you made my life (swalak) Episode 7


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@morning in gm
Swa: Vicky.. Come let’s go..

(came running from her room)
Shocked to see

Dadi:..meri Bacchi..
How r u..come on

Swa: dadi. When u came n none informed me about this.
(came n hugged her. Ragini also came n took blessing.)

Dadi: sudden plan.
See Ragini n learn something

Rag: she is perfectly nice.
In fact I should learn from her

Swa: no… U be ur self I wil be myself..

Rag: no like that shona
( SwaRagini had a big argument)
Kir: ha ragu.. Shona is right.

San: ha Wt discussion is going in here.
(all gathered)
Kir: nothing…just about swaragini

Vik: wt they did.

Dadi explains wt happened just now

San: shut up u both.
Shona u be ur self. N ragu wil be herself

Swa: that’s like my bro.

Rag: both of u na.

Kir: haha.. Ragu became separate.

Shut up Kiru.. I’m he side always.

Sanvic: even we r

Kir: sorry.. Thought of seeing ur bond..

Swa: Vicky come let’s go.

Vic: where.

Swa: chacha n chachi r coming no..

San: they will be on their way.

Swa: but.. Flight should be

(just then 2 people’s entered.)

Jan: I was confused with time

Laks:(ha not lucky but lakshamn…
So changing character name..subhash)
I remembered her..

Swa: sorry chachi n chachu

Jan: y r u calling me chachi.

Sub: see even she is calling me chachu.

San: Shona..

Dadi: see u all are spoiling her.

Shek: no ma

Swa: stop discussing.. Sorry Janu n ashu

Jan: that’s like my daughter
( swara hugged them both.. All others took blessing. Sumi Shek hugged them.. Jansub took blessing of dadi..)

Lucky got up.. He was just remembering the incident.

Lak: hey..i want to say something

Girl: ha lucky. Say na

Lak: not here.. Come with me.

(they both left n entered a park beautifully decorated.)
Girl: y here lucky.
(went to middle of decoration.)

Lak: ha..vo.. (he took a rose)
I love u… I love u a lot..eil u be my better half.

Girl in a shocked state.

Lak: please..wil u accept me

Gir: tight slap on luckys face.
I can’t accept u.. I thought v t friends..

Lak: but y.. Holding his cheek

Girl: I love someother.. N I can’t accept u..
N sorry if I did some mistake by being friendly with u..

Lak: please.

Girl goes from there. Lucky is crying very badly.. He throws all the decorations items..

Fb ends.

Lucky is crying.
Sam: lucky u won’t respect me.

Lak: wipes his tears.. Didi.. But my first.

Sam: I can understand.. Please lucky. Don’t be like this.. Seeing ur condition mom n dad r also..
(some sentimental scene.. Crying.. Hugging.. Consoling..)
Lak: didi.. Make them understand na

Sam: no u should understand


Sam: come get up.. I wil take u to a place..

Lak: for where.

Sam: I wil say. First get ready. N come down I wil be waiting.
(where wil she take him.. Any guess.. Even I don’t know….lets see where she will take him. Hope he will enjoy. By the way who is that girl….)

A Pandit come to their house.. N said that tmro wil be engagement..n after 3 days marriage
(so fast….with great enjoyment… All those stuff.. Great.. Sometimes I live marriages but sometimes I won’t..)
Ragini is blushing.. N sanky is staring her.
Swa: bro.. Don’t look like this.. Ur eyes wil come out.

Dadi: Shona.. Wt rubbish talks.

Swara keeps her hand on ears with puppy face: sorry dadi.

San: she is just praising me Don tworry nothing will happen like this..

Sumi: but tmro… Can we do all preparations

Kir:when Kiru is here no fear.. I wil do everything

Vic: thick again n promise.

Kir: if I give promise.. I won’t take it back.. (changed a movie dialogue a bit….)

Swa: Kiru.. Filmy dialogue ha..…

Kir: Shona..u know j like this dialogue.. Then too

Vic: u know each other very well.. So u will be a perfect couple..

San: she will get a best person.

Vic: I guess that is Kiru..

Kir: bro.. Stop this.

Swa: we both r friends nothing more than that.

