this is the story of a couple who always stood for each other no matter what happens


main lead role – actress

vividha manohar
father-manohar( a middle class farmer)
mother-uma manohar
sister-shweta manohar
brother -ankit manohar

main lead role actor
atharv aanand
father -aanand (rich bussinessman)
mother-sujata aanand

main lead role
ravish sriram
father sriram (manohar’s cousin)
mother-suman sriram
sister:aditi sriram

episode 1-

in a shopping mall

shweta ;didi this skirt is perfect for you, look
vivi; guddi ,u r right i look like a princess with this skirt
uma;vividha, if u like it u take it , but remember just 1 pair of clothes u know that papa..
vivi; i know maa papa does not have much money now this year.. there was no much harvest but for us papa promised to take dress for this festival .
shw;maa dont worry we will keep that in mind. didi come lets check there for a perfect top for this skirt.
(vividha turns and see a handsome guy )
(she looks at him for a moment )
shw: didi what r u staring at come here

vivi ; what? k i will come
shw; what were u looking there ?
vivi: ……just i felt something felt down so i just looked for it
shw;i thought u were looking that guy over there . he looks handsome u two would look perfect .wanna give a try??
viv; ……. guddi i have told u so many times that i not to talk to me like that .
shw; ok didi just forget i was joking.

(the guy turns ,it is atharv aanand )
(atharv turns )
vividha just looks at him
they both see each other
their first meet
(rab ne banadi jodi plays)
(uma calls vividha and she goes)

later at home

(vividha sits thinking atharv)
shw;didi what r u thinking ?just say the truth were u thinking about the guy we saw in the mall?
viv:… was thinking something else
shw:didi change ur decision
vivi:what decision?
shw: u have said to me that u will never ignore papa and mam and have a love marriage but iam sure papa and mam would agree . u 2 look made for each other
vivi; guddi now just go from here
shw;k . well he is so hansome think about him and let me know when u change ur decision
vivi; look guddi now iam just 16 how can i make a decision my own
shw; just think did no one will disagree for sure bcauz everyone here loves u . so no one would stand against ur wishes .

thats all i want to say
vivi: (remembers atharv)
guddi goes
vivi: she is true but how can i ?i dont even know him . just forget it . but i have seen so many boys in my life y did i get attracted to him only ??

precap: 4 year leap. vividha returns frm collage . she walks on foodpath . someone comes and hit her . she falls the man catches her .

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  1. RAOne

    carry the spirit…good,could have been more better….. hope you would not be angry….all the best…..

    1. Aliza111

      k . i will imporove. iam juz a starter happy to hear a cmpliment from some one more experienced than me

  2. wow I liked it keep writing it is so nice and episode was so cute I lov ed it keep writing

  3. Hey aliza u started a new ff ..really nice
    Nice intro ..waiting for further story ?

    1. Aliza111

      i did not thought that it would be update dthis soon . tnk u sandy

  4. Sunanda12345

    Gud aliza dear….very nyc….keep it up ??

    1. Aliza111

      didi happy to know u read it and commented

  5. Aliza111

    pls let me know ur advices and and my negative points so i can improve

  6. perfect intro

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  8. super intro end update as well dear …Aliza…

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