Thanx guys as you liked the epi n sry it was short as I was busy ————————————————————–
The epi starts rag talk completing her talk with god. She leaves from there n goes to manage all the files for today’s meeting as it is in 1 hr. Sr calls rags to his cabin.

Sr : miss gadodia r the files check.
Rags: yescsir checked
Sr: content check?
Rag: check
Sr: documents?
Sr:n you
Rag doesn’t say anything. Sr asks her again
Rag: yes sir I am also booked. Rags in an angry voice?
Sr: gud miss ragini.
Now let’s go.
Sanskar n rags r going out. Whole office staff feels bad for ragini butvragini gives everyone a fake smile. Sr smirks looking at this n feels happy.
Sr:miss ragini stop being a innocent n poor face . They may think that I am a devil
Rag in low voice
Rag:so whats wrong u r a devil sir. I hate you.
Sr : miss gsfofia did u say something.
Rag:did u hear something?
Rags:then it’s obviously no.
Rags (to herself): does this devil have even sharp ears so that he can trouble everyone. Oh god just save me.

Ragsan reach the venue.
People start welcoming ragsan. The person sees rags in wet clothes n asks his pa to provide rags clothes.
Rag looks at sanskar for permission n sanskar grants as he sees people eyeing rags with bad intention.
Rag(to herself): oh my god ! the devil granted me a permission to change. I think I need to check whether it’s a dream n pinches herself only to scream in pain. Listening to rags scream Sr comes running.
Sr:miss gadodia r u fine. And ya don’t pinch yourself bcaz it’s true n not a dream. He smiles n goes leaving rags shocked.
Rag:is he my boss. Oh how can he b so gud ya I got it just yo pretend that he is very good with his staff outside. Don’t think much now ragu or else you will hav to eat a lot of carrots to understand him. It’s too difficult just let it go.
Rags wears a beautiful sari (one in today’s picture which had been post)
Rags comes out n Sr keeps looking at her n says beautiful.
Rag: what sir?
Sr:nothing come let’s start the presentation.
Sr makes rag sit near the a.c. n deliberately increases the coldness saying that he feels hot. Here rags is shivering with cold.
Rag (to herself): just a moment ago he was nice n know he is rude n same arrogant boss of mine . Oh god save me.
During the whole meeting ragini is shivering . The meeting ends n ragsan get the deal. They go to the car but rag faints. Suddenly sanskar catches her sees that she has high fever n cold.
Sr: oh god ragini Ulf miss gadodia wake up. U need to b fine miss n carries her in his arms n places her in the car n owns the heater.
While driving sanskar looks at ragini now n then. They then reach Sr house. Sr picks ragini in arms n walks inside. The servants r shocked to see a girl.
Sr screams: go Damn call the doctor. She I’d suffering from high fever. N ya miss grace plz make soup.
The doc comes n checks rags n gives her injection n asks Sr to take care.
Sr is now on call with arnav
Sr: arnav can you do me a favour? You know miss gadodia is suffering from fever n I can’t take her in this condition to her home plz can u inform her family that she has a business meeting as I don’t want her family to b tensed.
Ar:no probes.
Here arnav calls the gadodia n tell them that rag has an imp.meeting so she can’t come today home.the gadodia agree.

Sr pov:
It’s my fault I should not have did this yo miss ragini. But today when she came in that Saree she looked like an Angel like Malik said earlier. She is really a beauty. The sari n her wet hair could make any one fall for her n ya even her soft nature can win hearts. Her smile can light the city. But y am I praising her. Sr calm down u just know that u hate girls except khushi n ma. Ma I miss you though u left me at a very small age the Times spend with u r awesome. Luv u mom.
Sr pov completes. He stays up all night in rags room n takes care of her.
Next mrng:
Rag is completely fine n gets up to only find Dr sleeping on a chair. Looking ad Sr she screams. Sr wakes up.
Sr:oh god Damn u really screaming f**king b*t*h can’t u keep quiet. First bcaz of u already I had enough.
Rag:dry sir but what r u doing in my home n my room
Sr: miss ragini just look around you once.
Rag looks around n finds that its not her home.
Rag: sir where r we?
Sr: oh sleeping princess this is my house. As you were ill I had to bring by here. N ya no more questions. Nancy will help you.N let me sleep damsel in distress or I will make you sleep with me . Sr says in an angry tone
Rag is shocked at the last part.she reminds this in her mind.
Rag: what did he say. Firstly I am not damsel in distress n secondly he can’t make me sleep with him?
Later Nancy comes n helps ragini in getting ready. She also tells her how Sr took care of her the whole night.

Rag pov:
I can’t believe what Nancy said . That sir took care of me the whole night. I know he is not that bad but y does he pretend to b one, I need to find out soon. N ya first I should thank him. Rag goes to Sr room n sees him sleeping soundly.he looks so cute while sleeping like a hero but when he wakes he turns into raavan. I don’t know y I can’t understand him but I feel that I can. It’s my infatuation that I can not understand him. Unlike others he respects women n also care for them. He has some immense pain in his eyes which need a light of enlightenment. I need to remove the darkness from his life as he has saved me . A small favour instead of a huge favour by him.
Rags pov ends n she goes down to cook food.

Recap: rags to give a hand of friendship. Will Sr accept?

Credit to: kajal

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