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The episode starts with Ragini fainting
Sid:nanu r u sure this I our Ragu . How can she b our Ragu. Our Ragu must b happy . Sid sobs badly. My princess what has happened to u . Who has done this. I am sure this us done by that Shekhar gadodia. I wont leave that person . I will kill him for destroying ur life.
Nanu: Sid control ur emotions. Let Ragu wake up then we will ask her. U know i can see my janaki in her. I wont let anything happen to Ragu.
Nanu also cries
After sometime the doctor comes. The patient is now out of danger u can meet her.

Nanu: Ragini beta r u ok . Why r u in this state. Is everything fine?
Rags: I am feeling better sir. But may I ask u something. How do u know me? Hav we met earlier?
Nanu: No beta we haven’t met earlier. But we know you n you don’t know us. Beta look at this pic n tell me who is this lady?
Rags: This is my maa. Do u know her? R u related th her?
Nanu: Yes . This lady is my daughter n ur mom janaki n this person standing beside u is ur bro Sidharth Khanna
Rags: Means ur my nanu n he is my bhaiyu . Y dud u not come to meet me earlier? N how is he my bro?
Nanu : It started when u were born
Nanu: Janaki I am very happy . First u provided us a cute boy Sid n now a little princess. What will b her name?
Janaki: Papa her name will b Ragini . A person who is composed of beautiful words.a binder of love n affection
Suddenly Shekhar enters with a lady n a child of raginis age
Shekhar: Janaki I am sorry but I hav to tell u something. Bfor I met u I loved sharmistha n this is our daughter swara. I can’t leave them
Janaki hearing this dies out of shock
Nanu: Janakiii . Shekhar main tumhe kabhi maaf nahi karoonga. I will take my grandchildren with me
Shekhar: No u cant.
We had a fight n then I took ur bro n left .
Fb ends
Rags: Cries . U know I always wanted a bro . Now I hav got one. But I don’t know whether to b happy or sad at my fate. Here I hav found new relations while breaking all the earlier relations. Ragini sobs
Sid: Princess plz tell us what has happened. I vow that i wont leave that person.
Ragini doesn’t say anything. She keeps mum.

Nanu: Its ok Ragu if u don’t want to say it.
Ragini then starts.
Rags: My story starts with when I was 10 yrs old.

For the first 10 yrs we all lived together. Misthi maa never liked me. She used to ill-treat me n always love swara. I used to silently cry in my room. Dada n dadi could not bear it. Dadi used to come to my room n console me like a mom. She was like my second mother. So dadu decided to divide the house . One part was me dada n dadi while other was of Shona ma n papa. As years passed enemity grew. But there a flower of love blossoming in the rivalry. That was of mine n Shona. We were soul sisters. At age of 21 we decided to unite our family. So we made our plan n we also succeeded in it . For the first time dad spoke to me. I was very happy. But I also wanted to b independent like Shona n thus at age 22 I decided to find a job . Who knew that this was a turning point of my life. Who knew that I will meet two most imp.persons of my life who will change my life forever . Those 2 people are laksh maheshwari and sanskar rathore

Credit to: kajal

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