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you made my life (swalak) Episode 1


Here is my episode 1

It is almost night. There was a racing competition.All claps hands for riders who r participating in that. All are enjoying and exited to see who will win this time.

Finally the host comes and announces that the game wil start in 10 mins. And all contestants should give their names to me. After saying this she left,  and riders goes n registers their name.

The host comes and starts count down for the game. Just then a bike comes and stands in the racing line. “3……………2………….1 here you go” announces the lady.

All racers are racing. There is seen a bike at last, suddenly that rider increases speed n comes front of everyone but didn’t reach finish line till now. All r shocked..the host, viewers and racers are shocked to see, and r confused. All talk, “who is he, what is his name”…etc.

And that rider reaches the finish line. All are happy seeing that. Rider reaches there and all meet that racer.
Girl: hi, handsome. Can u take off ur helmet
Racer: of course,….. .(opens…all r hell shocked)
Girl2: OMG. U r a girl. U…u….are simply amazing. U won against boys.
Racer: oh. Thank you….
Girl3: simply superb….. Hats off yar.
Boy1: Ya dude.. U rock.
Racer: OMG.. Can u stop ur comments…plz..
Host: here is our winner….n her name is…sorry I don’t know…
Plz winner should come on to stage.

Racer: oh… They r calling me. Let me go
Everyone: u may leave now…
Racer: hmm…
Goes on to stage
Host: u r simply superb..n u r rockstar right

Swa: Yaa. My self shona, Swara Gadodia.
Host: here is our winner, shona.
Everyone claps hands…
Host: here is ur price money. Congrats.
Swa: thank you..
( again everyone claps their hands and take selfie with her.) Swara leaves from there. But everyone are talking about her.
On the way she goes to a ashram and meets the head

Swa: hi mam here u go.
Head: hi Swara, so sweet of u.
Swa: oh. No mam.
Head: so nice Swara.
Swa: sorry man. I should leave now. Mom n dad will be afraid
Head: OK Shona. Careful. N be coming ok
Swa: OK mam. Pakka.
(she takes her blessing n goes)

After Swara leaves from there a guy come inside
Guy: excuse me. Who is that girl.
Head: she is a racer, miss swara Gadodia.
By the way who r u
Guy: (ignoring her question) y she came here.
Head: to give money..whenever she wins a competition..she come here n hands us money.
Guy: but she is rich na..
Head: Yaa.. But she is so nice.. She won’t give us her dads money.. But she is different. She gives us her money.
Guy: thanks man, n by the way I’m laksh Maheswari, I’m a rock star n racer.
OK mam. Thanks for ur information.
Head: k well

Guy: I wil leave now.
Head: say ur mom that I asked  her
Guy: how u know my mom.
Head: she is my friend. Sorry I’m getting late.
Guy: OK mam. I wil inform her. Byee
Head: bye lucky

( he leaves from there)

Swara reaches home. She goes inside without anyone’s notice. By then she hears some voice.
Swa: bhai, sorry, sorry please forgive me…
San: no Shona. Not this time.
Swa: plz bhai. (she kisses his cheek)
San: fine fine.. I wil some let’s eat
Swa: didn’t u eat

San: u know na…whenever u come here I won’t eat without u.
Swa: so sweet bhai. Love you.
Rag: ha ha. Only for him
Swa: how will u leave u..
Rag: go shona. I won’t talk to u
Swa: plz ragu… Plzz
Rag: u just came yesterday from London n u went out without informing anyone.
Swa: sorry ragu..
San: bith of u soon fighting…

I’m feeling hungry. I want to have now
Rag: Sanskaar…
Swa: no Noo not sanskaar. Sanky
Rag: OK fine
San: come let’s have.

they all sat on chairs.. Sanky feeds swara n swara feeds Sanky.  Ragini feels happy seeing this. Swara notices this n then she feed her also. After eating, shona hugs Sanky and says guy night. Later she hugs and kisses ragini and goes to her room.
San: shona.. Wait I will tell to maa n baba about ur today’s race.
Swa: please don’t say.
San: then give me my right.
Swa: sorry Sanky… I forgot.
She then kissed Sanskaar also and again she says gud night.

All goes to their respective rooms…
All sleep having smile on their faces…

Laksh enters his room by window pipe…and covers his face with bed sheet.
Ap comes to his room.
Ap: lucky beta. When u came back(wakes him up)
Lak: I was here only na ma..
Ap: don’t lie lucky. I’m ur mom
Lak: maa. Oo… I went for a race.
Ap: oh.. How was it.
Lak: superb

Ap: so u won that haa
Lak: no maa, I lost
Ap: how come today,  my beat is happy even thought he lost.
Lak: nothing like that. By theway I met ur friend.
Ap: who is my friend
Lak: oo… Some ashram ka head. I went there n she said me to say u that she asked about u
Ap: oh geeta. Fine had ur dinner.
Lak: I had pani puri..n I don’t want dinner. U go n have
Ap: OK beta. God night(she cares him)
Lak: guy night MA..

Just then do enters
Dp: oh.. Mom n sons secret.
Lak: nothing like that papa.
Dp: come let’s have dinner.
Lak: no papa. I wil had…
Dp: Wt where leaving me haa
Lak: ha pani purity.. But sure I will take u there.
Sam: for me????
Lak: how will I forget u di
Sam: oh so sweet.
Ap: let him sleep.
Dp: by the way what happened..eon or lost
Lak(happily): I lost baba

Sam: how come today my lucky is so cool even though he lost
Dp:(teasingly) anything special.
Lak: haa. I will say when time comes. I’m damn sleepy
Sam: guy night lucky.
Lak: gudnight maa.papa.di
Everyone: guy night.
(all leaves from there)
Lucky remembers Swara…and a smile come on his face. He sleeps having smile on his face.

  1. Inu

    Superb start.

  2. wow first part is rocking
    waiting for next part

  3. Good write it soon and upload

  4. Awesome

  5. Sahana_sr_reddu

    I wil try to update soon…..thanks guys.. .thanks a lot…..

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