Woah guys I am too late right but I hav come to an conclusion that if I am unable to update once in 2 weeks then you will obviously find me writing os on different pairs as I feel that all must have their own gift of their own pairs by me so this is a msg to all other fans that u can also read ur favourite one n ya I also wanna tell you that the pairs are ragsan only but their story of love doesn’t start here it starts with a misconception. So lets going n ya sry I forgot this one love u all a lot dear. Stay happy n also spread happiness and positivity.———————————-

So all for leave
Rags is walking behind but is lost in her own world. She just keeps reminding of laksh. Oh she is all bowled over him. Rags hits a stone n is going to fall when so one catches her. Rags has her eyes closed .
Laksh:miss ragini you can open ur eyes.
Rags opens her eyes nnkeeps staring at laksh.
While here swasan are looking at them.
Swara is angry n coughs to get their attention while sanky is staring at swara.
Sanky (in mind) : oh I wish this could have happenec with me n swara. It would be just adorable to have her in my arms but how ? Wait how can laksh touch my angel? Oh man I hav to be careful with him. He must not hurt my angel my life.wait… woah man when did ragini become your life? Oh ya she is my life as she is my bestie my supporter.

Swara: laksh Can we move.
Laksh can sense that swara is jealous. He smiles a wicked smile
Laksh: oh yay miss swara.
Sanky:Angel r u okay ? R u hurt?
Rags : no sanky I am okay.
Swalak: Angel…. sanky. Can you guys plz explain y r u calling each other like this?
Both ragsan r shocked to listen both asking the same question together.
Ragsan burst out laughing.
Ragini:oh I am sry but u guys were really funny. K lemme tell you that sanky Ulf sansksr is my frnd dum my boss.
Sanky:n rags us my angel, my bestie. My relief in everyboain, my solution to every problem.
Swara smiles hearing this.

Swsra:k let’s go sanky.
Sanky:wait miss swara I wanna tell u this that no one calls me sanky except my close frnds who r near to my heart. So plz call me sanskar.
Swara:okay .(in mind) but I think soon I will call u as juju looking at each other . U really care abt each other like two soulmates.
Laksh:(in mind ):swara us jealous by my closeness with ragini . If I flirt with ragini then obviously she will turn red like a tomato.
Laksh:okay but bfor that I will tell u that plz call me lucky as I am lucky not lakshya as its too old for a young hot s*xy guy like me
All laugh.

Swaragsan:ok laksh baba uff lucky.
All go for having their lunch while on the way swara dress gets spoiled as a waiter drops juice on her. Swara is irked n leaves to clean while here laksh is flirting with rags . When rags remembers that she left her phone in car n goes to pick. Sanky goes for checking swara.
swara comes out n bangs with sanskar n falls in his arms. Sanskar keeps looking at swara and is lost in her.
Swara then comes to her senses n blushes. She goes with sanskar.
Rags has come back n is they r seated to eat n rags eats a dish . She senses that it has mushroom n screams stoppppp.
Rags:swara sanky don’t eat that.

Lsksh:ragini what happened .
Sanky:Angel Kay hua.?
Swarms is all shocked
Rags:swara sanky r u ok? Thank God u didn’t eat this or else …
Lakdg:what rags?
Rags :laksh this has mushroom if sanky or swara would have had this then it could be poisonous to their body.
Saying this rags hugs swara.
Rags:shona y r u not careful while eating n ya sanky if anything happened to you n.a. I would have died.
Sanky:shush… never tell like that.
Laksh: but rags how do u know that swara has allergy to mushroom.
Both swarag bite their tongue.
Swara:oops ragu now we have to tell them.
Rsgs:ya shona.
Sanlsk:what r u hiding from us?
Rags:the truth is swara is my sister.
Sanku mouth opens wide.
Sanky pov:

Abbe sanky tu jiske khwab dekh raha tha who Teri Angel ki been his. Now sanky what will u say to ragini ? How will you show ur face to her.
Sanky pov ends.
Laksh:lucky what the he’ll is happening? The girl who I was flirting to make my lady love jealous is my lady loves sister. Her ragu . Laksh now ur gone. Both saali n biwi both will eat u raw especially swara.
Laksh pov ends.

Swarag: haha u look like someone has pulled away the land beneath your feet.
Sanlak: k it’s enough for today plz lets have the food.
All finish their foods n go.
IN SANKY CAR:sanky is driving n here rags is lost in thoughts of laksh . Sanyo is just remembering the scene of swara n him in hotel n sing .

(Hum jo chalane lage, chalane lage hain yeh raaste
Aa ha ha ha manjil se behtar lagane lage hai yeh raaste) – 2
Aao kho jaaye hum, ho jaaye hum yuun laapata
Aao milo chalein, jaana kahaan na ho pata
Hum jo chalane lage, chalane lage hain yeh raaste
Aa ha ha ha manjil se behtar lagane lage hai yeh raaste

(Baithe baithe aise kaise koi rasta naya sa milein
Tu bhi chalein main bhi chaloon, honge kam yeh tabhi faasalein) – 2
Aao tera mera na ho kisise waasta
Aao milo chalein, jaana kahaan na ho pata
Hum jo chalane lage, chalane lage hain yeh raaste
Aa ha ha ha manjil se behtar lagane lage hai yeh raaste
Ho ho ho o o thani kahi gayi main samjhaayuun – 2
Ki thaare bina ji na lage – 2

(Aankhein kholein nindein bolein jaane kaisi jagi bekhudi
Yahaan wahaan dekho kahaan leke jaane lagi bekhudi) – 2
Aao mil jaayega hoga jahaan pe raasta
Aao milo chalein, jaana kahaan na ho pata
Hum jo chalane lage, chalane lage hain yeh raaste
Aa ha ha ha manjil se behtar lagane lage hai yeh raaste

Eagini who was deep in thoughts was broken from her thoughts by sankys song. She just was lost in sankys song .
Rags:sanky u look happy . Arent u too happy. Wats the reason?
Sanky:(covering up): nothing like that angel .
Rags:k sanky but u really sing well y don’t u sing often.
Sanky:bcaz I left singing when kavitha left.
Sanky:don’t be.
Rags (naughtily): so after kavitha went u never sang so ways so special that u sang today. Did u find someone who stole your heart?
Shaky suddenly applies brakes n rags is shocked.
Rags:sanky I was just joking plz don’t b angry.
Sanky: ragu I am not angry its just your home came rags looks outside n th end smiles at sanskar.
She opens the door but suddenly pulls sankys cheeks n kisses him on his cheeks.
Rags:this was for the song . Bye.
Saying this rags runs.

Sanky keeps his hand on his cheeks where rags kissed n a smile appears on his face.
Sanky:pagal ladki , poore jhalli has who.
Shaky then leaves.
Rags goes inside n freshen up.
She starts thinking abt today n an right smile comes on her face.
Rags pov:
Y did I kiss sanky? Oh god he would have been embarrassed with me n y is laksh so tempting , hot s*xy n looming. While look on other hand sanky is tall, masculine, hot , s*xy , dark ,looming, his eyes r fathomless anyone can fall in deep mazes if they look at his eyes. N ya rags y r u comparing laksh with sanky? I think u hav gone crazy, but the truth is I LOVE U LAKSHYA MAHESHWARI.Rags smiles n sleeps.

Precap: a function to attend . Rags to humiliate, sanky to take rags side n encourAge her. Rags happy knowing sanky loves swara.
A dinner with the gadodia, laksh n sanky.

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