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The episode starts in SR house
Rags gets ready n goes down into the kitchen
Nancy: mam do u need something?
Rags: no I don’t I just wanted to cook.
Listening to this Nancy left the plate which broke .rags looked at Nancy
Nancy: mam plz don’t or else I will lose my job.
Rags: I promise nothing will happen. I order u to go n let me cook.
Here ragini cooks food .sanskar gets up n smells the aroma.
Sr: oh my god this smell . It’s amazing. Let me get ready fast and go to have
It’s already 10 in mrng. I hope miss gadodia has left perfectly.
Here ragini lies down the food on dining table n goes to kitchen.sanskar gets ready n comes down.he looks at the food n runs to eat them
Rags is coming back but stops at the door looking at sanskar eating.

Rag pov:
Oh God he is so childish n cute .just look at him wobbling the food. He is really hungry. His looks can make any one fall for him. His messed up hair n his chocolate brown eyes just R amazing . Anyone looking in his eyes can stay looking at it for hrs. He is damb hot n s*xy . Really an attractive guy who can make girls fall for him. But y R u thinking abt him.? You haven’t even asked him for frndship n ur going mad liking at him. Rags just remember that u really R going insane n just to stop ur insanity you R asking for frndship n also to thank him.
Rags POV ends.

Sr:Nancy plz bring ur hand I will like to kiss it . U made such a wonderful food just like mom used to make . I was just craving for this kind of food. Y did u not make it earlier?
Nancy: sir I did not make the food .
Sr: then who did plz bring his/ her hand.
Nancy pools rags n brings her hand.sr without looking kisses it . Both ragsan feel cold running behind their spine .
Rags shouts: sir what u did n takes her hand. U must look before doing something.
Sr stays stunned looking at ragini n even more shocked as he kissed her hand.
Sr: ragini you here n sry I kissed ur hand.
Rags: yes sir it’s me . Did u think that I left . But sir I can’t without thanking you n also I don’t know this place so how will I go. N by the way did u like the food?
Sr: coughing. Miss ragini I love this food . N ya u must tell ur parents that u R here.
Rags:sir I spoke to said n she is okay with it. N thnx for not telling them that I was not well.
Sr: it’s OK.
Rags: n ya thnx for taking care of me.
Listening to this sanky spits the food as he thinks does miss ragini know that I took care of her . Oh shit.
Rag: sir R u okay? N ya I know what u did .
Sanky in mind: can she read my mind ? How did she know? Sanky act normally
Sr: ya I am okay
Ragini sits to have food n after sometime both ragsan complete eating.
Rag: Sur can we walk in garden . I need to talk to you

Sr pov:
Oh god what does miss ragini want?did she misunderstand me for taking care of her. If that’s so I should remove her doubt. OK sanky let’s walk with her . sanky pov ends.
Rags: sir R u listening?
Sr: ya miss ragini let’s go for a walk.
At garden:
Both ragsan keep quite after sometime rags speak.
Rags: sir thnx for helping me .
Sr: it’s okay.
Rags: sir can you be do u ….
Sr stops her.
Sr: miss ragini I think u misunderstood my care . It’s just due to humanity n not due to love. N if u hav any doubt that i love u then it’s all false.
Listening to this rags laughs . She laughs till her side ached.
Sr is completely confused.
Sr: miss ragini R u okay or hav u hot shock that ur laughing.
Rags laughs more.
Rag: dir plz stop this I can’t take it more
Sir u n love with me or me loving you. I think ur insane. I was thinking to ask you abt frndship. Like ur frndship to arnav Bhai .
Sr feel embarrassed.

Sr pov:
Oh god what did I think. Miss ragini loving me? I jut made fun of myself but her smile oh god it’s angelic. So beautiful n pure.she wants to b my frnd n what did I think . But I can’t trust her bcaz I am hate girls. N ya why did she call ASR as her Bhai . I need to find abt it.
Sr pov ends.
Sr: miss y should I be your frnd. I don’t know you well n even you don’t know me. N ya a boss n employee can never b frndship.
Rags sad but says
Rags: sir who said that boss n employee can not be frnds .N ya I don’t know you either but what does frndship mean. Frndship means knowing abt each other their likes n dislikes n always standing for each other when in need.
Sr is dumbstruck with her answer.
Sr: but y should I be your frnd. Give me a reason.
Rag: sir when u tried to make a frnd with arnav Bhai did u think abt any reason?
Sr: no.
Rags: sir u got ur answer. U don’t need any reason for being frnds.k but I know u won’t bcaz ur scared
Scared to trust on girls but sir every girl is not the same n if u don’t trust then how will you b happy. Trust is really required. Just trust n don’t worry if ur heart brakes bcaz heart is only there to break n make a new strong one.

Sanky pov:
This girl how can she know my deepest fear? Does she uses some magic but ya every single word told by her is true. I don’t hate girls but OK am scared to trust them as I am scared to break heart. But ya she has something in her . But first she has to prove that I can trust her? Sanky pov ends.
Sr: but rags first to get my frndship u hav to prove that ur trust worthy. R u ready?
Rag: k i am ready. Let me introduce myself I am ragini gadodia daughter of shekhar n step daughter of sharmistha gadodia. I hav a sis a dadu n dadi . I am dadi apple of her eyes.arnav Bhai is my jiju.
Sr: means ur srg GRP of industries daughter.
Rags: yes.
Sr: u hav a industry then y did u take a job at rathore grp of industrial?
Rag: sir dream . My dream was to work under you .k tell something abt you
Sr: miss ragini I am not ur frnd still so I won’t answer.
Rags pouts.sanskar smiles looking at her.
Rag: what should I do say sir?
Sr,: when time comes I will say.k miss ragini I think we should go ur family must b worried.
Rags: oh shit . Dadi mera gala ghot devi aaj. Beta laado bhag chal.
Sanskar smiles seeing her childish acts.
Sr: let’s go.
Sr drops ragini home. Rags insists him on coming but he ignores n goes .
Rags comes inside n sharmistha starts shouting.
Sumi: oh ragini kaha this purey raat kaha apna much kala kar kain aayi ho. Batao kiske saath thi.
Listening to this dadi gets angry n screams.
Dadi: oye bengalan mere ragu saaf hain air with kam kar ragini thi tere bΓͺte ke tarah nahi jisne ab tak phone bhi nahi kiya.
Sumi smirks n leaves.dadi looks at rags who us crying . Dadi hugs rags n consoles her.
Rags goes to her room n freshen ups.rags start thinking.

Recap: rags pov

Credit to: Kajal


  1. ammy

    Oh no sanky misunderstood ragini.thats so funny.what will sanky ask ragini to do?eagerly waiting for next part

  2. Sonya


    |Registered Member

    really liked the episode
    ragsan scene was superb
    hand kissing lol
    i knew sanskaar will show attitude lol
    why does sumi hate ragini so much
    i really like how dadi stand for her

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