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you made my life (swalak) Episode 2


Here u go….. I start my episode 2…..

It’s morning,
Ragini comes to Sanky room.
Rag: Sanky,get up..
San: its Sunday.. Let me sleep
(he pulls her close to him)
San: Shona.. Plz I want to see ur face. Stay in front of my eyes only.
Rag: Sanky…. (was not able to say anything as Sanky kept his fingers on her lips)
San:(was about to open his eyes)
Ragini feels n mesmerised by his words n action.
Swa: bhai… Noo..

San: hell shocked
Swa: it is ragini…
(Sanky takes his fingers)
Rag: thank God u came on time.
San: shona.come n stand in front of my eyes.
Swa: I’m standing. U can leave ur eyes.
(Sanky opens his eyes. Swara comes n hugs him.)
Swa: good morning Sanky.
San: good morning sweet heart.
Rag: gud morning swara…. Gud morning Sanky.
Swa: gud morning rags.
San: gud morning. By the way y didn’t u say that u r Ragini.
Rag: u don’t leave me to say.
San: oh… K form next time I wil be careful.
Swa: didn’t u recognize my voice.
San: hmm. Noo
Swa: u can’t even recognize my voice.. So mean bro. Get lost I wont talk to u
San: forgive me no..
Swa: no I can’t.
San: plzz
Rag: forgive him noo
Swa: supporting Sanky.. Go wil not forgive u both
San: last time I’m asking u shona
Swa: no Sanky. I cant
San: OK fine. I wil say her not to come.
Swa: who..
Rag: ur bestie…
Swa: who is my bestie leaving u
Rag: guess… Ur childhood
Swa: Wt.. Naina is coming..when..
San: I said na I wil say her not to come.
Swa: plz.. I wil forgive u
San: that’s like my Shona.
Swa: when I she coming.
(Sumi heard everything standing outside the door)

Sumi: tomorrow shona
Swa: OMG..
Rag: I guess u r getting late for something.
Swa: thank u for remembering. I wil leave now
Sumi: for where..
San: for rock star job.
Swa: bhai…..
Rag: maa.. Concert
Sumi: coming back from London. Started it work haa
Swa: MA u know na….bye getting late
Sumiragsan: bye shona. Be careful
Swa: Byee.
(come down. Dida n Shekhar r talking)
Swa: bye dida. Bye papa
Dida: when my shona is going early morning.
Sumi: concert ma
Shek: k beta. Enjoy
Swa: bye everyone..
(she comes out n goes near her vehicle. Got confused whether to go by bike or car. By then ragini comes there.)
Swa: laado…
Rag: choose any 1 finger(shows 2 fingers n Swara choose 1)
Rag: bike.. Here u go(hands her keys)
Swa: u r best laado. Thank you. Both hug each other.

Sanskaar noticed everything from window n smiles.
Sanky to himself: ragini is so nice. She takes care of maa. Papa..dida.. Shona.. Me… Everyone.. If she stays permanently here then it would be so awesome. Shina will be very happy. In fact even I wil be very happy. Wait… Wait… Wait.. What even u wil feel happy. But y.. Y… Wt happened to me Sanky.. Y this words came from my mouth.. Do I like ragini… Like.. Love.. Which one..
Wt did I say….love.. Me n ragini.. She is Shonas friends…thats it.. Sanky control ur self..

Swara reaches concert.
Even here there is a competition. Swara came to participate in that. While entering resort she collides with some fellow.
Guy: sorry. I didn’t see you
Swa: sorry. Even I don’t see
Guy: Noo. It was my mistake. I should say sorry
Swa: even mine..
Guy: no mine.
Swa: noo
(just then a girl enters)
Girl: both of u did mistake. Both of u apologized.
Swa: (literally shocked) what r u doing here.
Guy: do u know her.
Swa: of course I do. She is my childhood friend. How can I forget her. (they both hug each other)
Guy: to that girl…
u idiot. To meet her u called me here.
Girl: sorry Karan.. I’m really were sorry. I lied u… Sorry
(I wil be writing Karan as kar)
Kar: OK fine naina. Won’t u introduce ur friend to me
Swa: wait I wil introduce my self
By the way I’m miss swara. Every one call me Shona. I’m studying in xyz colg in London. Came to India to spend my vacations.
Kar: so long introduction.
I’m Karan chauhan. I’m naina friend. I did my MBA n working in SSR company..
Nai: cool. I’m naina chandela. Friends of Karan n shona. Doing my BA in pqr colg.
Swa: so Karan u work in my bros company.
Kar: who is ur bro.
Nai: the great business man…. Sanskaar gadodia.
Kar: Wt sanky is ur brother haa

Swa: of course Yaa.
Nai: If ur talk is finished can v go inside. Program is about to start
Swa: I forgot. Come let’s go…
(they all leave)

Nai: hello everyone. We r going to start our competition between rockstar.
Swa to kar: is she anchor.
Kar: Yaa.. Dont u know.
Swa: I know she was willing to do anchoring…no she finally got that.
Nai: here v call our contestants….. Samskrithi…. Bisha..geeta. Anu…anju…madhu…..kiran… Darshan…ken… Sachet…samanvaya..aTeja…anish. Adi…varun….finally swara…if I have missed anyone’s name they can give…
Guy: excuse me… U didnt announce my name.
Nai: may I know ur name.
Guy: lucky.. Laksh..
Nai: sorry… Here is our final contestant laksh..
All r contestants are said to come on to the dias.
(all the contestants walk on to the stage)
Lak is shocked to see swara.. Even Swara is shocked to see lucky..

