“YOU MADE ME LIVE AGAIN” ….! Twinj ff (Character Sketch & Promo)

Hi friends … I m back with a new story … So here is character sketch of my ff … I m very happy to knw that u guys liked my both os that were on TwiNj & ShraMan …

Kunj Sarna – Male protagonist … Hates women … Loves his Papa & Bebe alot … Heartless person .. He doesn’t have any emotions or feelings .. or in the other words .. He doesn’t wants to feel … He has only one friend .. He is like this bcoz of some dark secret ..

Twinkle Taneja – Female protagonist …. Care free ,Loving & very gorgeous girl … She is an orphan.. Jo bolti hai wo ker k dekhaati hai .. .. Loves his brother alot … She missed her parents alot …

Manohar Sarna – Renowned businessman of Amritsar … Father of Kunj … He is responsible for Kunj’s conditon .. but Kunj is unaware of that ..

Bebe – Paternal aunt of Kunj .. Manohar’s sister … Loves Kunj alot…

Yuvraj Taneja – Elder brother of Twinkle .. Loves her lill princess (Twinkle) alot … Kunj’s only friend …

I’ll be introducing some characters later in the chapters ….


Kunj was holding Twinkle’s hand … & was crying …

Kunj: “ Twinkle plss don’t leave me … Forgive me plss … I can’t live without u Twinkle … I will die … Mujhe sub kuch dey ker tu itni aasani se mujhe chod ke nhii jaa saktii …”

Twinkle: “ Kunj… I have to go ..(controlling her tears) I promised u i’ll leave u forever after proving that she was innocent .. “

Kunj: “ Twinkle jaanta hun galti hai meri .. Maaf ker day … “

Twinkle frees her hand from his clutches & starts walking towards the exit …

Kunj:(shouting & in one breath) “Twinkle …… I LOVE YOU ..!”

Saying this he fell down on his knees crying miserably …


( Guys I m so sorry for adding these lines… u guys can kill me .. but seriously I love these lines .. so I add these here … SORRY …. pardon me plsss ..??????? )

Guys … think … think … think …

Plss do comments & share your views …

And ya plss try to answer these question:
– Why Kunj is like this?
– Why he hates women?
– What is the dark secret?
– What is the role of Manohar?
– Why Twinkle was leaving Kunj?

Keep guessing and tell me through your comments …. As your comments r so precious for me … like gold ..

I’ll be writing chapter 1 soon …

Till then bye bye ….

Loads of Love … ????????????????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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  1. Purvi128

    Hey guys plss do comment na … & guess the answer of the questions .. plsss ..
    Love u all ????

  2. Chiku

    Woaaah its just lovely ????i am waiting for the episode plzz post soon
    I cannot answer ur questions i am completely clueless????
    Plz post soon. I am waiting
    Love u?

  3. Hi purvi ur with a amazing concept with full of suspenses pls continue soon

  4. Purvi128

    Thanku so much Chiku & Sushmitha …

  5. Aanya_pandey

    Aweome.. peomo seems really bery exicting.. hope u soon post d episode

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing….interesting…..eagerly waiting for first part…..

  7. SidMin23

    It was full of suspense and I think monohar made kunj hate women’s saying that kunj mother betray or leave them alone when they need. And I guess Twinkle want to prove that usha is innocent that why she is leaving kunj behind so that she can make him understand. Overal nice concept and waiting to read more further may be my guess were wrong just trying to guess the upcoming episode. Purvi

  8. Adya

    Hey Purvi..
    Well awesome promo…Nd about the question….plzz don’t say that..I suck at guessing….
    Well post the first soon…
    Loads of love …

  9. Ramya

    Wowee wt an intro I loved it
    Kitna suspense yr plss asap
    N I can’t guess any questions pata nahi ek bhi and nahi aa raha
    Loved it pls asap

  10. Hey purvi
    Fab concept…loved it to the core…plzzzz do continue and post soon…


  11. Hi purvi….kesi ho tum….i thought to asking u ki tum itne good likhti ho toh koi ff keu nai likhti or lo akher tumne meri maan ki baat jan vi liya…..congrats 4 ur new journey……………the plot is very interesting and concept is nice…..mujhe lagta ki yeh ff mera fav hone wala hay…..well plsssss post epi 1…….I m waitinggggg…..luv u lodsss..tc..byyy…..,,,,,,

  12. Purvi128

    Thank u soo much priya .. Tum ne socha or me ne start bhi kar diya ff.. I hope ki yeh ff tumhara fav ho … I have posted first episode just now … u can read that after sometime .. ??

  13. Purvi128

    I m fine what about u dear?

  14. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂 Awesome 🙂 continue soon 🙂

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