Hey guys i am back , n ya people who r having doubt that if the pair is ragsan or not , i just wanna say that ragsan is the pair but their love story is quite confused , complicated .but to know whats in store keep reading. ya n always keep smiling.—————————————————————————————————————————————————–

rags is back in her room n staring at the moon when swara enters.
swara:ohh madam where r u lost. u know ragu i really appreciate ur boss. he is just the same as u said but feed me with some info yaar.
rags (still looking at moon): shona what should i say about sanky , he always keeps amazing me with his different shades but one thing is clear tat he has a golden heart . the person who would be his mate will be lucky. oh ya from lucky i remember laksh.
swara(In dreamy tone):what to say abt laksh he is just an amazing person kinna flirt but respects and cares for all. he is childish and fun loving.
rags:k sleep or else we will get late for tmrw.
swara:good night ladoo.

rags: good night shona.

rags wakes up and calls sanky as per their daily routine she gets ready n goes to office where she is informed that today there is a party .
rags:sanky party again, i am tired . see i have to purchase clothes n for that i need khushi but that ediot is busy.
sanky:y fear when sanky here.
rags gives a shocked look.
rags:sanky can u select a dress . i have a doubt.
sanky: oye dont underestimate the pover of sanskar rathore.
rags: okay lets go.
sanky and rags leave to a boutique where sanky finds a beautiful gown for rags. rags is in awe. then rags selects suit for sanky which looks absolutely stunning. sanky drops rags home .rags gets ready for the party when a car arrives.
driver:mam sir has given this bouquet and card for u. rags looks at the card which says:

rags has a beautiul smile on her lips. she sits in the car. after sometime she reaches there and she sees a black poshe standing all grand.suddenly a hand comes forward. rags looks at the hand and then at the face. she gives her hand in his hand and smiles.
sanky says:

“oh this moon is not comparable to your beauty.let alone it be me who steals you away from this heaven”
rags smiles and replies:
“oh dear prince i can give my soul to you if u ask even ,this right is of mine to be always your first maiden”

soon both join the party hand in hand when they see swalak . four of them keep gossiping and sanskar steals glances from swara.(guys the above lines by ragini and sanskar are just said in a friendly way but deep down their heart its just truth which they r unknown so dont confuse).
but there is someone gazing at ragini with evil intensions.rags just goes for washroom as drink spills on her dress and the man follows her.
man: oh baby ur freaking hot.
rags gets scared.
rags: excuse me what r u doing in womens washroom.
man:oh babe i did not wann ascare u see i will pay u lots of money but instead i want u for one night.
rags is scared n yells

rags:you pervert, b*t*h of a son go or else u will land in trouble. u dont know who i am .
but the man doesnt stop he moves closer to ragini.
here sanskar has a feeling that something is wrong. he feels rags is in touble.
before the man touches ragini someone beats him . its sanky.
sanky: how dare u douchebag try to touch her. you f**king crazy man i will set ur ass right now.
sanky eyes are blood shot with anger. he beats the man black and blue when a scared ragini stops him.
rags: sanky plz stop.
soon swalak join sanrag.
swara:ragu r u ok.
ragini doesnt answer .
laksh also asks but there is no reply.
but suddenly sanky hugs rags.
rags sobs i sankys arm.

rags:san…..sanky… if u hadnt come hen what would have happenned. she cries more. this upsets sanky. he asks laksh to hand this man to police and takes rags.
swara: sanky i trust you . plz keep rags safe.ragsn drive somewhere far off the city.
its a place with a beautiful lake a bridge. the starms on the night sky are shining like diamonds.

sanky: rags theres no problem now. angel no one can hurt you when i am there.
rags hugs sanky and cries.sanky lets rags cry as she will feel better.after sometime.
rags:thnx sanky for saving me. but how do u know that i am in trouble?
sanky:just as u know when i need u the most. bcaz we promised eachother to be together whenever we need eachother. so that promise is basically connected to our heart so i know.k stop questioning. u know bcaz of u my coat is wet. i think i dont need to give it for laundry as it is already washed with your tears.
rags smiles and hits him playfully.
rags;sanky this place is wonderful.
sanky:i know.
rags: sanky i wanna ask u something. be truthful.
sanky is a bit tensed.
sanky:ok ask.

rags takes deep breath.
rags: sanky do u love swara?
sanky is dumb.
sanky: wh…why r u asking this?
rags:yes or no.
sanky takes a deep breath now and answers
sanky: yes i fell for swar on first sight.
rags beams with happiness and hugs sanky.
rags:sanky u could have said it to me earlier. u know i am very happy.
sanky: i was just scared.

rags: scarec why?
sanky: bcaz asking a sis for her sisters hand is tough bcaz ur my friend and i thought u will reject me for ur sis.
rags:sanky no i will never bcaz ur the man which every woman dreams off.
both talk random things lying on the floor.
rags pov:
u know am very happy that sanky loves swara. which sis could find a better bride than sanky but i dont know y i felt a peircing pain in heart when sanky saaid he loves swara. i think bcaz he is my best friend and i dont like sharing him.oh i think i am too possesive about sanky.
pov ends.
sanky pov:
i dont know why i felt an ache in heart while saying that i love swara. i am confused y did i have that feeling but i am even more confusec that y i am jealous that angel likes laksh. ya angel likes laksh its something diff. its maybe bcaz i am used to angel and dont wanna share her with anyone
sr pov ends

here swalak have great time as laksh proposes swara and they find their new found love.

precap:sanky and laksh invited for dinner. swara and dadi talk about ragsan. ragini worried for sanky. janmastami in gadodia mansion.lets see what fate has in their destiny.

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