyu muh mord gayi
Tu kyu be nishaan sa
Nishaan chod gayi tu

Haan ho gayi galti mujhse main jaanta hu
Par ab bhi tujhe main apni jaan manta hu
Jaan maanta hu..

[He cleared his tears …. All the moments he spent with Twinkle were flashing infront of his eyes]
Ek aakhri mauka de mujhe
Aaj bhi main tujhe apni shaan maanta hu
Shaan manta hu..

Socha kuch pee kar tujhe bhula dunga
Par pee kar bhi yaad aayi tu
Itni si baat par chod gayi..
Jaana hi tha to aayi kyu
Jeena mera asaan kar
Tu milke ye ehsaan kar
Yaad teri satati hai
Ab aaja baat maan kar..

Jab jab tu chali jati hai
Aisi nami chha jaati hai
Jaise gir pade ho badal mujh par
Ek aanch dil pe aa jati hai..
[Their first meet, their cute fights, twinkle’s breakdown,kunj’s breakdown , their rain dance,kunj humiliating twinkle,kunj humiliating twinkle on new year’s eve,twinkle leaving him … all were flashing infront of his eyes .. he cried again]
Jab aankhein band hoti hai
Bas tu sath hoti hai
Tere yaadon ke takiye pe
Bas raat meri soti hai, soti hai..

Tu kyu door hai yun mujhse
Tujhe chahta hu pure dil se
Sun le meri aarzoo..
Tu hi meri jaan hai
Tu hi mera jahaan hai
Tu hi hai sab kuch mera
Adhoora tere bin dil ye mera
Kyu tu samajhti nahi
Ye dil hai sirf tera..

Haan ho gayi galti mujhse main jaanta hu
Par ab bhi tujhe main apni jaan maanta hu
Ek aakhri mauka de mujhe
Aaj bhi main tujhe apni shaan manta hu..
Shaan maanta hu..
Shaan maanta hu..
Jaan maanta hu..
Jaan maanta hu…

His phone rings …
K – “Hello ..!”
Otherside it was uv ..
Uv – “Kunj where are you?”
K – “I am going to office..!”
Uv – “Some clients are coming .. so we have the meeting at 3 pm ..!”
K – “Okk ..!

Screen shifts to London ..!
A girl was shown walking on the street .., she was wearing a blue skirt and blue boots and a pink top .., she was looking beautiful … two girls comes from behind and hugged her
They were Jasmin and Priya
Jas – “Mahiiiii ..!” the girl is revealed to be Mahi ..!
M – “U both …”
P – “Haan toh ..!”
M – “I missed you yaar ..!”
J&P – “We missed you too …!”
J – “How was your shoot??”
M – “Awesome yaar …!” (She is Mahi Khanna .. The famous model of London and Priya is a Fashion Designer)
P – “Achaa let’s go home…!” ( the three lives in same house)
They reached their house ..!
M – “Heyy Twinkle ..!”

J – “Don’t call me Twinkle ..!”
M – “Array but ur real name is Twinkle na .. and I love this name so I will call you twinkle only ..!”
J – “Mahii ..!”
M – “Please na …! Dekh ur bestie is pleading ..!” (she said with a cute pout)
Twinkle’s heart melts ..!
J – “Okk ..!”
P – “I will also call you twinkle ..!”
M – “Hurrrayyy .. u r the best ..!”
J – “Achaa leave all that …! I have a show tonight …. So I have to go .. please select a dress for me ..!”
P – “Tere liye kuch bhi …! Kyun Mahi .?”
M – “Han han ofcourse ..!”

They shared a group hug .!
Screen shifts to Amritsar
There Kunj and Uv were busy in a meeting ..!
K – “So is it okay for you .? Mr.Singhania?”
Mr.S – “Yaa … it’s a great deal but I have a problem ?”
Uv – “What problem?”
Mr.S – “Actually .. My daughter lives in London. And she is the one who handles my business .. she can’t come here.”
Uv – “Array sir .. no problem.., we have a branch of our office in London .. so we will shift there… its not a big deal ..!”
Kunj glares at Uv .. uv looked at him with “please” face ..
Mr.S – “Ohh then its good ..!”
Uv – “Sir, what’s your daughter’s name?”
Mr.S – “ Priya Singhania…!”
Uv – “Ohh …!”
Mr.S – “So nice meeting you …! When are you going to shift there?”
Uv – “In the next week ..!”
Kunj looked at him …
Mr.S – “Okk .. I may take a leave..!”
He shakes hand with both of them and left from their ..!
K – “Kya zaroorat thi?”
Uv – “Yaar zaroorat thi na …!

K – “Kyun?.”
Uv – “Yaar Kunj dekh … his daughter is the most famous and sucessful fashion designer .. tu nahi janta ye kitna important tha hamare liye?.”
K – “Acha bass kar … ye hai kon priya singhania …,?”
He moved towards the table and opened his laptop and searched Priya Singhania …!
K – “Omg … Uv … see “..
Uv – “Kya hua ..!”
K – “Yaar ye dekh …. Iski har pic 2 ladkiyon ke sath hai … 1 to yeh famous model hai Mahi Khanna .., or dosri dekh mask lagayi hui hai ….!!!”
Uv – “Yaar she is so beautiful” (not in his senses)

K – “Who?” (confused+shocked)
Uv – “Array ye Mahi Khanna..!”
K – (coughs) “someone is in love ..!”
Uv – “Heyy .. its nothing like that …!”
K – “Haan I see ..!”
Uv – “Array she is Jasmin Bhasin … the famous singer …! They three are best friends… don’t you know?”
K – “Nahii yaar ..!”
Uv – “I must say teeno itni famous hain …, per ye jasmin hai na mask laga ke ki hi rakhti hai …! Kisi ne bhi aj tak is ka face nahi dekha …!”
K – “Achaaa but why …?”
Uv – “Idk ..! Wesay aj iski performance hai …! Bohot acha gati hai …!”
K – “You are wrong bro ..! Twinkle se acha koi nahi gaa sakta ..!”

