sry guys i am late. maybe its one month of my updating but i am so sorry . i know that i am a very bad commenter n a writer as i dont comment much nor do i post ff regularly. but the truth is i hardly get time to write a ff or comment. 1 st sorry to all other writters for not commenting and also to my readers for making you wait to long. k so kajal starting . guys enjoy———————————————————————————————————

the story starts with next morning in kolkata. both ragsan were so tired after travelling and thus slept peacefully remembering the promises they had made..

as the sun shines with its grace
desting plays a new game
introducing them to new dawn
which can be the last of all.

so thats what the nature says
ragini wakes up in the mrng and first she calls someone.
here sanky listens to a phone ringing and in deep slumber mumbles
sr:oh you f**king person cant let me sleep or what. just shut ur a*sh*le n dont wake me up.
rags gets angry( ya ya rags calling sanky)
rags; u stupid moron , bastard sanky get up or i am coming to pour water on you n ya plz check who is calling before speaking. bye dumb ass.
rags ends the call n smiles thinking abt sanky.
here sanky gets up in a thud after listening to rags voice.
sr: oh god now angel will sue me to death, she wont speak with me. oh gosh .
sanky hurriedly gets ready n comes to office.
rags is waiting for sanky in his cabin. sanky enters.

rags goes to him n catches his ears.
sanky: sry angel, so sry never thought that u were calling me this earlier.
rags: thats y this is ur punishment.huh i hate you. i am literally angry .now u have to make up for me.

sanky suddenly pullls two chocolates from his pockets. rags eyes gleam .she snatches them n starts eating it. sanky just keeps adoring her. when they hear someone.
employee:sir mam we need to go for a meeting with lm grp of companies. so plz hurry.
sr:oh shit i forgot abt it . literally man how come?
rags:its okay sanky presentation is ready lets move.
sr: ok angel n he plants a kiss on rags cheeks(guys in friendly manner)
rags blushes
rags:chalo mere devil.

ragsan r travelling.

kaun janta tha ki aaj wo unse milenge jo unki zindagi badal dega
kaun janta tha ki woh ladka kiske dil main beth jayega
kaun janta tha ki woh ladki kisko pagal banayegi
kaun janta tha ki woh sirf unka vaham tha.

kismat la khadi hai unhe us rah par jaha se mudna mumkin nahi
jaha se suro hogi ek anokhi dastan
jaha se suro hoga on dono ka silsila
dono honge nasamaj jo vaham ko sach manege
par kya woh dono sacchi mohabbat payenga?
kya jo do aur insaan inke zindagi ko tabah kar denge?

lets see what destiny plans.
ragsan get out of their car n go to the meeting hall.
just then the other guy enters.

girls pov:
oh god he is so damn hot just like a greek god. oh his behaviour his attitude his style is all amazing. i think i have fallen in love. oh god this is love at first sight. ragu ma ur in love. yaya i am in love.
pov ends.
then enters agirl
the boy is just staring at her. the boy is non other than sanky

sr pov:

oh my my. she i so damn preety. preetier than any woman except my angel. she is too hot. a perfect combination of beauty with brains after my ragoo. my angel. i wish i could just keep on staring at her. her black orbs elegant posture, sweet face. i am already mad on her. i love her. yes i love her
pov ends.
hee rags is shocked to see the girl n even the girl is shocked.
ragini( in mind):oh gracious this is shona means i am in lakshya maheshwaris office. the grt laksh maheshwari leading bussiness tycoon of india .
laksh n swara introduce themselves.
laksh: hello mr.rathore i am laksh maheshwari, owner of lr grp of companies and meet my assistant swara .

swara: hello mr . rathore nice to meet you.
sanky just keeps looking at swara n here rags is adoring laksh
sr:its nice meeting you mr maheshwari. i am sanskar ratore n this is my assistant ragini
ragini shakes hands with laksh but holds it for 5 mins but comes back to reality n leaves lakshya hand
ragini starts acting formally n after 2 hrs presentation get over,
sr: we really liked this presentation n we r ready to sign the papers.
rags:sanky as we have finalised the deal y dont we go out for having lunch
swara: thats a grt idea
laksh : ya its a great idea.
all four leave for lunch

precap:lunch n bonding btw swasan , raglak,swalak,ragsan n sanlak.revealation of truth about swaragini

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    Ragsan scenes were so cute and adorable
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  8. kajal or sudipta

    Hey guys first pairs are ragsan only but they have a very tragic love story. N ya ragsan love each other but as a frnd but soon rags will realise that she loves sanky n swalak r their attraction.
    Ya it’s confusing but let the flashback get over n you will realise the total story track. Hope have fun reading.

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