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you made my life (swalak) Intro


Hi guys…
As I said u this a story about Swara. And even some others characters are there but I’m focusing on swara. And her love, family, care, friends, and such other stuffs.. ..hopong u may enjoy this ff… Plz comment if u like.. .


Swara gadodia- a bubbly girl actually very modern. Damn bold. Loves her parents n dida. Best friend of ragini.

Laksh maheswari- a bold, daring dashing, handsome guy. Loves his mom a lot n his father is like his best friend.

Shekhar Gadodia.- father of Swasan. More caring n protective for Swara. He can do anything to keep his daughter happy.

Sumi Shekhar Gadodia – wife of Shekhar. Concern towards Swara and san

Durgaprasad maheshwari. Father of Laksh maheshwari. Loves his wife a lot.
He has 2 sons laksh(y) and sam(e). He loves them a lot n those two are his love.

Annapurna- wife of Dp. Mom of SamLak.
Very traditional n follows tradition and values.

Ragini arora- beat friend of Swara.her parents died in a plane crash. Sumi Shek take care of her.

Dida(lakshmi)- Swasans granny. Mother of Shekhar.

Sanskaar gadodia- elder son of Sumi n shekhar. He is so caring towards his family. He loves Swara a lot.

Samantha(sam)- elder daughter of Dp and Ap. Takes care of lak.

Swara’s family.. ..
All loves her a lot. If anything happens for her they can’t bear that. She is studying in London. Came back for India as it was vacation. She will be going back to London after a month. She is doing her final year MBA.
Sanskaar is looking after Shekhars business.. It is known SSR company.
Sumi is a doctor, working in some xyz company.
Shekhar is looking after is business….
Ragini stays is Swara’s house. These 2 were childhood friends. After ragini Parents died, Swara took ragini to her house at the age of 7….
Ragini is doing her final year MBA in pqr colg.. She was not willing to go for abroad for her studies soo she is studying instead India only.

Laksh family..
Dp Is business man…..ap is homemaker.
All love laksh a lot… They can’t see him in pain. They can to anything for this happiness.. Laksh is doing is final year MBA in some pqr colg. He is a very talented.. Samantha is working in her dads office. She finished her MBA previous year……

Ram Prasad and Sujatha are not in India…they are in Paris… Wil be retiring soo…
Janki and lakshamn are Sumi’s sister and Shekhars brother. They are in Venice…..
( new characters wil be added if necessary…)

  1. Looking forward for ragsan cute love story

  2. Nice
    looking forward and thanks for swalak

  3. Shiksha

    Nice one.. Seems to be interesting.. Continue…update soon..

  4. Sahana_sr_reddu

    Thanks for ur support guys… With loads of luv hope u wil enjoy

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