Viola guys. How r u? N ya thnx 4 the comments and ya dear wait for sometime let sanky not know that the girl is rags who he was dancing in the party. So here is my epi———————

The epi starts withvrags walking.
Rags (to herself) : I don’t understand him he is so rude n also has a caring side . Arrogant but sweet n even revengeful lemme se how is he gonna make me say sry ? Even I am ragini gadodia . I will surely make him beg sorry from me . Wait n watch Sr . But y am I fighting with him like a small kiddo . But don’t know y I like arguing with him. I really need a check up . Ragu b a good girl n don’t fight . Saying this rags was walking. She did not notice that a pair of a lustful eyes were ogling her body.then suddenly she heard them.
Goon: oh chamak chalk where r u going do u need a lift ? I hav a free space.
Goon2: oh madam u r too hot n s*xy to go with him come with me I will provide u luxury.
Hearing this rags felt disguted n started walking fast. By the time she was totally scared to death as she saw them following her.suddenly a car stops n our Sr comes out. He looks angrily at rags n then at the goons.he starts beating them.one goons tries to hit sanky with knife but rags stops it.sanky sees rags hand full of blood. He gets more angry n starts beatingvthe goons more . Rags stops him n pleads him to come.

Sr: miss gadodia didn’t I ask u if anyone is coming to pick you up n if not shall I drop u? But u girls r always egoistic aren’t you. If I wouldn’t hav come by time then what would have happened?
Rags: sir I am sry for that n thnx a lot . But sir ur wrong if you boys weren’t revengeful www girls wouldn’t hav been egoistic.
Sr: r u saying its my fault. Wow first I helped u and instead I have to hear your lecture.
Rags: I am not saying that..
But sanky stops the car in middle n says get out . Rags looks on . He screams n then rags get out.Sr leaves.
Rags (to herself):so much attitude ha. If he had to leave Mr in middle of road then y did he give he a lift .
Rags ix totally like red chilli here sanskar is also angry. Rags find an auto n goes home. She is very tired n sleeps .

Next mrng:
Rags wakes up n gets ready . She is very angry with Sr n here even Sr is very sngry with her.
Dadi:laado kab aayi tu raath ko. Me in kitne paarishan thi ? If this happens I wont let u work or I will go n speak to ur boss.
Rags in low whisper : raavan we kya bath karogi Dadi who toh aapko chupkara de.
Dadi:laado kuch kaha tuney?
Rafs:nahi toh. Dadi I am getting late bye.
Rags leaves.
Here sanky n his frnd manik conversation:
Manik: I can’t believe it Sr is having a woman pa for the first time. Can I ask u some thing is she So good looking that u the great Sr hav kept her as ur pa?
Sr: r u crazy manik. Even u know I hate girls . I am just tolerating her for two reasons.
1: I need to take revenge of my insult
2: she is Damon talented.
And ya she is no miss universe .
Manik : k lemme see n then I will say if she is miss universe of not.
At that time rags enters into the office.
Sr calls her into the cabin.
Rags: sir may I come in?
Sr: come in miss ragini.

Manik looks at ragini n is dhovjed to look at an angel. He keeps on looking ragini. Seeing this rags feels uncomfortably.
Rags: any work sir.?
Sr: ta u hav to check that the painting of the office is done perfectly n also supervise them . Ya n check my time for today’s meeting n inform me.
Rags: but sir I hav to supervise them .
Sr: any prob. N if yes then resign.
Rsfs: k sir I will do it. Rags leaves while going rags to herself.:khadoos sir . Does he think I am a painter or a carpenter to do this work? Rags is more angry.
nanik: dude gav u lost it she is not miss universe but more beautiful than her. She is like an angel . The person who just sees her once can’t forget her.
Sandkar who is drinking coffee spits everything listening to manik .
Sr: manik dude you need a magnifying glass
Manil: dude I think u need them not me. K bye I hav to go I hav a flight to Hong Kong . See u later.
Nanik n sanky hugs n manik leaves.sanky keeps on reminding what manik said.
Here rags is finding a tough job to do the worm n she gets all over painted by colours as the paint fell on her. Sanky sees this n smirks. Rags goes to wash her n then comes to give the time for yodays meeting. Swanky asks rags to accompany him.
Sr: miss ragini you r gonna accompany me in this meeting.
Rags shocked
Rags:me but sir I am totally wet sir . I can’t vome in this condition.
Sr: no ifs n buts if I am saying you u must come. B ready.
Rags leaves from Sr cabin now very frustrated. She yells at god at her bad day but prays something to b good in the future.

Recap: rafsan meeting with client. Rag suffering from cold due to sanskar

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