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The episode starts with Ragini s fb:
It was a new day n a new start of my life. I started it a bhajan all the family members came except my Shona .
I went to our bedroom n started waking her .
Rags: Swara get up. We must leave for appointment. Its gettin late.
Swara: Laado sone do na. Plz just 5 min
Ragini gets irritated n goes to washroom n picks a bucket full of water n pours it on swara.
Swara: Laado flood flood . Someone save me. Oh god I am just young I hav lot to do. I don’t wanna die .plz save
Rag: Haha Shona ye flood nahi . It’s a way to wake u up. N ya u r to young to do something.
Swara: Laado u r gone today.
Both start running n throw pillows at each other. N at end both fall on bed n start laughing .
Rags: Swara it’s already 8 get ready . We must reach for our interview at 10
Swara: Oh god its late . I must rush.
Ragini is serving food.
Dada: Laado y do u need to work ? N if u really want to work y don’t u work in gadodia industries with swara. Its India 2 best .
Rags: Dadu we want to b independent n stand on our own feet . So plz let us do it by ourselves.
Dadi:but laado its not safe outside . How will u manage.
Suddenly from back swara comes
Swara: Oh sweetheart jab swaragini saath ho toh sab mushkil aasan hai hai na laado.
Rag: Ha swara. K chaalo Hume late ho raha hai.
Swara: Chaalo. Main aapne scooty nikalti hoon.
Both swaran Ragini go .
Swara: K Ragini tell me where do u want to work.
Ragini: Swara I want to work in rathore grp of industries. Its world no 1 industrial grp. They hav lot of business. N I want to work in their creative designing sector. Its my dream to work there.k tell me swara where do u want to work.
Swara: Oh Ragu my only industry maheshwari .
Rags: But we hav a fight with them for no 1 position right.
Swara: Ya but its best in architecture. So it doesn’t matter to me.k laado ur destination came. Bye all the best.
Ragini : Thnx n same to u.
Swara goes.
Ragini outside rathore industries.
Ragini ( to herself) : Oh god I am so scared its my dream job n I am standing just out . Just one step away from my dream . Plz god give me the strength to fight my fear n get me selected.
Ragini enters n she feels some weird connection with this place . She goes to the reception.
Rags: Mam can I know where is md room . I hav come for an interview.
Receptionist: Mam just go straight n then take left there is md Mr. Raizada room.
Ragini follows the direction n reaches the room . She hears a familiar voice.
Md: SR is coming n so I need a pa immediately.what there r no pa. What should I do?
Just then Ragini knocks the door n says may I come in
Md: Ya come in. N the person turns to b Arnav.
Rags: Arnav bhai .
Arnav: Yes mam how can I help u?
Rags: Bhai is being formal even I should be. Sir I hav come here to give an interview.
Arnav : Plz miss gadodia take a seat n give me ur files.
Arnav checks rags file n asks questions. Rags answers them.
Arnav : Miss u r selected n from tmrrw ur sm’s pa.
Rags: But sir.
Arnav : I know u hav come for creative designing but I think u can also do a job of pa. Plz for ur jiju n bhai.
Rags: K only 4 my bhai.sir anything else.
Arnav: Ya u hav to pick SM tmrw morning at the airport. Don’t b late. He hates being late.
Rags: K sir. Thnx
Rags leaves n goes to home . At same time swara enters . Seeing swara rags thinks to play a trick . Even swara thinks the same.
Swaragini: I am very sad as I cant spend time at home now.
Rags : Oh sry swara.
Swara: Even I am sorry.
Swaragini: Do u know y bcaz I am selected . Saying this both laugh.
Dadi’ laado tum dono ko kya Hua hain. I think I need to call doctor. U hav gone insane so ur laughing without any reason.
Swara: Oh sweetheart when I am there why should u call doctor . Instead we will send u to mental asylum.
Dadi pouts.
Rafs: Shona that’s bad .
Dadi: See my ladoo is with me.
Rags: We must first manage a ac cab bcaz dadi cant fit inside a ambulance bcaz its hot inside n the smell is strange.
Dadi glares at swaragini.
Swaragini laugh n then hav their dinner n sleep.
rags: Oh god plz make my day beautiful tmrw n let me succeed in my dream.
Shona: Oh dont take tension n sleep.gdn8
Rags: Gdn8.
Both sleep.
But who knew that their life will change . Who knew that tmrw will bring a person who will hav a effect on Ragini . Who knew that her meet will change into rivalry n then friendship. Who knew that their feeling called as love will b termed as friendship?
Stay tuned to know abt their life

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