Made for Each other – Episode 2

Richa and her mother make tonight’s dinner understanding the situation. After making dinner they call Gauri and her mother.Washing her face Gauri comes to dinner table and joins others.
When Richa has gone to Dilpreet to give his food he without opening the door informs her that he is not feeling hungry now and he will eat himself from kitchen after sometime.

Though no one was having any interest in eating still they eat a little just for the sake of eachother.
After finishing their dinner Gauri’s mother says her to take Dilpreet’s dinner to his room once again as its very late at night and he should not late more in eating.
Saying this Gauri’s mother goes to her room with Richa’s mother.They both are going to sleep in one room.After that Gauri says to Richa to take rest and after giving food to Dilpreet she will join her.
Richa was feeling so guilty and so bad for her best friend.She was going to say something to her but Gauri changes that topic intentionally as she knows what her friend is going to say.Before Richa starts speaking Gauri starts saying….
“You should take rest in this condition…. its very late….You need proper sleep.Go to room I will join you after giving food to Dilpreetji.”
Saying this she rushes to kitchen. Taking food in plate she goes toward Dilpreet’s room and knocks the door calling his name.

Om is not crying now but because of constantly crying for hours he is having severe headache now.Sitting silently on his bed he is thinking what to do now….Gauri hates him,maybe he doesn’t deserve her,he has lost her for forever…. thinking all these he takes decision that he will go back to his home tomorrow as staying here he can’t see Gauri getting married to someone else….This mere thought itself is breaking his heart into pieces.
He hears Gauri is calling Dilpreet’s name knocking the door.He has no courage to come in front of her but he wasn’t able to stop himself from opening the door.
After opening the door he gives side to Gauri to enter in room.Entering at room Gauri goes toward the table which is placed beside bed.Gauri’s back is facing Om….while placing the plate at table Gauri starts saying…
“Sorry Dilpreetji actually Maa was sleeping and I haven’t realized the time so today’s dinner was little late.
(She turns toward him after placing the plate…. but he turns other side acting as if he is seeing something in his mobile.)

You said that you will eat after sometime but its already very late….you should not late this much….as you still haven’t come to take your food so I only have come with your food….Eat it before its get cold.”
She looks toward his back with confusion as he isn’t saying anything or turning toward her.It looks strange to her as usually he talks a lot. So she asks…
“What happen Dilpreetji?Is there any problem?”
Om was feeling miserable….he wishes only if he could say what problem he has….Kash wo bol pata ki kya mehsus kar raha hai wo….kash!
He knows he has to say something to her so he answers….
“No …no problem ji…I was just watching something in my mobile….”He says fumbling while speaking.
Gauri notices he is just not fumbling while speaking even his voice is sounding crack.
Because of crying his voice gets crack.
Gauri asks him…
“Have you caught cold? Your voice is sounding crack…. If you need I have vicks which can help you.”
Unknowingly he turns toward her hearing her concern voice.
She is worried for her friend’s health. He has become a good friend of her just within some days.
When he turns toward her both look at eachother’s eyes.Both their eyes become swollen because of crying. Their faces are looking pale.
“What happen…. your eyes are looking puffy?I am sorry ….actually I just ask as a friend. If you feel comfortable you can share with me.”She says with little hesitation as she is not sure does she has that right to question him like that….

Instead of answering her he says….
“Even your eyes are looking swollen….”
Hearing this she instantly takes her eyes from him and starts avoiding any kind of eye contact with him.
She wasn’t saying anything so he starts saying…..
“Actually I was missing my family so I am thinking to go back to them tomorrow.”
Gauri look at his face….she doesn’t know why but feels bad hearing that he is leaving tomorrow. Maybe the day she tied friendship belt on his wrist a unknown expectation made a place in her heart that now she has a friend who will help her in tough time.But she always fails whenever she starts to have expectation from someone.
She has Richa as friend but she can’t say anything to her now as Richa is feeling guilty already and if she says something to her then she will feel more guilty.
And now even her new friend also leaving her alone in this situation she don’t know what she should feel and what she should do at this moment…..
Looking at his eyes she can understand maybe he has cried, maybe he is missing his family very badly….. so she says….
“Oh….ok….Do you need any help in packing?”
“Ok….eat your food quickly…. its getting cold.”Saying this she leaves toward her room.
Omg!Omg!Omg!….Gauri’s dupatta is going to catch fire and while saving her Om will burn his hand….I am very excited for Monday episode…. I just hope that Gauri realizes that Om cares for her and that letter is not written by him and otherside Om also realizes that Gauri has agreed for marriage out of helplessness…..
I with my all heart wish that creative team of IB doesn’t make pappu of me again….(fingers crossed).I just wish that this scene comes out in a positive way….
Thank you all….thank you soooooooooooooo much for all the feedbacks that you all have given me in my previous update.It means a lot to me which I can’t explain in words.
Thank you all for giving your time to this part also….Thank you so much.
If possible please try to leave a comment behind. All kinds of feedbacks are welcomed…..❤❤❤Thank you once again…. thank you soooooooo much.

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