Lak: she came here… Omg
Swa: how come lucky is here.

Lak walks towards Swara. N Swara also walks towards laksh.

Lak: hi shona.. Came back from London
(as though he didn’t see swara)
Swa: Ya came 2 days back.
Lak: great.
Swa: did ur dad accept this.
Lak: u spoke to him na….he was convinced
Swa: oh great lucky…
Lak: thank you Swara..
Swa: no problem… Any ways u r my competitor now.
Lak: but v r friends.
Swa: accept.

San: maa. Break fast
Rag: mom is not there.
San: dida break fast
Rag:she went with mom.
San: for where.
Rag: temple.
San:wt about dad.
Rag: he went to meet his friend. Wil be back in e hours.
San:only v 2 r there in house haa
Rag: Yaa… Wait I’m bringing it breakfast.
(she brings)
San: Wt is this.
Rag: shonas favourite.
San: oh… Noodles
Rag: of course… Even ur fav
San: OMG…puri n channa
Let me eat first then I wil take to u…
Rag: fine.

Ragini gets a call..

Rag: Kay ma
Sumi: I met my friend on the way. I n Dida r going to her house.
What will come by envg.
Rag: OK mom.
She cuts call
San: who is that laado
Rag: shocked. As Sanky called her laado.
San: y e u giving such a expression
Rag: u called me as laado… Not ragu.. Or ragini or rags.
San: so Wt.
Rag: thanks.. Plz call me as laado only naa
San: as u wish
He finishes eating. N goes to his room

Completion starts….

Everyone sings their favourite song… Some were selected for nest round including swalak. It was duels round…. 2 members wil sing at a time… So half of them lost the place in completion.. Swalak entered 3rd round…
There used to come a tune n they should all sing along with tune…finally 5 members were remaining after this completion
They were Swara laksh Adi Bisha Anu were remaining

Finally round….

They will give some tune…. They should repeat the same tune…..and they should give up their own tune…. All did this
Nai: finally the competition got over….. All r waiting for results right…
Everyone: yaaa
Nai: ok then…. I’m announcing winners….
…..wait…..wait….. Not so early…….

Let’s see who will win……
Ragini Sanskaar moments…. Sorry in this episode I didn’t more ragsan epiosed

Thanks for ur lovely comments guys

  1. Superb…bt pls dis is SWALAK ff so plss 95% only swalak <3 plssss..waiting fr nxt..

  2. superb waiting for ragsan moment

  3. Janisha

    If this is swalak FF then know kindly give more importance to swalak than ragsan.
    Regards 😉

  4. Nice epi

  5. Follybraverl

    Awesome yaar cute couple ragsan

  6. Ragsan moment was too cute plz give more ragsan scene

  7. Sahana_sr_reddu

    Guys I wil be giving more importance to swalak then ragsan… .but ragsan n nairan wil also be a part of my ff…. .sorry…. I wil try to give best ragsan moments also… Hope I won’t dissapoint any one.. …

    Thanks for all ur support plz.. .be commenting like this which me write my ff

  8. AMkideewani

    Superb dear

  9. Inu

    Superb epi.

  10. Loved swalak

  11. Raglak,swasan,ragsan,swalak fan (dipti)

    Hey hi..I today only started to read this ff..after ending of swaragini ..I rarely come to tu..i am a big fan of swalak..but I love all the pairs..after show ending there is no ff of swalak..1 or 2 vl come..but tis new of ff of swalak made me to read ..thank u 4 swalak .note : give ragsan scenes so only it vl be nice well as swalak..interesting ff ..thank u 4 tis

    1. Sahana_sr_reddu

      Hoping that u may enjoy my ff.. ..butbmy main focus is one swalak….n I wil try my best to give importance to raglak also…

  12. Sahana_sr_reddu

    Guys slrry to say that I can’t upload my ff on Friday.saturday..sunday… As I wil be having xams every weekend…. So.. But..i will try to update. Plz sorry.. .
    Thank for ur comments n everything..

  13. Sahana_sr_reddu

    Guys sorry to say that I can’t upload my ff on Friday.saturday..sunday… As I wil be having xams every weekend…. So.. But..i will try to update. Plz sorry.. .
    Thanks for ur comments n everything..

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