Hey guys I know your angry dissapointed and lot more n ya I really deserve them . I even know that I am to lazy but sry sweeties for being late n ya as I had promised this one will be large . Hope indont bore you or dissapointed you. N ya darling after this ff I think I will write a new one based on your pair’s like swasan , raglak n more as I think every fan should be satisfied so hope you tell me your view. K let’s start now as I think I am only boring you guys. —————————————————————————-
The epi starts with ragsan walking towards each other.

Sanky pov:

Oh god she is really s*xy beautiful hot breathtaking n lot more. N look here all the dumb headed f**king crazy stupid maniacs r eying her. I really will kill them n feed their body to the wild animals for looking at her with lust. She is my angel n she deserves someone better who loves her. Let a guy eye her I will break his knuckles.
Sr pov ends.

Rags pov:
Oh holy god heaven knows who is he? He is stunning fabulous n all dark n looming just like a Prince in armour. Every girl just wants a man like him. But that doesn’t mean that all the hitches dumb douchebag slugs look at him. I swear on God I will pull their eyes from their sockets n feed them to the crows. He is my sanskar n he deserves more beautiful girl who understands his heart.
Rags pov ends.

Sansksr goes near rags n holds her by her waist n pulls her yowards him. Rags is all still n is just looking at his eyes when sanskar bends n whispers in her years.
Sr:you look gorgeous n breathtaking. Plz don’t ever came like this as you can give hesrt attack to everyone.
Rags blushes deeply.
Rags:sanky even u look handsome no you just look like a Prince . Every girl is made on you.
Both keep looking at each other when their eyelovk is broken by a voice.
Mr mehra :oh look here we have our special guests n the most beautiful couple tonight-welcome Mr rathore n miss gadodia.
Sr:thnx Mr mehra n the party is awesome.
Rags:yes the party is beautiful . K excuse me you men can continue with your talks.
Rags leaves.

Both ragsan r busy talking with business initiatives but at intervals both look at each other.
Mr mehra n Mrs mehra convo.
Mrs mehra:lock at them they r such a beautiful couple just made in heaven pairs.
Mr mehra:ya ur true . Look at them how they care for each other. But they r still unknown.
Mrs. Mehra:let them be because when they know by themselves they will cherish this relationship. God bless them
Convo ends.
Sr is busy talking n he goes to the bar when he collides with some person n its revealed to be dhiraj Roy . Sr long enemy.
Dhiraj:oh man nice to see you here. Never thought that a stupid slug n donkey like you can be here.
Sr with sarcasm:even I never thought that a monkey sorry a mad monkey n loon head like you will be here. So hwz is your life?
DR (guys DRrefers to dhiraj Roy ):I am fine dude n tell me who have you found after the hot chick kavitha. She really is beautiful.
Sr controls his anger.

Sr:none of your b ussiness.
DR :oh man easy I just named ur ex you turned violent. I really pity you for falling for her. You know she wss sweet n delicious. Still cant forget that night. But you know the girl who was with you in this party doesn’t deserve you man she doesn’t deserve a loser , she deserves a player. N I bet if I ask her for a night with me she will be ready to leave you .
Sanky clenches his fist with anger. This is seen by a pair of eyes.
Rags:oh god sanky is angry , plz save that guy. I wish he doesn’t create a mens here. I must stop him.
Sr: oh I see but I think she will not choose you bcaz I think she likes prince not beggars n ya where is your kavitha did she ditch you. Poor guy.
Now dhiraj is angry. But then rags comes.

Rags goes near sanky n keeps her palm on Sr shoulder. Sanky immediately wraps his arms on her waist. Rags is shocked by this.
Rsgs:sanky calm down plz we don’t wanna create a mess here. Plz calm down.
DR :oh beautiful lady what s sweet voice you have. May I know what r u doing with this loser n will you like to accompany me a I can provide you paradise if you wish.
Rags gets angry by listening to his words.
Rags :excuse me Mr I don’t have any interest in accompanying idiots like you n I better know who r losers so plz leave us alone will you. N ya Mr before opening your mouth just remember that Sr is not a loser but you r n also you r an idiotic maniac chewing n biting away others head.
Dhiraj is very angry now. Sr leaves in anger n rags follows him.
Rags shouting:sanky wait wait……. sanky wait na plz.

But Sr is to angry to hear, he sits in his car n slams the door . Rags also sits in a hurry.
Sr:ragini plz get out n leave me alone.
Rags :no I am not going anywhere.
Sr:k then don’t . But don’t argue that you were almost going to die today.
Rags gets scared but stays silent. Sr drives the car very rashly n rags is scared to the core. After 2 hrs they reach a location ehichbis far away ftom the city.
Sr moves out n rags then comes out .
Rags :I am dumbstruck to see such a place. Look at this the cool breeze of the sea , the shining waves which gives peace, the night sky full of stars n the silence. It’s just wonderful. Look at the rocks there they r just beautiful.

