guys thanks a lot for ur comments and ya i know ur angry with me for the short update .plz bare it for a few das if so i will try to update it longer.—————————————————-
the epi starts with rags running out and sanky searching her.
rags was sitting there and was crying as she was very hurt.

rag pov:
kyun sanskar kyun. y u did this to me. u know right that i was ur frnd i completely believed in you. but you broke my trust .just a bit of faith but u ruined everything even our frndship.
rags pov ends
here a cute boy who was playing earlier with rags saw her and recognised her .
boy: didi y r u crying r u okay. did jiju hurt you. if so then i will take his class
rags cries but stops n says
rags:beta nothing happened see where am i crying. k tell me ur name n y r u alone here. its not good to stay alone n where r ur parents.
but then sanky sees her in the garden n runs to ragini n hugs.
sr:ragu r u okay i am sorry i hurt you.
but rags was not paying heed n she asked the boy again his name.
boy: jiju first stay away from di or else i will break your knuckles n ya if ur really sorry then bring my dis smile
sr: chotu u dont know anything so plz i will try to talk
rags: beta plz say ur jiju to go . di doesnot want to speak with him again .
boy: di wait let me first send him n tell him who i am?oye jiju i am the grt yash who will beat you if you trouble di.
sanky is shocked looking at the child. seeing this rags laughs but stops as she is annoyed with sr.
rags: so yash letme drop you to ur mom n dad.
sr: no rags let both of us drop
rags: no need mr rathore i can manage.
this angers sr n he holds rags n pulls her by which rags crases his chest.
sr: angel just listen to me (sternly) i know i dud wrong but plz.
rags n sanky both look at each other. they hav a strong n intense eyelock which gets disturbed by yash coughing. both ragsan compose themselves.
ragsan(together):yash r u okay.
yash smiles n says

yash: ya i am fine.
sr: yash give me ur parents no let me call them .
yash gets sad hearing abt parents
again ragsan together ask
ragsan: yash kya hua?
yash(cries):di jiju i dont hav parents i am n orphan so noone loves me.
both ragsan feel bad as ragini remembers how she craved for her mom n dad love n here sr reminds abt his mom
rag: kisne bola tum anath ho.tum to bhagwan ke bacche ho. see god gave everyone parents except you bcaz he has choosed you for his care. he directly sees you.
yash: saachi
sr: muchi . you r really precious n ya never say ur orphan bcaz know u hav ur di n jiju.
yash: how cum ? for that you should finish ur fight.
rags listens to this n stays mum.
yash then goes as his warden calls him.
sr: angel i am really sorry. i know i broke ur heart but the truth was i was gonna say u everything plz listen once to me. plz angel speak something i cant live without hearing you.
rags stops him n runs away crying
sanky(in mind): i need to work hard as i hav hurt my angel very badly. chal sanky laag ja kam pay.
aftersometime rags reaches her house.

dadi: laado r u okay . r u fine is everything good .
rags: ha dadi all is fine( hiding her emotions). dadi i am tired so i am going to my room i wont hav my dinner today.
rags leaves from there to her room n closes it .
dadi: i dont feel ragu is k . i think i must leave her.
rags goes in her room n cries badly.
rags looking at moon n says:y u did this. i hate u but y does it pain me when i say that i hate you? y there r tears when ur in pain? what connection do i hav with you.
suddenly rags heart beat raise n she mutters sanky. she looks her n there n at last she finds sanky standing outside in front of her window saying sorry. rags closes the window. suddenly rain starts. rags cries n by this she sleeps on floor.
after 2 hrs rags gets up n thinks has sanky gone? i tink he has as its raining heavily. she goes to check but is shocked to find sanky still standing there. rags rushes down.
rags: sanky pagal ho u will catch fever. r u crazy?
sr: y do u bother u hate me na so only ur so angry with me.
rags: r u crazy i can never hate you. plz go know or else u will catch cold.
sr: first forgive me then i will go.
rags(angry): sanky go or else u will catch fever.
sr: angel first forgive me.
rags( scared): k i forgive you.
sanky gets happy n smiles like a kid n gives a peck to rags n goes.rags stands there shocked n smiles by touching her cheeks.
rags(in mind): pagal cute kid sanky .
she then goes to her room.
both ragsan sleep.

nxt mrng:
in rags room:
rags gets up n goes to get ready.
here sanky also does the same.
both sneeze at sametime in their house not knowing that they sneezed at the same time.
dadi comes to rags room
dadi: rags god bless you. pata bolte hain ki jo mausam ki pehle baarish main kise ke saath bhigta hain aur wo dono ek saath chike toh they r blessed couples.
rags: dadi its just coincidence i dont believe it.
dadi: lets see caz when u sneeze urs n his heart stops a the same time n i believe you will meet ur prince charming.
rags smiles n leaves.
she reaches office n goes to her cabin only to find it covered with beautiful bouquet of flowers with sorry n will u be my frnd forever cards . rags looks at it n is happy. when sr comes from back n closes her eyes.
rags:( at once) sanky remove ur hands.
sr: angel how did u find tha its me?
rags: just dont know guessed it.
sr: k so tell me will you be my frnd n forwars his hand.
rags thinks n she then gets an idea to trouble sanky.rags forwards her hand but only to give a hi – fi
sr: what does this mean?
rags: this means that i dont accept ur frndship. u need to work hard to strive for my frndship.
sr: oh oh is it then madam i assure you i will get ur frndship anyhow.
rags: overconfidence is not good.
sr: its not overconfidence its confidence.
rags: hey thats my line.
sr: is it i thought this line was from my angel.
anky winks at rags.
rags: k sanky now go n work or let me work.
sr : ok ragu.

recap: sanky trying hard to get rags frndship.

Credit to: kajal


  1. Sanskriti ?die hard fan of swasan?

    Oh hello who ever u r just stop writing about ragini and sanskar I just can’t tolerate them u better write about swara and sanskar
    Ragini and sanskar look like siblings not like lovers OK
    Go to hell ragini sanskar fans

    • kajal

      Dear sanskriti i know abt your feelings n respect it but it doesn’t mean that u shouldnt care abt others . I hav no grudge on you for being a swasan fan but its a kind request plz dont hurt others with your opinion as every one has their opinion n ya if u feel i was rude I am sry

    • sanskriti ? die hard fan of swasan ?

      I m sooooooooo sorrrrrrryyyyyyy kajal I didn’t mean to hurt u and ragsan fans I was just a little frustrated upon something I didn’t meant to hurt u I m extremely sorry for what I did
      Even ragsan fans I m sooooorrrrryyyyy
      Anyways Kajal friends
      I hope u accept my request

      • kajal

        Hey I don’t mind ya n we all r frnds . Even I love swara more than that I like swaragini bond . So dear don’t b sry caz I don’t take anything to heart bcaz I understand all ur opinions

    • Pavani

      |Registered Member

      He he he insecureee fan if u don’t like just don’t read our ffs nd kajal don’t mind there were enough fans to read ur ff.

  2. SPP

    |Registered Member

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Lovely epi DEAR
    Ragsan were so cute and adorable
    Waiting for the next one………..

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