Sumi: Who knows.. U may…

Shek: if it is like that.. Inform us OK.. We have no objections

Swa: shut up all of u..
(a bit irritated…but smiles…who wil smile when they r irritated.. Do u think??some members wil do)

Rag: Shona.. U should inform me first.. Even if it is any other guy.

Swa: y should I… U didn’t inform me about ur feeling..

Ragini mouth plastered with this… OMG.. She tried to pull Swara’s leg.. But it..haha
(dont feel bad about this.. I just said it normally happens in everyone’s life.. Especially with  friends. )

San: Shona.. We both also wil get a chance to tease u…

Vic: OMG.. Sanky without ragu.. N us.. In fact he is not there for Swara.

Kir: I’m with swara.

Rag: haha.. V wil tease u both means.. U wil be her sister only na..

Swa: ragu.. Stop na yar.
Kiru I promised that u wil do all works..

Kir: means?? Only me ??

Swa: in fact yes… U wil only do every arrangements

(2 members entry.)

Girl: don’t worry Kiru… V wil help u..

Boy: haha.. V wil be with u.. We will manage everything

San: u both here.. Finally got time to come here..

Kir: no need… I wil take others help.. Not urs.

Swa: fine I wil help Kiru.. By the way who invited u 2 to our house.

Rag: arrey… Naina..karan come inside.

San: Ya come in

Swa: I said they r not allowed..

Nai: please maff Karo yar

Kar: please Shona.. O please Kiru

Swa:(a ? look)
We came to OK meet u.. U idiots..u didn’t call nor talked with us.. Went in Jolly ride..

Kiru: v r hurt.

Nai: I don’t care u..(to Kiru)

Kir: wt?? So mean..

Kar: swara kids chamchi.

Nai: Karan let’s go… I guess she don’t want to eat.

San:wt she don’t want to OK eat..

Rag: I know… I know.

Nai: how u came to know…

Rag: when she is angry I wil do the same.

Kar: our plan worked..

Vic: Wt u brought

Nai: shona…
Come bro we all will eat..

(she went to kitchen n brought some plates)

San: wow yummy.. (starts eating.)

Rag: pani puri… Yummy… Superb..i guess u bgt from Shonas favourite shop..

Kar: ha ragu… Naina said me that she likes there.

Swa: she runs there n took plate started eating.
In fact stuffing more at once..

Nai: so someone said that v should not come.. But they r only eating our stuff

Kir: hare Buddhu..

Kar: u r Buddhu.. See she forgave u..

Kir: u forgot I guess… Wait for sometime..

Sanragvicnaikar: for what..

Kir: I said na..

Swara ate completely n went to kitchen n came with something.. (hiding)

Kir: here goes a drama….

Swara starts beating naina n kanan with what.. (Broomstick)
Kir: enjoy… Enjoy…

Nai: oh no… How can I forget this.

Kar: Wt u forgot.

Both r running from swara..

Swa: u naina… U brought this to convince me

Kir: naina how can u forget..
When she is angry. If anyone brings pani puri leaving ragu… She will show them hell.. So enjoy it punishment..

Nai: (running)
U should have said me na.. I forgot.

Swa: OMG.. (N she caught naina n holiday nainas ears.)

Nai: sorry.. Sorry.. Sorry.. Plz..

Karna joins.: sorry shona.. Forgive us..

Swara hugged them both.
Swa: in both na..

Kir: so mean swara…if u do this u wil beat me left n right..

Swa: sorry.. (holds her ears)

Kir:accha maaf kardiya..

Swa: u na..
All 4 hugged each other..
Even ragsanvic joined them..

Dadi: photo tho bantha hena
Clicks photos of their group hugging..
All poses for photos holding each other.

Sumi: till day… I was not able to see all these fun… Now I can see

Swa: ha sumi…sirf  3 weeks keliye

Dadi: means.

Kir: we all r going back.

Nai: v have exams.. After finishing we will come back.. N….

Swa: stop… Don’t say now only.

Rag: what is that..

Swa: a surprise..

San: u know I hate surprise..

(surprise what is that?  Any idea…
Who is that girl…..wil Swakir end as couples
.or who will match with Kiru n Swara..
Ragsan engagement is waiting for u… Let them do arrangements…lets they take rest.. How much time can they act

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