Hey guys I am back . Dearly dear I know you guys are waiting for this dpi n are annoyed with me for late update but sry dear ———————————
At the hospitsl:
Rags is seen sleeping on the hospital bed and sanskar staring her with concern . Doctor comes out n says th st rags fainted due to the smoke . Sansjar goes inside to meet her.
Sr: ragu I wish I hadn’t done that u will not be here. I should have trusted you. Your really an angel from heaven who has set her foot in my life. From now on ur my angel.
Sandkar then goes out. After sometime rags wakes up. She sees a nurse near her.
Rags: jam how is sanskar is he ok. Did he get any burns ? Can I meet him.
Nurse : mam calm down he is fine . You must not take tension n ya plz cooperate as we have to give you an injection.Rags hearing the name injection shouts.
Rags: shona bachao. Sanky bachao. Plz someone help.
Listening to this sanky runs tobrags room.
Sanky: ragu r u ok kya hula?
Rags with a puppy face.
Rags: sanky plz I don’t want injection plz save me.
Listening to this sanky laughs.
Sr: oh god angel is scared of injection. Oh cute baby.
Rags gets angry n shouts.
Rags : sankyyy. How dare u ? N who is this angel?
Sr: it’s u my dear. N ya don’t worry look at me .
Rags: no sanky .
Sr: Angel look.
Rags look at him with awe as he calls her angel.the nurse injects the injection n says it’s fond mam.
Rags looks at it n shouts.
Rags: oh god it’s oaining.
Swanky laughs loudly.
Sr:oh god I can’t take this.
Rags gives him a death glare n sanky stops laughing.
Nurse: mam may u n ur husband always stay like this.
Both ragsan look at each other n laugh when the nurse goes.
Sr: not again. I think we should get married before any one else tries to make us Husband n wife.
Rags laughs.
Sr: ha sanky.
Both laugh.
Sanskar (in mind) : I must tell you the truth before its late caz I don’t want to start our frndship with doubt n lie. Ur my angel n if u get to know abt this from someone else you will really be angry n I can’t see you angry at me .
Rags shakes her hand in front of sanskar n asks what r u thinking .
Sr : nothing.
Swanky goes n talks to doctor. When his phone rings.
Sr: I know u will get ur money for lighting the fire . Don’t worry no one will know. N us don’t call me again.
Sanskar turns to find ragini standing there with tears. Sanskar is shocked before he can say rags leaves.
Sr: oh shot what has I done. Sanskar runs behind rags but couldn’t find her. He started searching everywhere.
Sr pov:
Oh god heat hav I done. My angel Is angry n more than that she is heart. I am sry ragu. I must hav trust you. U now he smile has a grt effect on me even ur tears. Today when I caught hold of it hand I felt like a heavenly touch y I don’t know. But I am sry I am gonna find u n ask for forgiveness it’s a promise to u n myself that I will never let u hurt . Bcaz ur frndship is precious to me. Sr pov ends .

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