Rags then searches for sanky n finds him sitting on the rock with his head down. Rags goes near him n finds his hand bleeding n his face full of wet tears.
Rags:sanky what happened to your hand n y r u crying . Plz speak something plzźzzzzz.
She takes sanky hand but sanky pushes her . Rags now firmly takes his hand n ties her hanky over his hand.
Rags hugs him n sanky cries hugging her.
Rags: sanky Kya hua? Is everything fine.

Sr:Angel kyun mera athith mera phicha nahi chodtha ? Y ? Rags u know I was just 10 yrs when ma died . I cried a lot but ma didn’t come. Dad then shifted to US for his job n did not bother to look at me. He used to come late n I was always lonely n then I found arnav . He was also lonely . I thought that know I am not alone and soon arnav turned to my best frnd n my brother. I got love n care from his Dadi n anjali di. Then during collage I met khushi who turned to be my gud frnd n I loved to enjoy her fights with arnav n then came her. She came n turned my life. She made me believe that I can be loved by someone n someone cares for me . She was my life, my kavitha but who knew that it was all fake. I fell for her deeply , madely . Khushi did not like her n warned me but I ignored her as I was do blind in love but she broke my trust . After 2 yrs of completion of collage on that dreadful night I saw her enjoying with a guy who was my enemy she said that she never loved me but was behind my money. I was all shattered n from then I did not believe in women . But again you came you changed my perceptions n when today I met dhiraj I was scared that I may loose you like others. You will leave me n go N I will be scattered but if I broke this time I will never be fine.

Rags is crying n she then gives a tight slap to sandkar.
Rags:sanskar this is what you give value to our frndship , this is what u hav trust on me. Ya obviously this is my fault I am so unlucky so untrustworthy that every one thinks like that . I curse myself when I was born.
Samky is shocked to see rags crying badly.
Sr:Angel plz I am sry . I was just too scared. You r not unlucky.

Rags:no I am . Just look when I was born my mom died due to shock as she got to know that my father loved someone before mom n they had a 3 months old daughter. She felt she came in btw n so she died. After that bcaz of me Dada n Dadi divided the house into two just bcaz dad blamed me for ma’s death n soon the family ties broke. I always used to see swara being loved by Sumi ma n papa while I got the cold treatment. I slways craved for love n I was lonely but then I loved swara n she loved me. We reconciled the families but still dad doesn’t talk with me properly. Then u came in my life . I thought I got a frnd with whom I can share my pain, my feelings, my happiness but see I made him cry. He doesn’t trust me. I must leave your lure.
Saying this rags gets up when Sr pulls her back.

Sr:rags I am sry but plz don’t go.
Rags:but y .
Sr:bcaz ur the only one who I shared all my thoughts, ur the only I deserve as a frnd.
Rags:k promise I Wong go.

Sr:but you have to promise me something more. You hav to promise me that u will always be there when I need you, you will always stand beside me no matter what, u must never leave me n go, ur first priority must be me ,? Promise me.
Rags:I promise on stars on my breath on my soul on these waves that I will always be near you n support you no matter what n always protect you from all the evils n pains just like an shield. But you must also promise me that u will always care for me , never let me go no matter what, never let me cry , never let me forget you n I must be your first priority n also u will always remain with me. Promise.

Sr:I promise on my life , on my heart beat on the sky on the huge forests that sanskar rathore will never let any pain in you, never let u cry, never let you go, al ways be there for you n u will always be my first priority. I promise that I will always trust you.
Both keep hand in hand n lay fown n look at the stars.

Rags pov :
I don’t no why I was affected badly by s anskars tears, y his tears were like burns on my heart, y my heart ached when he cried, y I was jealous about kavitha, y I was ready to throttle kavitha n y his promises his words had so much effect on me that I am ready to die for him. I don’t know but I just can assume that I feel this bcaz I am his foil frnd ya correct his soul frnd. Never thought I can share my past with someone like him.
Rags pov ends.

Sr pov:
I font know y rags tears made me cry , her pain felt like my pain , her promises mattered me the most. It was like she was my soul frnd, ya soul frnd. Never thought so that I will be close to someone more than arnav. She really has an soothing effect, she is just like the tender nectar. I just know that I believe her.
Sr pov ends.

Rags:sanky u ediot bcaz of u I did not have anything for dinner. Now ur gonna get something for me.
Sr:k madam . Your wish is my command.
Both go n r driving when rags sees a chart shop in street n pulls sanky to have it. Sanyo mskes disgusting faces while eating them n cursing him for agreeing to rags .
They both go back to Kolkata. Time passes away . 2 weeks r over after coming from the trip.

Precap:ragsan b ussiness meeting with swalak n l aksh entry in their lives . Fun moments with them n many new frnds

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