you made my life (swalak) Episode 4


Here I start my episode 4…
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Ragsan returns home… Swara was going out to meet her friends nairan..
Ragini enters house..
Swa: u don’t come in. Stay there only. Don’t u dare to step inside
Rag: wt happened shona.
Swa:u r a big liar. I hate u. Get out of my house.
Rag: gets tears… Wt did I do shona. Please don’t say like this.
Swa: no… I believed u a lot.  But u did such a worst thing. Get out of my way.
Just then Sanky enters n sees ragini crying
San: Wt happened y r u crying ragu.
Swa: let she cry. Y r u caring for this girl
San: shona… She is ur friend
Swa: she is not my friend from now
Rag: wt do u mean. I’m not ur friend.  Wt did I do shona
San: let me also know wts ur problem
Swa: laughs aloud……
U Buddhus…….. Ragini is not my friend from today.

Swa: my hone wala bhabhi…
Rag: u idiot. I was really afraid…see I cried because of ur drama.
San:.shona…  ..dramebazz..
Swa: sorry..   Please forgive me…
Ragini n Swara hug each other …
Rag: who said u that I accepted sankys proposal
Swa: no one..
San: even I didn’t inform u abt this. .then..
Swa:.i heard everything. ..
Rag: how come.  Only v to were in that place..
Swa: Ya…. But sorry don’t scold me after listening 2 Wt I say
San: bolooo…
Swa: goes to her room n brings something
Rag:wts this..
San: Shona..  Where did u get this..
Swa:from this only I heard everything …
Rag:Wt …how..
Swa: oo… I made arrangements na… So I thought to do this.
San: so mean shona… It’s personal. How can u do this
Rag: that means u heard everything.
Swa: ha baba… Only until u accept sankys proposal.
San: later on
Swa: I didnt hear anything…pakka I swear.
Rag:thank God u didn’t hear anything…
Swa: so something happened
Say me naa

Rag blushes n her cheeks becomes red.. N runs towards her room.
Sanky also goes to his room.
Swa: OK fine… U both be blushing…
Im going to meet naina…later I wil talk to everyone…
She goes near her bike n sees tyre puncher.
Swa: to herself..
Oh God.. Wt to do now… Chi.. So bad.. I want to meet naina urgently…
Fine let me catch a auto…
She walk for some distance n while walking so bike stopped near her.
Guy: if u don’t mind can I drop u. (wearing helmet)
Swa: get out of my way.or else see..
Guy: so mean ra…
Swa: who said u to call me as ra.
Guy: so u forget me.
Swa: remembers… Oh u idiot..
Guy: takes his helmet… Thank God..i thought u forgot me in 3 days.
Swa: no kiran…how can I forget u…
Kir: raa… Where r u going
Swa: to meet naina.
Kir: even I’m going to meet her..
Swa: great. Come let’s go.

(naina… Swara…kiran all studied in same college in London n all r classmates…)

On the way Swara sees pani puri stall n says kiran to stop.
Kir: bukkad
Swa: wt to do… U know na..
Kir: ha.. That u love pani puri..jalebi(jileebi)…mangos.
Swa: u know about me…
Kir: I’m studying with u I know everything abt u.
Swa: chalo let’s have.
They went and started eating..
Swa: let’s keep a race.
Kir: Noo.. I wil loose so I won’t.
Voice: shall v da.
Swa: who r u.. N sees his face
He is revealed to be lucky.
Swa: I have no prob
Lak: come let’s start
Kir: noooo… It will become late.. U keep rave some other day.
Swa: Ya. I forgot.
Lak: Wt happened Swara.
Kir: shona…by the way who is he..
Swa: sorry
Kiru he is lucky laksh.  N lucky he is Kiru kiran..
Kir: hi laksh.
Lak: hi Kiru.. N don’t call me laksh.. Call me lucky.
Kir: yy
Swa: he hates that… See such a nice name. He said its not good.
Kir: Ya.. It’s actually a good name..
Lak: Noo..
Swa: OK lucky.. Time to go.. Shall meey next time.
Lak: OK byee
Swakir: Byee.. Lucky

Swakir went to nainas house but it’s was locked.. She called naina but she don’t she called Karan but in vain.. Switch off…

Swa: wts wrong with this both.
Kir: may be busy.
Swa: OK fine…fully romantic…shll v leave.
Kir: as u say my lord.
Swa: Kiru…
Kir: ra….
They both were returning to Swara’s house.

