Made for Each other – Episode 9

Gauri serves Dilpreet his breakfast while informing her mother that he is leaving today….Then Om realizes that he hasn’t informed Gauri yet that he is not leaving now….
“O Gauriji actually I am not going….”
“What ? But u said….”Before she completes he with Dilpreet style unnecessary laugh says….
“O ji ….I forget to book tickets and….”He trailes off while cursing himself in his mind for saying such an unbelievable reason.He looks at the faces of the ladies present there and show the expected expression which is asking him ‘Is he real?’ So to cover his blunder he again with an unnecessary laugh starts….
“Actually I was missing my family so much that I forget to book tickets….”He finishes with great difficulty fumbling all the way but again realizes that it’s still looking an unreal reason…. ‘Why lying is so difficult!!!’He mutters to himself….
“Ooo actually….I was thinking I will go after few days and…”He is thinking what reason he should give for his change of decision,that time he hears Gauri saying…
“Are you cancelling your journey because of us?I mean thinking that we will need your help in Richa’s marriage preparation….”
Gauri is seeing from few days that how Dilpreet is helping them in every work.Because of his constant support even she had started to feel unknowingly that he will be with her in her every situations but when yesterday he had said that he is going to leave for his home she felt bad and thought that she should not had expected something like this….But now hearing him cancelling about his journey the first thought that came in her mind is that ‘Is he cancelling his journey to help us?’.She has seen how great friend he is who helped her in making Mata’s chunri staying awake whole night that too without any expectations in return….She doesn’t know why but the sentence that he said sometimes ago is forcing her to think that he is cancelling his journey for their friendship only…She remembers what he said sometimes ago….
Gauri has come to call Dilpreet for breakfast. She knock on his room door.After sometime he opens the door.She greets him with her smile and was going to say him about breakfast but before that she notices his red and puffy eyes which is clearly screaming that he was crying before she knocked the door…
Usually guys don’t cry to the extent to look miserable like this if it’s not a really deep hurt they feel…. They have this so called male ego with them….Seeing his state Gauri wonders is it just about missing his family or is there something more behind it? Or, Is he this much sensitive type of guy? Whatever it is….if possible she surely will like to help him….But he is leaving today and then she remembers she has come here to call him for breakfast…
“Dilpreetji breakfast is ready. Actually you have just said that you will leave early but haven’t mentioned when so I wasn’t s….”
Before she completes she hears a ‘Thank you’from him but not knowing the reason of this sudden thank you she asks through her eyes that what is the reason of this thank you….
In reply he whispers in an audible sound “For everything…”
Still not understanding the reason Gauri gives a confused look….
Showing the friendship belt he replies…
“For all the love and respect….”
This sentence seems to have a deep meaning…
FB ends
There was something in that line… and there was something in his eyes while he said that line which she can’t name …the way he had said that line showing the friendship belt it seems as if his world meant to that belt….
So she just asks him the question which came in her mind that, is he cancelling his journey for them….
She doesn’t know if she is over thinking or is she right in her thinking? She was waiting for her answer from him but seeing his face seems he is stitching some story in his mind….
But the silence is broken by a odd sound…all look at each others faces and after understanding the reason Gauri’s mother chuckles and says ….
“Let him eat first then do your investigation…. Yesterday night it was very late so he maybe haven’t eaten properly ….now stop your questioning and let him eat peacefully….”
Om is really embarrass because of the sound so he quickly tries to deny but before that one more odd sound comes from his stomach making him more embarrass…
Gauri and Richa’s mother chuckle together while Gauri also tries to hide her smile….
What is making him more embarrass is that sound is loud enough to hear by the ladies present there.He is really embarrassed so doesn’t know what to do except giving a sheepish smile…Gauri gestures him to eat first .Gauri and Richa’s mother leaves to their room while Gauri leaves to kitchen to prepare snacks for Mukesh’s family.
After Gauri left him alone in dining table he sighed in relief.He hadn’t eaten anything after yesterday’s lunch and because of this now his empty stomach is growling. Though at first he was irritated with this sound because of embarrassment but when Gauri droped her questioning he somewhere felt thankful to this rumbling sound that because of this he has escaped from her investigation.
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