Their eyes welled up
Uv – “Haan … you are right dude … no one can sing better than my princess …!”
K – (in heart) “I know uv tu bhi bohot miss kerta hai Twinkle ko … I promise twinkle ko dhoond lunga ..! She is alive … I a, sure ..!”
Screen freezes on Kunj’s confident face and Uv’s sad face ..

Precap: Kunj – “She Is Twinkle ..!” Uv – “Kunj what are you saying .. no this is not possible ..!”

Guys .. its all for today … I hope I was able to reach upto ur expectations …!
Do comment ..
Lots of Love ..!???❤❤♥♥♥

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  1. Sohi

    Hey purvi it was lovely
    Liked friends bond very much
    So are you bringing someone opposite Priya
    Last scene was emotional
    Yesss sia ka kissa khatam
    Do continue and post soon bye

  2. Episode was sweet and emotional
    Liked three friends bond
    Precap made me more excited to read next part
    Do continue

  3. SidMin23

    It was nice kunj still love twinkle and now waiting for twinj meeting again

  4. heya purvi….yrrr it was so cute episode…..
    loved their frndship scenes….
    post soon…

  5. Sidhant


  6. Purviiii meri jaan,, meri hot coffee yeh tune kya krdia yarr,?? dar mat?pata hai tuje mai jab teri pyali pyali bate read kar rai thi na tab mera muh to khule ka khula hi reh gaye ?? or uske bad kya hua blshy blshy krte krte excitmnt mai sab hot coffee khalia or mera muh jal gaya,?? but don wry ab thin hai,? and yesssss meri jaan☺ Tu mere liye kitna imptnt hai yeh tu khud bhi nai janti samjhi?… and jealous kyu hogai Teri jagah teri hai wo koi or nai lesakta samjhi?And what did u say woh chudail ne finally cmnt kardiya?well usne muje bola nai is bare mai, kitna burai kia mera us kamini ne,??? ok leave it, and Awwwwwwww meri jhalli ne mere liye song dedct kia wo bhttt hi pyalaa tha my jaan ki tarah, I love it very much,,❤❤❤ tere liye bhi hai… ( Yeh dosti ham nai tornge,tornge dam magar tera sath na chodenge,? ).. nd listen don say akhri sans tak got it,? and tu janti hai mera hobby kya hai,,bacpan se wo mera dream hai,??? but wo tune aj likh dia epi mei,,mai wo banne wala hu future mai meri jaan☺,so just pray 4 me,,,☺☺……
    And epi was just FABULOUS,,?????? Love it very much,?????kunjs angry yarr,?? and jo song tune bgrond mei dia Ha ho gai galti,, its my fav song yarr,☺☺ tera song selsction is shoooo WONDERFUL meri jaan,??? and plz make yuhi as in pairs,☺☺ Now plz post next epi soon,?? waiting,,,??
    My love,, My vanilla,, My Candy crush,, My hot coffee,, (jiske wajese mera muh jal gaya??) I LOVE YOU SHOO MUCH,,❤❤❤❤

  7. SidMin

    Loved it …..
    Sia ?????
    Mahi is so sweet and Uv is already in love with Mahi ???
    Kunj will surely find his Twinkle ….
    I am sure he will identify her voice ….
    Love you post soon ???

  8. Baby

    ohhhhh god purvi dear☺
    too good too cute too adorable
    awwww……….srsly dear luvd it soooo mch ♥
    it was too beautiful lovely amazing marvalleous speechless episode
    n by d precap it seems to be like nxt one is gonna b sooo interesting………☺
    love u lods dear☺
    post nxtt asap☺
    love u♥♥

  9. SidMinTwiNj

    Hayeee meri cutie pie the episode is amazingly amazing… Loved it… Mahi Priya and Twinkle’s bond is good… Hating that chipku sia I’m boiling in anger ?????? better keep her far away from Kunj just her chipkali… Awwww UV tho falt on Mahi… Precap Kunj recognizing Twinkle awwwww kitna pyar karta hai wo Twinkle se… Can’t wait for precap TwiNj confrontation… Cutie plzzzzzzzz post next epi soon aur haan in next I want TwiNj confrontation just can’t wait for it it’s my request…

    Love you ??

  10. Chiku

    Woaaaah!! Lovlely???loved it. Post soon???

  11. Ramya

    Awesome amazing purvi
    Sry fr short comment
    Lack of time
    Love u keep smiling

  12. Lovely episode purvi I loved it to the core I’m so excited for the next episode post soon yaar

  13. Amaya Bhardwaj

    Osm episode yrr…
    Feeling sad for kunj….Plz unite twinj soon..
    .Post next episode asap…

  14. RUTU.....

    Lovely episode dear do continue soon
    Love you so much & keep smiling always ?????

  15. Aanya_pandey

    Amazing update dear!!!

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