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both ragsan r sleeping when ragini gets a dream .

Oh god look at this place it’s beautiful. It’s like heaven in this devilish earth . Oh god why has he brought me here? N where is he? Suddenly a guy comes out he is so handsome. A true prince with devilish features n sinful smile. He looks at her n his mind says oh beauty on earth is she this? Y did I not see her earlier. Her perfect curves her smooth milky skin with delicate features I just wanna take her in the bed n funk her so badly that she forgets breathing. He comes to her n asks for a dance while dancing he solids his rough hard hands into her tender waist catching her more tightly n pulling her towards him planting wet kisses. But rags is unable to see his face due to the mask. She suddenly wakes up from sleep due to this dream n starts blushing .

Rags pov:
Oh god what was that dream for? Who was that masked man I really need to find out ? After that party I can’t forget him n even remove him from my thoughts . Oh you blo*dy woman . I am driving crazy . Look at this sanky how he is sleeping as if he is on a dream world. He is damn hot even now . Oh god rags stop staring at him its like if you get a chance you will end up ducking him. Go to sleep baby?
Rags pov ends.
She sleeps .
Nxt mrng both sanky gets up he sees rags sleep in n smiles. He then goes to washroom. After sometime rags wakes up n sees around .
Rags:oh I woke up late. I am sure sanky would hav left for the meeting. I couldn’t even wish him.
Suddenly the washroom doors open n here comes sanky with only towel wrapped around him showing his s*xy orbs n his nine packs. Rags looking at this turns n even sanky is shocked.
Sr:Angel did u see anything?
Rags:no sanky I didn’t see anything n not even ur 9 packs.
Sanky :what?
Rags:oops sry? K now plz wear something.
Sr smiles n thinks to trouble rags. He goes near rags n rags looking at this moves back.
Rags :s ….sa…….sanky what r u doing?
Sr:rags u know what I am doing. I hav a plan y don’t I cancel my meeting today n spend some quality time with you.
Rags:sanky stoppppppppp. Plz I I will ask sry for all my mistakes but stop.
Sr:what mistakes angel n he comes more close.
Rags bangs with the wall n sanky keeps his hands on both sides.
Rags:k I am sry bcaz I actually took petrol from your car (says in one go)
Sanky: what? That means it was you n he grabs her by her waist .

Swanky smiles n then bursts out laughing. Rags now understands that it was his plan n gets angry n pushes him n runs to the washrooms n smiles there.
Sr:(shots)oh angel get ready fast as even ur coming for meeting.
He also goes away .
Both then travel to office where they hav the meeting. The meeting starts n soon they find out that their presentation is already leaked to the other company. Both gets tensed.
Sanky n rags CONVO.
Sr:Angel now what do we do? I seriously need this as we want trust from Indians n also I never lose.
Rags:don’t worry sanky I will handle .

Sr:but how?
Rags:wait n watch dear sanky.
Both go into the confrence hall n rags takes a pensive . She goes n opens a new presentation which she had designed n starts explaining. Swanky is shocked to see the presentation as its much better than the other one which was prepared by Sheena. All stand up n gives applause to rags. The deal gets finalised with Sr constructions.
Sr: Angel that was awesome y didn’t u blo*dy b*t*h dumb woman tell me or showed me the presentation?
Rags:sanky I am sry bcaz I was scared n I am glad that devil liked my presentation.
Sr:what devil ? WAIT n watch u .
Both stop as Mr . Mehta comes to them

Mr. Mehra:so Mr rathore n miss…
Rags: Ragini gadodia sir.
Mr mehra: so miss ur ragini gadodia the grand daughter of Deendayal gadodia . Oh mam nice yo meet you. So nzm n sirvwould you like to attend today’s party for the completion of 25 yrs of our company n even for today’s deal.
Sanky was gonna say something when rags interrupts him.
Rags:y not for sure.
Swanky looks at ragini in anger.

Sr:k sir we will attend the party.
Mr Mehta goes.
Sr:Angel y did you say that we will attend?
Rags:oh sanky we hav come so let’s attend it n.a..plźzzzzzzz
Sr:oķ ragu ma.
Both go shopping for today’s party.
you can see many people there gossiping n having drinks. N suddenly a beautiful girls comes from the stairs. People look at her n there we see a guy looking at her .
Guys pov:
Oh god she was there in all her beauty . The most beautiful female ever created by earth in her long black gown curled up hair tied into a bun n matching accessories looking as beautiful as angel. True the name angel was only applicable to her gorgeous femininity. Damn hot n s*xy her elegance just needed a masculine touch . All the eyes just ogling her beauty. What was she?.
Guys pov ends. N the girl is revealed to b ragini.
Here ragini eyes r just searching for one person n her eyes goes to the guy who was standing there n looking at her.

Rags pov:
He was none less a Prince no no Lucifer in disguise all godly N hot stealing everything from everyone. Oh his brown orbs his chocolate eyes n his framework just gave a killing look . All the women around were awestruck. But she was possessive. How dare he give a smile to the beautiful b***ces. He was just ber sanky? Just her?
Rags pov ends. N ya the boy is revealed to be sanky.
Sanky looks at her n he thinks:There she was most elegant. His inner voice said oh look she comes with her beauty creating urge to the devilish features. How dare she look so s*xy n hot ? How dare she let all the men ogle her? She was just his only his? How dare she?.
But both inscience striked them . Y did they name each other as just theirs? Oh hell on earth what was happening? But they ignored their conscience n walked to each other to tell others that they were for each other.

Precap:dance n unleash of pain

Credit to: kajal

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