you made my life (swalak) Episode 6


Hey… I’m updating soon..i got time so I thought to write..

Starting my episode 6..sorry for my spelling mistake in previous episodes..hope u wil enjoy this one.
Sorry guys I’m changing Sam’s character
It is played by devyani from shastri sisters

Swa: I also didnt forget you..

Voice: at least say me name..

Swa: haha Vicky…

Vi: finally
( vikas told is played by Neil from shastri sister)
Swa: Vicky when u came.

Vi: just 5 minutes before..

Swa: why didnt u inform before coming.

Vi: surprise yar..

Swa: funny..

San: Vicky where is chacha n chachi.

Vi: they r coming tmro morning.

Rag: so finally get to gather.

Vi: ha rags..its all because of u both.

San: means

Swa: ur marriage na so..

Rag: so finally I will meet chachi after so
many days.

Kir: Shona.
Who is he.

Swa: kiru..he is vicky vikas my chachi son.. I sad na they r in Venice

Kir: nice to meet u bro.. Myself kiran u can call me kir or Kiru.

Vi:so u r the one who is best friend of swara

Kir: for my bad luck.

Vi: hey she is so nice…

Kir: I know..she has many friend almost entire class

Swa: Ya..because k like to mingle with others.

San: so I love her a lot.. She is my little sissy.

Ragini goes inside.
All chat in living room n talks about their personal life’s also.

Vi: so wt kind if girl u want to marry.

Kir: she should love everyone. She should take care of my family. She should be modern. I don’t care whether she believes in God…she should support me. She she feel that I’m her friend. …..and

Vi: nough…cant u say just like shona.

Kir: wt??

Vi: what qualities u said all r on shona.

Kir: I don’t know..

Vi: fine leave that.

Kiran to himself.. Wt i said all the qualities of ra.. How is that possible.. May be she is my best I’m used to see all her qualities

Sumi: kiran.. Vicky… Sanky.. Shona..ragu…come have ur dinner

Kir: no aunty.. Mom n dad will be waiting I wil leave.

Swa: no.. I called aunt.  N took permission u r staying over

Kir: when did u call

Swa: long back.

Kir: y didnt u inform

Swa: simply..
Now u have dinner n go sleep with Vicky bhai.

( Vicky is 1 month younger to Sanky)
Shek: all come n have ur dinner.

All are having dinner.
Ragsan are looking at each other.
Swa- Sanky. After 1 week u wil be engaged to her to eat…dont be looking at her.

San: Wt after 1 week.

Vi: I guess after 2 weeks.

San: no need.. 2 week is only more.

All laughs.
Again Sanky starts looking at Ragini.. Kiran n swara notices this.
Swara shows her finger to kiran..he understands that. N shoes thumbs up..

Swa:sanky pass that bowl

Sanky should was lost in ragini take some bowl m passes it..

Swa: not this the next bowl..

Sanky keeps his hand inside that bowl..

San: ouch…. Haa… Ha..its burning..

Swa: haha.

Kir: nice ideas ra.

Vi: so only I said no look at rags.

San: u three j wil not leave u

Rag: shut up… First wash ur hands in cold water. N then I wil apply ointment

Shek: Sanky u r so lucky… U got such caring wife.
Ragsan blushes.

Sumi: Wt do u mean Shekhar..

Shek: nothing.

Swa: MA papa said that u won’t care him like ragini. He is insulting u..

Sumi: Shek this is not fair.. I care u lot but then to.

Shek: Shoan.. Wt u did.. See now.

Sumi: Shek I know im a good wife n a good mother.

Swa: MA don’t cry..

Sumi:shona….(holds her ears)

Kir: Shona. Pakdi gayi.

Vi: Shona ur plan failed

Swa: MA its paining.

San: MA leave her.. U can’t hold her like this.

Sumi: fine I wil hold u… U r only spoiling her.

Shek: Noo… Don’t say that.. She is my love.

Swa: MA please leave me

Rag: ha maa please leave her.

San: mom I said leave her

Sumi: OK I’m leaving her.

Swa: thanks bro..thanks bhabhi.

Rag: Shona.. Call me ragu or rags or ladoo.. But not bhabhi.

Kiru: y so… U r would to be bhabhi na

Rag: but j don’t Want her to give respect that to like this..even though I’m becoming her bhabhi…. I would like to be her friend only..

Swa: fine I wil call u ladoo.
All finished dinner.. N wished Gn for everyone n left to their room.


Dp: did lucky come back.

Sam: no dad. I dont know

Lucky enters house.

Dp: lucky what happened y r u so sad.

Sam: lucky come here.

He goes n hugs Dp.. N he cries loudly..

Sam: Wt happened lucky.

Lak: sam…vo…. Vo..

Dp: vo vo kya.

Lak: she rejected me

Sam: wt when

Lak: controls his tears.
Today I propsed her. But she rejected me..

Ap: don’t cry.. She is not lucky to get my lucky..

Lak: MA I loved her a lot but she..

Dp: y did she reject you.

Lak: she loves someone else

Sam: it’s OK lucky… Forget her.. N move on

Lak: but didi..u know..

Sam: no more discussion.. I said to forget her n move on in ur life.

Lak: I wil try.

He leaves from there without having his dinner.
Sam: who’s dare she reject lucky.

Dp: but she loves someone else

Sam: but dad…

Dp: try to imagine u in her place.. Wt wil u do.
U wil also OK reject na.

Sam: but lucky is damn good na

Ap:may be that guy is more n damn good than lucky.

Sam: may be u r right. I wil take to lucky… I wil make him to forget her..

Dp: I hope the same..

Ap:….sme here.

Dp: I wil search a guy for u.. Even u should married.

Sam: so u r willing to send me as fast as possible.

Ap: not like that.

Sam: MA listen

Dp: now u listen I said u wil be married.


Dp: no buts..

All had their dinner. Ap went to Lucky’s room n saw him already slept..
She cares his hairs n kisses his forehead n leaves form there.

Next episode… Lemme think

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