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the epi starts with sanky driving he has already travelled half of distance. here in the back seat rags wakes up only to find darkness surrounding her. she then comes to reality that she is lockd in sankys car.
ragini:oh god where am i struck . sanky is gonna kill me the devil b*t*h i am . ok baby ragu calm r senses dont behave like a damsel in distress. if u really wanna get out from here you need to shout. so start babe. sanky sankyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
rags keeps on shouting.
here in car sanky is busy talking via bluetooth when he hears his name

sr:oh who the f**kin hell is calling me n fro is this sound coming from. oh devil y am i able to hear angel. damn u blo*dy moron you have started hallucinating . just calm ur senses dude or else people will mistake you as a maniac who has eloped from an asylum.
but again he hears his name n so he stops the car n goes back to open the door n check. when he opens it he finds ragini n ragini crushes him with a hug.
sr: oh u b*t*h what r u doing in my car n ya plz stop hugging me people already think us as a coupl i dont want them to think that ur my childs mother n ya plz stop it or else any other guy will take you to his bed n i am not responsible.
rags: hey u i am not intrested in hugging you n also not having a child with you just stay away u devil i am just stuck n ya now its ur responsibility to drop me.

sr: hey u woman dont dream of me dropping you caz i have no time . if u really wanna go home then fetch urself a ride without getting raped.
rags opens her mouth in shock.
sr: n ya plz close ur mouth i dont think u will envy having a nest of mosquitoes in ur mouth.
ragini at once closes her mouth n she thinks of saying something but is interrupted by him.
sr: oh u woman come sit i dont wanna get late.
rags silently goes n sit.
rags: hey actually could i lend ur phone?
sr: y dont u hav one?
rags: actually while my phone fell in your car it broke so i cant make call n i need to inform parents.
sr: oh a parents dearie . ok tell me r u a mommas pet or a daddys sweeetie honey?
rads: y do u care u devil . lend me ur phone(in an irritated voice)
sr: for that u need to talk saccharine sweetly n also beg me.

rags(in mind):u dobhead umbhead rascal ediot i wont beg my foot. i really want u kill u here n give u to the vultures. but see i am in a mess with you.
rags: plzzzzz my dear sanky.
sr: oh but for that first u need to say sorry my lil dragon.
rags: k sorry plz lend me ur phone.
sr gives his phone n rags calls her dadi n tells her everything n asks her permission.
she gives back the phone. they travel when sankys car stops.
sr: oh shit blo*dy dam hell how did the petrol get over?
rags remembers everything n bites her tongue.
rags(in mind):oh god if sanky gets to know that its me he will hang me to death. y the hell did i get struck with him what a mess hav i created? u damn blo*dy woman ur solely responsible for this.
sanky then calls his manager n informs him abt his condition only to get his phone battery damn dead.

sr: oh shit this phone battery. woman if ur there u create problems . y did u speak so long that my damn cell battery got over?
rags: what the hell. first how dare u say me as a trouble maker ? u used to say that i am ur lucky charm n now i hate you u damn bastard.n ya u should hav checked ur battery before coming . dont u hav a charger?
sr: i dont know whee is it n ya i am sry as i said u that u trouble maker as i was angry with you angel sry.
rags: k i forgive you but now what should we do?

sr takes his bag n walks with rags. they walk for a long distance but dont find anybody they soon come into a jungle n rags gets tired.
rags: sanky i cant walk amymore.
sr: angel so do u need to be carried? or shoud i arrange a lavish car in the jungle with sarcasm?
rags: hey dont act smart.
they keep on walking when they come to a point where the road diverges.
sr: angel i think we should go left.
rags: no we should go right.
sr: no left
rags: no right.

sr : left
rags: right.
sr: k u go ur way i will go my way
rags: k final bye sanky.
they bot part ways n walk when sanky hears rags scream. he gets scared n runs in rags direction. only to find her in a dig n that to unconscious. he gets her up n takes the water present in his bag n sprinks water on her face.
sr: i said u no woman we should go by left. but u r proud head n see what trouble ur in.
rags potes n says: k i am sorry lets go. but see my dress r all dirty.
sr: k woman i will get you clothes dont worry.
rags smiles.
they walk n finally reach to a road where rags sees a washroom.
she goes to clean her clothes wen someone steals her clothes.

sr here sees rags going with a guy.
sr: angel where r u going? angellll.
he gets a tap on his shoulder n turns to find his angel dressed in a beautiful lehenga. he keeps on staring her.
rags: sanky i am here . someone stole my clothes. oh grt.
sanky: y does tis only happen with you angel. k lets move.
they get a cab n get to know that a bride ran from her wedding . they get their help as they hink rags to be the bride .
botn ragsan sit at the back seat only . rags sleeps on shanky shoulder by resting hr head n sanky sleeps by keeping his head on ragini.
if anyone looked at themthey may be mistaken as a lovely couple.

both wake up after sometime to reach mumbai. sanky goes into a five star hotel n asks his room no.
sr: mam could you plz check if there is a room booked by sanskar rathore?
receptionist: yes sir there is booking by mr rathore yesterday evening. here is ur key n ur room is 1001.
sr: mam do u hav another room vacant.
receptionist: sry sir we dont hav any roomvacant.
sr: k thank you mam.
sr goes to ragini.
sr: angel i am sry there is no extra room so u need to share room with me.
rags: whatt? r u crazy? share room with you.oh devil cant u get a roo vacant
sr: if so then u can try angel.
rags: huh i am tired. its k i wil share the room.but what abt my clothes?
sr: dont worry u will get clothes in ur room.

both ragsan go to room n sanky gets busy with work.
rags is waiting whe her door bell rings. rags goes to answer it n finds a lady with clothes shos n acessories. the lady greets rags n gives her the bags.
rags goes in n freshens up. sge wears the dress n comes out.
rags is wearing a beautiful long red gown n matching accessories. she looks stunning in her attire with her wet hair . sanky keeps on looking her.
sr pov:

oh god rags looks so s*xy. its like the red gown is a second skin attached to her body showing her curves precisely. her wet hair gives her a sizzling look. if any guy notices her like this he would surely like to mark her his. oh god sanky what r u thinking just stop ur thoughts. rags is ur frnd ur angel n from when did you become a pervert. stop ogling her body.
sr pov ends.
they both then hav their dinner n go to sleep . sanky is on sofa rags is on the bed as rags won the bet .

PRECAP: the meeting and the most awaited party which will unleash old pain.

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