Ragini was cleaning house. By mistake she threw dirty water on a guy.
Rag: sorry… Don’t see u
Guy: no problem Rag
Rag: OMG.. All of sudden u came here.
Guy: of course to meet my friend classmate
Rag: come inside..
Guy: I want clothes
Rag: lucky go n wear sankys clothes.
(yes the guy is lucky… Raglak r class mates)
Lak: where shall I change.
Rag: go to Swara’s room.
Lak: fine. I wil. First give me his clothes
Ragini bring clothes to lucky..
Lucky went for Swara’s room.
At the same time Swara reaches home.. N was very tired so…she ran to her room.
By the time she enters room. Lucky changed his clothes.(don’t be disappointed)
Swara’s see him from back n goes near him n hugs him tightly… Lucky is dam shocked.
He didn’t utter a single word
Swa: bhai. I’m so happy for u… At last u got ur love..
(she thinks he is Sanky as he was wearing his clothes)
Lak: shona.
Swa was shocked hearing his voice. N sees lucky there.
Swa: sorry… Oo….voo…
Lak: leave that.. I can understand… But don’t say this to Ragini,  she will feel bad
Swa: OK I won’t say.
But Wt r u doing here.
Lak: explains whole incident.
Swa: chalo…kiru wil be waiting.
Lak: oh he also came ha..
Swa: Ya..
They both come down. Ragini was taking with kiran.
Swa: became friends so fast.
Kir: Ya.. She is so nice…
Swa: wt….ha.. Wt..
Kir: shut up…. But she can’t beat u in anything.
Lak: will u say this.
Kir: as shona is very talkative…bukkad..racer.. Rockstar.. Etc… No one can be like her.
Lak: I wont accept… Rag is also same.
Ragini n swara sees each other face. But then Sanky enters.
San: no one can defeat my Shona
Kir: I accept it.
Lak: I don’t.
Swa: now u all stop this.
San: y Shona.
Kir: let’s keep a competition
Lak: I do agree.
San: even i agree.
Swarag: we wont… Can u all stop this.
San: shona.. But…
Lak: rag..
Kir: y Wt happened.
Swa: nothing..we both r not equal in everything…there is lot of difference BTW us..
Rag: I do agree for wt swara said.
San: ok competition
Kir: bro….
Swa: that’s like my bro
Luv u a lot.
San: luv u
Lak: again started bro sis centi
San: even u have a sister right… Then

Swara gets a call….. From her dad n he says the whole marriage proposal
Swa: but dad.. I want to say something
Shek: I’m so happy… Talk to you later.
Swa: but dad….
Call ends.

Swara become upset. Kiran sees that
Kir: in low voice
Wt happened ra.
Swa: pulls him to her room
Kir: now say wt happened
Swa: explains all abt ragsan… N raglak n swasan.
Kir: don’t worry.
Swa: but dad is so happy.
Kir: say whether lucky loves Ragini.
Swa: IDK.. How will I know..
Kir: he is ur friend right
Swa: no… I talked with him for 2 time.. Like video call when I was London..i know only this much abt him.
Kir: let me think.
After a while..
Got an idea..
Swa: wt..
Kiru whispers in he ears.
Swa: noooo..i cant do this..
Kir: for ragsan u should do this
Swa: but..
Kiran tries his best to convince her..
Kir: just acting.. V want his opinion..
Swa: OK I wil do this.
Kir: that like my ra.
Both hug each other. N does Hifi.
Kir: from tmro our plan starts.
Swa: Ya..
They both went down
San: what were u doing
Swa: nothing. Just chatting
San: thats all right.
Swa: bhai.
Kir: no bahi she is lying…. She did so many things
Rag: means…
Kir: I can explain
Swa: Kiru….
San: them I should inform mom n dad
Lak: I didn’t understand
Rag: u won’t understand leave.
Swa: then I wil say urs n….
San: Noo.. Not now.
Swa: no bhai.. U shld inform as early as possible. Or else u wil fav problem

Wt happens next…
No idea… Let see..

Thanks for ur support…. N all readers… Please give comments if u like my episode…. Plz…. Plz…

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