You made me myself Ishveer (OS)


Ishaani was trying to get ready for a function of her friend.But something was turning her off.”Offo..what is this now…i’m not able to concentrate on anything”.She just wore a shirt of ranveer over her blouse and sat in the dressing table without knowing what to do.
The door opened and made way for its owner to enter.The sight before ranveer made him grin from ear to ear.His lady love before him in his shirt…what more he could ask for!
A cute curve crept on ishaani’s face seeing him.He came and wrapped his arms around her “Missing me that much huh…that you are wearing my shirt?”.She blushed “V…vo”.”Comeon sunny you dont wanna make excuses for wearing your hubby’s shirt..ok come let me get you ready for the function”saying this he started wrapping the saree over her.
She remembered the moment of few days back.
Ranveer was lying in ishaani’s lap, she was caressing his face slowly.Suddenly she asked him”Ranveer did you love any one before me?”.Ranveer gave a confused look before he answered “Ishaani everyone around us knows the answer you are my childhood love dear there is no one before you and no one can come after you”.”But like some crush?”.”No….noth..well..actually it was an infatuation before i came to your house…she was in the same street as mine..but that is nothing just an attraction”.Ishaani could not understand what was happening to her,her eyes seems to threaten her with tears.Ranveer immediately came out of her lap and cupped her face”Hey what happened?..i’m sorry..but it was you who asked me”.Ishaani stopped him “No you dint do happens na..but i wonder how you accepted that i loved someone infront of you because i’m not able to accept even your crush”
“Ishaani first of all it was not crush..just a simple attraction..and your question…i was able to accept because your happiness was in it..its simple na when you love someone their happiness is important to you than your own”

She came into the world when ranveer tucked the pleats.This man loved her like anything.She felt to ask him something.”Ranveer..what would have happened if you were not able to get me in your life”.He stopped in the middle and glanced her”Why this question are with me now…and we are happy..why do you wanna ask such question?”
“But ranveer i wanna know the answer”.After a moment of thought he replied “Mmmm….If you were not there na…i would have been RV”.Her face lost its colour “You mean to say you will be successful without me”
“Arey..its not like that..well my dear is you who made me what i am today…but you know ranveer is different from rv…when you left me it was like my feelings left me..i used to be so arrogant..i was the famous business man RV..but that is only for the a person i was was all with you if you were not with me, it is just i would be nothing..simply is you who gave colours to my life”
Ishaani held his hand and let the saree fall down.”I love you”..He smiled “I love you too..but now you wanna go to your friends function so..”.”I love you Ranveer”.”Arey what happened to you suddenly”He was smiling like anything.”I want you to love me Ranveer”.He was dumbstruck at the answer of his wife.”But Isha”.Before he could complete his sentence she crashed her lips into his.
She felt some people are so deep that you fall into them and you never stop falling.

Hi guys hope you remember this OS girl…i think this OS is not that bad…i just wanna say that someone enters your life and makes it colourful as no one did..plzz dont miss such a person at any cost…if you think this os is worth commenting pls do comment even if it is a single word
And i could see many unfinished ishveer ffs in this site..i beg the writers to continue..coz there may be many silent readers like me waiting for it.
Thanks for reading this..bye to all !

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  1. Nandana

    nice one dear i really liked it ……………………….

    1. Roha

      Thank you Nandhana for your comment

  2. wonderful!! it portrays the magical luv of ishveer really well… nd i too agree with ur request that even i m missing all the ffs which r left without continuing…

    1. Roha

      Thanks Ranveer …n lets hope that d ff writers continue their work

  3. Rookey rookers

    No timebto com. So nice . dry dear

    1. Roha

      Thanks rooky for commenting..n pls try to cme

  4. Lovely really i just loved it

    1. Roha

      Hey Mk thanks dr for ur cmnt

  5. Duva

    Loved it roha keep it up keep rocking it is the truth and thank u for making people understand

    1. Roha

      Thanks duva for ur luvely cmnt…n i wanna tell them tat for a long time..n at last i said today

  6. Sparkels

    Hey Roha !!! See I completed my promise…..I told I’ll surely read ur OS and I read……it was so lovely yaar……just what an love of ishveer……I may give 25% to u for this fantastic OS and rest 75% goes the one and only ishveer 😉 hope u won’t mind….. 🙂 and seriously it was mind blowing yaar…..and sorry for making u wait na for my FF ??? hope u r waiting ;p and yah I’ll be posting my FF’S from tomorrow as tomorrow is mine last exams YIPPEE !!! So till then Keep Smiling my lil cutie sis 😉 😉

    1. Roha

      Thank u soo much dii for ur time on my os…n yah even if u say 90% ishveer i ll b happy coz its jst my ishveer na…happy tat u ll b posting soon…n seriously am waiting for ur ffs..hope u done well wit ur exams!!!!

  7. Harisha39

    Nice roha….

    1. Roha

      Thanks for d cmnt harisha

  8. luv ishveer to the core of my heart

    Roha ur os is just mindblowing really i just love reading ur os. Luv the way u potray them. I was waiting for it and pls its my request to u to post more and more and little longer too. You said it right someone just steals ur heart every second and fill ur empty life with happiness and joy. They r the ones who loves u truly and just as our ishveer who loves eachother unconditionally sometimes it hurts bcoz of their incomplete story and i also request ff writers to continue so atleast we can see their complete story in ffs. ISHVEER are the ones who steals my heart everytime i see them, they r sooo magical and roha waiting for ur next os post it soon.

    1. Roha

      Thanks dr for such a lovely really happy tat u liked it n u waited for it…surely i ll try to post again….n tats true sme1 gives us enormous joy n if v miss them it is lyk v miss ourselves…n let is hope tat d ff writers read tis request

  9. Hy roha
    The OS is so lovely.
    I loved ot dr
    And keep writing
    As you said someone brings happiness and everything in our life. If we had them forever in life,that will be the most luckiest. Such is our ishveer’s unconditional love. Just love them for them, whatever it is…
    Keep rocking dr
    Take care

    1. Roha

      Thanks maya for ur cmnt…happy tat u lyked it..n i ll try to rite more….n ya every1 wishes to b tat luckiest person…n same goes wit me i luv ishveer to d core n more

  10. Roha your is was awesome it was full of colourful feelings and emotions it was toooo good just keep it up ?

    1. Roha

      Oh neelam thanks for describing my os lyk tat…really flying dr..thanks for d cmnt ya

  11. Duva

    I guess u should write and ff …..please write a ff

    1. Roha

      Really thanks for thinking that i could rite a ff…bt surely i cant..coz my parents dont lyk me visiting tis site..n if tey cme to no tat i m posting tats it…n i cant go with a flow of thoughts di..i could only hve snapshots so wat i m giving os….i m extremely sry for disappointing you hope u would forgive dis little sissy of urs..can i call u as di????????

      1. Duva

        Ya sure …..u don’t better write it chotti ….but if possible do os but long please

  12. luv ishveer to the core of my heart

    Means ur parents dont liked u watching matsh/ ishveer or this site or something else? But roha pls dont stop writing os. I really love reading ur os bcoz they r so sweet and lovely and so sorry 4r asking u this (kaan pakad ke ‘sorry’…)

    1. Roha

      Well actually tey donno i watched tis…tey r basically against tv…n yeah surely i ll try to post may i no ur name plzz..n i donno hindi am a tamilian dr

  13. Nice one…i luved it

    1. Roha

      Thank u my dr zuvi

      1. luv ishveer to the core of my heart

        Yeah. My name is rochelle and i m a die heart fan of ishveer and still i miss them the most.

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