you made my life (swalak) Episode 5


Sorry really sorry…… For such a late update…. N sorry for my grammatical mistakes….
Actually lakshimi(dida) is Sumi’s mother not Shekhars..
Kirans role wil be played my arjith taneja(kumkumbhagya)
Samantha’s role wil be played but Uttara only(i just changed name n relationship)
Nainas role wil be played by ankitta sharma(swabhiman)
Karans role wil be played by samridhi bawa(swabhiman)

Here I start my episode 5…..
…next day.
Shek comes home..
Shek: I’m so happy… This is the happiest moment in my life..
Sumi: Shekhar… Wt happened inform me also Noo..
Swaragsan comes down.
San: papa.. Don’t do this.. U can’t cheat mom…
Sumi: shut up Sanky.
San: wt did I do.. I was saying right only..
Swa: first listen bro.
San: OK sissy..
By the way whose marriage..
Shek: it’s urs n Ragini’s..
(both were happy)
Sumi: really… I’m so happy…
Swa: with whom
San: hare peddhu.. Mine n Ragini’s only..
Shek: he is right..
San urs is with Sam. N rags is with lak..
(ragsan look at each other)
San: papa….
Shek: I know u wil accept my proposal… I’m so happy..
Swa: dad first listen to him.
Shek: no I won’t… I want him to be married with Sam only..
He goes to in his room..sumi also follows him

Swa: so only I said.
San: so u were knowing this b4
Swa: Ya… Yesterday dad called n informed me about this.
Rag: Wt should v do.. We can’t disappoint papa
Swa: wil u marry lucky leaving my bro.
Rag: I will leave my life in that case.
San keeps his hand on her lips.
San: don’t ever dare to say this.
Swa: wait I have a plan

She says something… (muted)

San: no shona.. U can’t do this.
Swa: nothing will happen. It’s for u only.
Rag: no need.. V wil solve this.. N don’t do this.
Swa:even if u agree or disagree I’m doing this at any cost. I wil face dad
San: shona…
Swa: meri kasam.  U won’t say this to anyone.. If u say see then Wt I wil do
Ragsan look at each other..
:::fine do what ever u want… But think about this again.
Swa: from ydy I’m thinking about this only.
Rag: means.
Swa: Kiru… Gave this idea..
San: wait let him come.. See Wt I wil do
Swa: Sanky…. See.. U r not doing anything OK.
San: as u say my lord.
Swara beats him. N she hugs him.
Ragini had tears in her eyes..
Swara calls her n trio hugged each other..

Dp: I have a good news for all come here fast.
Lak: wt wt happened
Dp: everyone come her
All gathered near dining table..
Ap: all came… Atleast say now..
Lak: ha dad..
Dp: my son n daughter are getting married in same family. I’m so happy for them
Laksh is damn shocked.
Ap: it’s a good news.
Who r those 2. N which family
Dp: it’s Shekhars..
Lak: papa..wt does it mean
Sam: ha dad
Dp: Sam u r getting married to Sanskaar…
N lucky u r getting married to ur friend ragini.
Lak: wt ragini… How come.
Dp: what’s there in that..
Lak: but dad.. I won’t like no no I won’t love ragini.
Dp:.but beta.. U can love her form now.
Lak: no dad. I can’t. I’m in love with someone
All r shocked.
Ap:mu son broke his promise. He didn’t say to me
Lak: sorry mom.
I tgt to inform u later. After she accepts my proposal
Dp: so I didnt propose her till now.
Sam: by the way who is that lucky girl ha.
Lak: I wil tell u when the time comes. N no more discussion n I’m not marrying ragini at any cost.. Dad male sure that u cancel this.
Dp: but lucky..wt abt ur sister.
Lak: if she wants to marry Sanky then convince him to do that.
Sam: dad. I want to talk to him first. N then I wil say my opinion OK.
Dp: as u wish my darling.
Ap: hope everything will be fine.

