you made my life (swalak) Episode 3


Sorry guys for my late update… Hope  enjoy my ff…

Here I start my episode 3…
Nai: guys.. Everyone should dance
Everyone: Wt…
Nai: sorry… Every contestants should dance. N later I wil announce winners.
Everyone: pairs…
Nai: wait…. I wil tie these scarfs to everyone. Whom they meet first they both wil become pairs..
(i wil be writing everyone as eo)
Eo: nice.
Naina ties scarfs to everyone… All became pairs…
At last nairan along swalak became pairs..
All r dancing without opening their scarfs.. Eo r enjoying a lot.
Lak holds Swara’s waist n lifts her. Same with nairan. Lak touches Swara’s forehead. Cheeks nose eyes n finally lips.
Lak realised its swara.(don’t know how)
Lak: I know who u r.
Swa: Wt..
Lak: u r miss swara Gadodia.
Swa: so u r Mr. Laksh maheshwari right.
Lak: not bad. Good guess ha…
They both t dancing very nicely..

Kar: see I only became ur partner.
Nai: oh no… Again.
Kar: see how much I love u
Nai: fine baba..

All pairs dances according to comes to an end.
Nai: all enjoyed right.
Eo: Ya….
Nai: OK. It’s time to announce results.
But.. There r to winners this time.
Eo: wow….
Nai: Ya…. Here I announce..
Runner up is.. Anu.. Give a big round of applause to her.
She comes on to stage n gets her trophy along with cash.
Nai: here r out winners… Any guess…
None other that.. Swalak.
(no one understood the name)
Nai: u don’t come to know right…
None other than swara n laksh..
Everyone r happy..
They both congratulated each other n went on to stage. They collected their prizes.

Program gets over. All left leaving swalak n nairan.
Nai:i want treat.
Kar: even me swara.
Swa: OK fine.. I wil. Come let’s go.
Swara sees laksh.
Swa: laksh. U can also join us.
Nai: Ya… Come on..lets have fun.
Lak: don’t call me laksh… Call me lucky.. OK..
Nairanswa: OK baba.. Come now.
Lak: OK I’m coming..

All leaves from there they go to some pub…
All r dancing so fab…..nairan r in their own world.
Lak: r they lover’s.
Swa: Yaa…
Lak: how u know.
Swa: they only said me.. In fact I only joined them.
Lak: wt do u mean.
Swa: Ya…im my colg days. I came to know naina is in love with someone.. But that guys was in love with someone.
Lak: interesting..comtinue..
Swa: at that time I was not knowing. Who is he.
Later on. Karan n that girl pavna broke out. N Karan realised his love for naina. But was hesitating to say her. So I gave him a idea to propose her in his style frankly.
Later he proposed her.. Finally they got reach others love..

Lak: so. Nice….wt kind of guy do u need.
Swa: no Much idea.
Lak: say no..
Swa: OK. Fine.
He should be a rockstar. He should love racing, Chinese food, love his family,lobe my family, should love me, should be a support of mine. Etccccc.
Lak: so many qualities. Difficult to find a guy like that.
Swa: I know. But my ragini n Sanky will search a guy for me.
Lak: how is ur friend n Sanky.
Swa: of course good… OK tell me now Wt kind of girl u need.
Lak: OK listen.
She should love to dance. Read. Race. Foodie. Loves me n my family. Helping nature. N if course rock star.
Swa: OMG… Many qualities are same…
Lak: OK correct..
Swa: time to leave. Meet u next time.
Lak: k Byee.
Swa: Byee..

All left from there saying byr to each other.

San: ragini. Can u come out with me.
Rag: u r calling me…
San: Ya… I want to say something
Rag: OK. I wil be back in 10 mins.
They both left n reached a place… That is sankys farm house.
Rag: y v came here.
San: wait I wil say u come inside.
They both went inside. It was completely decorated with red n white balloons.
N there was a table in middle of that place.
Ragsan went there.
Ragini sees a cake on which it is written for my life.
Rag: for whom is this.
San: for u.
Rag: wt
San: he sits on his knee.. N says.
I love u ragini. Will u be rest of my life.  Wil u take care of me n my family.  Me n my Shoan. I really love u…
Ragini gets tears in her eyes.
San: reply me..
Rag: in teary eyes… Yes I do..
Sanky hugs her.. N makes her cut cake.. N they spend some romantic time with each other.
San: I didnt think that u wil accept my proposal.
Rag: I was waiting for this. How can I say no..
San: Wt do u mean.
Rag: I didn’t say to u about my feelings.
San: Wt feelings.
Rag: when I saw ur care for Swara n ur family I fell for u. But didn’t say this to anyone not even for Swara.
San: OMG.. U could have said me na.
Rag: I thought if I say my feeling. By chance
If u reject me.
San: oh Buddhu.. I would have rejected u.. But now I also fell for u.
Rag: thank God. At least u said me that u love me.
San: hmm
Rag: Wt about ma n baba.. Wil shona accept me as her bhabhi.
San: Ya shona will accept. In fact she will convince MA n baba.
Rag: how I know.
San: she only made me realise that i love u.  N she only gave me idea how to propose u
Rag: OMG.. Shona kids Bacchi..but how she came to know about ur feeling..
San,: I wil say later. N pulls her near.. N they hug each other.
They kissed each other for a long time.

Swara reaches her home. She searched entire house. But no one were there.
Swara realised that Sanky said that be willing propose ragini today. She feels happy n prays that Ragini should accept for this marriage….she goes to her room n sleeps like a small baby holding her teddy.

Shekhar gets a call from dp
Shek: ha Dp. Bolo..
Dp: I want to take to u..personal
Shek: about me busy hu…basd me call karoongi.
Dp: OK… Boolna mat.
Shek: OK
Call cuts..
After sometime Dp came to Shekhars office.
He was waiting for Shekhar in his cabin. Shekhar comes inside n sees Dp there n hugs him
Dp: namaste.
Shek: namaste.
Dp: I want to talk to u.
Shek: y r u in a hurry.
Dp: simply.nit to loose this opportunity.
Shek: wt opportunity.
Dp: I want to take ur friendship, business to next step.
Shek: samji nahi
Dp: I want Samantha to be married to Sanskaar n ragini married to laksh.
Shek: Wt…
Dp: ha baba… Laksh n Ragini r classmates n friends. Our family liked ragini. N Sanskaar n sam are helping us in business, both wil make a perfect pair.
Shek: u know I was also thinking the same thing. But
Dp: happily… So u agreed from marriage.
Shek: Yaa….
Again they both hug each other.

Oh no what to do… Ragini n Sanskaar r in love. Wil this love story ends or continues..
Wt about laksh, is he in love with ragini. Lets see what will happen between these families when they come to know about ragsan…

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  1. Inu

    superb epi. I am eager to know what will happen next.

  2. Raglak,swasan,ragsan,swalak fan (dipti)

    Very nice epi ..tq for the update ..but I have one doubt.. how laksh n swara know each other..laksh only saw her helping nature.then how ? ..very interesting story..lov ragsan n swalak so much

  3. Sahana_sr_reddu

    Guys Sry!! Really sorry!
    I wil be uploading my ff little late….busy in my sisters marriage n term xams so.. ..hope u can understand my situation..
    Really Sry!
    I wil try to upload soon as possible

  4. Sahana_sr_reddu

    Thanks for all ur comments.. .

    N dipti u wil know this in my next episodes… .

    Thanks for all ur comments… .once again sorry

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