Oh god she was there in all her beauty . The most beautiful female ever created by earth in her long black gown curled up hair tied into a bun n matching accessories looking as beautiful as angel. True the name angel was only applicable to her gorgeous femininity. Damn hot n s*xy her elegance just needed a masculine touch . All the eyes just ogling her beauty. What was she?.He was none less a Prince no no Lucifer in disguise. Oh his brown orbs his chocolate eyes n his framework just gave a killing look . All the women around were awestruck. But she was possessive. How dare he give a smile to the beautiful b*t*hes. He was just ber sanky? Just her? There she was most elegant. His inner voice said oh look she comes with her beauty creating urge to the devilish features. How dare she look so s*xy n hot ? How dare she let all the men ogle her? She was just his only his? But both inscience striked them . Y did they name each other as just theirs? Oh hell on earth what was happening? But they ignored their conscience n walked to each other to tell others that they were for each other. She asked him about his love? Y did he run from that word? Only to know his reason of hurt eyes? She felt an urge to console him. She was hurt bcaz he was hurt. But y she felt his pain? Unknown to the new feelings she consoled herself with the thought of being his soul frnd. He asked her whether she will be always there when he needed her most n she replied yes . He asked if she was unable to come. She replied that she was always with him n if she is unsble to come then just close your eyes n imagine her he will find a solution. She made a promise to come when ever he needed . He just had to call her name n there she will b . But who knew that she will break her promise. Who knew that he will lose her .

There he was standing with the bracelet to know that it was only hers his frnd. Never knowing his feelings he kept it . Bcaz he was in an illusion that he loved her sister deeply n she loved other man deeply. She was there thinking that she was deeply in love n mad,y in love with laksh her man but she still felt uneasy She felt she missed something? Unknown to her feelings she was ready to move but only to find herself broken with him as they lost their love as her sis loved laksh n not hrr frnd. It did not bother her that her sis loved the man she loved but it bothered her that her frnds pain bothered her. She was there only with him . Who knew that she was going to b bonded with him only to b leaving him stray .

Credit to: kajal

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