Swara goes to Shek room. He was sitting on bed looking at some files. He sees Swar standing near door.
Swa: dad…..
Shek:ha my doll.. Come in.
She goes inside.
Shek: y my princess is looking dull.
Swa: dad actually. I want to talk with u..can I
Shek: ha my doll..when ever u want.
Swa: dad… I don’t want ragini n Sanky marry lucky n sam
Shek was shocked hearing this. He was numb
Swa: dad.  Actually I want to say a secret..
Shek comes to reality
Shek: but y.. They r good. Raglak r same colg.. N every Sam wil be good pair for Sanky.
Swa: but dad… U know..
She takes a deep breath and utters..
I thought of marrying ragini to bro..
Shek:..wt… Wt r u talking..
Swa: ha dad.. Sanky also likes ragini n even ragsan likes him please cancel this marriage.
Shek: but shona..y didn’t they say that b4
Swa: they were afraid. So I thought of saying this to u.
Shek: OK I wil do something where are those 2
Swa: I wil call them later. N u should this marriage . U love me na so u cancel this
Shek: as u say my lord.
Swa: dad..
They both hug each other
She calls ragsan who were standing near door. N they come inside.
Shek: u both.. How u do this.
Rag: sorry baba but..
Shek: no buts OK..
San: sorry I don’t inform u about my feelings towards rag
Shek:its k.. But shona informed me at right time.
Swa: after all I’m ur daughter.
San: n my sweet sissy..
They all hug Eo.. N granny n Sumi enter room. As they heard everything..
Sumi: j all forgot abt us… How can u do this ha..
Dida: uffff.. U both.
She holds swasan ears.
Swa: dida it’s paining leave me.
San: ha dida ita paining leave my sissy n me also.
Rag Shek laughs..
Sumi comes n holds rag ears.
Rag: MA…
Sumi n dida leaves their ears..  N how each other n swara takes a selfie…

Next day.
Phone cono
Shek: sorry Dp..
Dp: even I’m sorry…lucky rejected this marriage proposal
Shek: n ragini also..
Dp: wT about sanky
(I wil write Shek as sk)
Sk: n sorry once again. He loves Ragini n we thought of marrying her to him.
Dp: oh no… I wil talk to Sam about this.
Sk: once again sorry..
But first v should have discussed about marriage with our families.
Dp: I agree.. N Sam said that she want to talk to him b4 taking decision…
Sk: so go n Talk to her.
Dp: she won’t feel bad.. As even she don’t accept..
Sk: I have work.. Wil meet sometime.
Dp: fine..

Call cuts

Both meet in park as swara said him to meet him in park.
Kir: Wt happened.. Y u called so early.
Swa: our plan worked..
Kir: that means u talk with uncle.
Swa: ha baba.. N helpful accepted to marry Sanky to rags
Kir: that’s like my shona. Want to celebrate
Swa: I wil call Ragsan also.
She called Sanky.
San: ha sissy WY happened
Swa: bro.. Kiru wants a treat…means he want to celebrate this.
San: u said everything to him.
Swa: u know na.. I can’t keep any secrets that to hiding form him
San: fine I wil talk to rag n I wil come with her
Swa: some fast. V wil be waiting in park
San: fine.
Cuts call..
Swa: Kiru.. They r coming.
Kir: cool na.. I’m waiting to tease dem
Swa: again started

Dp goes to Sam n talks about marriage.
She listens to dp n says no problem. That she can understand…
Lak joins them.
Sam: Bro…when r u proposing her.
Lak: not sure.but pakka I wil propose her.
Dp: I wil be waiting for her.
Lak: but dad.. She is not traditional…she is completely modern… N I guess mom won’t accept her.
Ap: don’t worry lucky… I wil accept her as my bahu
Lak turns back n sees Ap standing there. He hugs her.
Lak: thanks mom
Dp: u should be thankful to us also.
Lak: I know.
All went downstairs n had their bf

San: rag come let’s go.
Rag: for where.
San: kiran wants to party.
Rag: for what.
San: for ur marriage news.
Rag: Who said to kiran about this.
San:i guess u forgot my sissy….who can’t..
Rag: who can’t hide anything from him.
San: haha… Shall v leave.
Rag: sure..
They informed Sumi n left(of course they got ready)

Ragsan came there. N saw Swara keeping her he’d on Kirans shoulder.
San:i think u r thinking the same.
Rag: Ya… They
San: I don’t know whether.. V r thinking right or wrong.
Swara sees them n came towards them.
Swa:finally u both.
Kir: come let’s so
Swa: for which place
Kir: u favourite spot.
San: how u know that.
Rag: hare Buddhu…
San: I know.. Shall v leave.
Swa: I wil drive car.
Kir: please God save me…i don’t want this to be my last ride.
Swara beats him.
Swa: shut up.. Come now.
San: Shona.. Please no racing OK.
Swara a bit upset: fine I won’t.
Rag: shall v leave.
All sat in car n Swara drove car towards a pani puri stall.
All njoyed pani puri n left from theren headed toward GM….. To Swara’s surprise..when she went inside she found 2 hands closing her eyes
Voice: guess who’s this.
Swa:i dint remember ur voice.. May I know ur name.
Voice: shona.. U forgot bad ha..
Swa: n u also forgot me..
Voice: no I didnt..

Who is that voice.. Whom does lucky love( I guess u r wrong)… What ragsan thought of Swakir…. Y Swara’s want to share everything with kiru….new entry… Hope u bare my bukbuk….
N I really feel sad for updating lately….sorry… Sorry… I’m really sorry..,

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