Sry guys for the late update as I was with my family for my cousins funeral. I was very close to him n so I didn’t update.plz understand. N ya guys plz don’t feel that I am annoyed by u liking swasan. I believe everyone has their own taste n point of view. So plz don’t take anything to heart. N ya I am so sorry if I hav hurt someone but ya I always will try to make u smile because smile is the best remedy for pain?.——————-
At sr office:
Sanky comes to rags while she is working with a cup of coffee. Rags looks at him confusingly.
Rags: sanky do u need something?.
Sr:ya my angel frnd .
Rags: sanskar if u wanna talk something related to that then I am not ready to listen. Plz leave.
Sr:oh miss ragini I will not leave as from now I am ur pa till u forgive me.
Rags is totally shocked with sanskars behaviour.
Rags: sanskar R u mad . U n my pa?
Sr: y can’t I .
Rags: sanky stop this n go don’t disturb.
Sr:no I won’t. N ya hav this coffee.
Rags takes a sip n is shocked.
Rags: sanskar how do u know abt my taste.
Sr: just guessed it.
Rags is busy working n sanskar is looking at her from corner of his eye. Rags then calls peon.
Rags: Bhai one coffee plz n ha plz main jaisa bolti hoon waise hi banayega
Rags then tells n this is all heard by sanky.
Fb ends.
After completing the coffee rags gets an idea to irritate sanky.
Rags: sanky R u sure you want to b my pa.
Sr:sure angel.
Rags:k let’s go.
Sr: where ?
Rags: R u my pa or I am ur ?
Sr becomes quite n follows rags.
They drive n come to mall.
Rags enters in kid section n starts shopping.
She asks sanky credit card.
Sanky ( in mind): wah sanky apne hi per par kulgadi nar di tune.wait n watch how angel us gonna trouble you.
Sr:angel tum the apne baccho ke liye kharid ragini ho kya?
Rags gets angry.
Rags: do u think that I am old.
Sanky in low tone: you look like mother of two kids.
Sr: nothing but I said that bcaz you R fat.
Rags gets annoyed n gives a glare . Sanskar is able to feel the hit vibes from ragini.
Sr: u fool can’t u keep quiet .
Rags: sanky then we will go to the orphanage to give all this to andh.
Sr listens to this n smiles.
Sr pov:
Rags it’s true ur a diamond who cannot be tagged . Ur heart us of gold. I am so glad to have u in my life. Know i am sure god has decided right . It’s true that WE WERE MADE BY FATE AS FRIENDS. Pov ends.
Sanky n rags drive to the orphanage n have fun. Suddenly while playing sanky gets hurt. Rags rushed to him.
Rags: sanky r u k . U should b careful. Ragini is almost weeping .
Sr:angel I am fine.
Rags first aids his hand n they go home.
Sr: rags tell me truth R u still angry on me?
Rags: no sanky I am not I had already forgived you when u were standing there in rain. Nobody can b angry on u for more time bcaz ur sweet.
Sr: sweeeeeeet plz angel don’t call me that. Means u were acting from mrng.
Sanky gives an angry look to rags
Rags smiles .
Days pass by sanky n rags bond is very strong. Swaragini has returned back from the meeting n swaragini hav lots of fun by teasing dadi n playing pranks.
One day sanky asks rags to pack his files as he has to go for a important meeting to Goa. Rags goes to sanky home n when she enters his room she us shocked.
Rags screams. sanky listening to the scream rushes.
Sr: angel what happened?
Rags: sanky what is this? Is this a room n how is ur bag packed. It’s like someone has dumped all the trash in your room.
Sanky makes a puppy face.
Sr: rags actually i don’t know how to pack my bags . Even in us dad used to pack for me.
Listening to this rags laughs.
Rags,: oh god news of the town the great business man sanskar rathore who manages so many job is unable to pack his bag.
Ragini bursts out laughing.sanky gives her a angry face.
Rags: k i won’t laugh but ya go I will pack ur bag . Sr: thankyou angel love u so much.
Sanky doesn’t know what he us saying in happiness.
Rags is dumbstruck after listening to sanky.
Sanky waves his hand in front of rags n she comes out from her world. Rags starts packing when she finds a photo of a girl. She is very beautiful.
Suddenly someone snatches it from her hand.
Sanky shouts.
Sr:ragini I didn’t ask u to look at my personal matters u r here just to pack n dare u touch the pic . He throws it out n tells rags to get out. But rags doesn’t move bcaz she us scared. This makes sanky angry n he pushes ragini n ragini falls on the broken glass pieces n gets hurt. Ragini goes to the lawn n sits there n cries.
Sanky comes out n says sorry as he feels bad for misbehaving.
Rags:sanky never do this. Plz never hurt itself
Sr: I am sorry.
Rags places her hand on sanky lips n smiles.
Rags: it’s okay.
Sr: oh ragini you R really goody old shoes n for fun he sprinkles water on ragini.
Ragini is wet n she gets angry n chases sanky.
At last she catches sanky but both end up falling on the ground. They R in a position in which sanky is top of ragini.
All the workers see this n smiles.
W1-(worker -w):ragini mam is the only person who can bring smile to sir lips. She understands him very well .
W2: ya they look good together n also they complement each other . They R a perfect couple.
W3: just wish that they understand that ragini mam understands that she loves sir .
W1: but what abt sir? Does he love her?
W2:don’t know bcaz sir still now likes kavs mam?
K let’s go. Both ragsan get up after looking at their physical proximity they avoid contact but both laugh.
Ragini goes to change while sanky is busy working.
Rags gets an idea n winks .she goes to sanky car n takes out diesel from there.
Rags(in mind): sanky wait n watch . This is the outcome of playing with ragini gadodia.rags smiles.
She goes to kitchen n prepares food for sanky n when she goes to keep it in the cars back her phone falls inside . Rags goes inside to find this when worker sees the dicky open.
He closes the door n goes as he doesn’t notice ragini. Ragini finds her phone but turns back to find it closed. Rags tries so much but it doesn’t budge. She falls unconscious. Here sanky comes n gets inside n drives. He us unaware of rags being in the cat.

RECAP:ragsan to fight n both stuck in jungle.

Credit to: Kajal

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