Made for Each other – Episode 11

“I will directly come to the point…. This is my cousin brother and he is a priest. To fix marriage date I have shown Richa-Mukesh and Gauri-Ajay’s kundlies to him and after seeing those he has seen that there’s some faults in Gauri’s Kundli so the sooner her marriage will happen it’s good for my son and her…”Says Ajay’s mother introducing her priest cousin brother.
Hearing this Gauri’s mother panics.She isn’t understanding anything,one side her daughter says to have faith on her and she is going to make everything right while other side these people are fixing her marriage date…. She looks at her daughter…
Gauri also looks at her mother at that time and she knows her mother is feeling tensed and scared with the situation. She gestures her mother through eyes to relax and have faith on her.
Richa’s mother also looks toward Mukesh’s mother with tensed eyes…
“Actually my brother has come with some dates….As we know Mukesh and Richa’s roka is schedule to happen tomorrow but now he has come with some new date….We want Roka to happen today evening and along with them Gauri and Ajay’s roka also will happen…”Groom’s mother continues her speech again with her attitude.
“But how …”Richa’s mother starts with tensed tone…

“I know what you are thinking…. that how you will arrange all this so soon.Don’t worry ,all the arrangements will be done by our side.I have a brother… I mean my own brother who is owner of a big hotel here in Bareilly ….From Roka to marriage all the functions will be held there….”Says again Groom’s mother showing her attitude and doing a little show off.
Richa’s mother looks surprised… The woman who was some days ago demanding things from them is now saying that all arrangements will be done from their side is really surprising to her.But somewhere she feels relief as she was really tensed thinking how she is going to do all the things…. It’s true Gauri was doing her best to do all the arrangements properly but arranging a marriage isn’t an easy thing. She is in a dilemma now…One side is her responsibilities toward her daughter then other side is a girl who is like a daughter to her,who has done so much for her daughter and her….But a mother is always selfish about her own child’s happiness and now that she can give her daughter a happy marriage just agreeing to her daughter’s would be in-laws then why should she step back?And the way this would be mother-in-law has announced her decision she doubts she stands a place to say anything opposite to that decision.She looks toward Gauri and her mother to see their reaction….Gauri’s mother is looking tensed while Gauri is looking lost.Then she looks toward Mukesh’s mother who is expecting a response from their side….
Seeing no response Mukesh’s mother continues to say the list of plans she has already made taking help from her brother….

“My brother has made the list of rituals date following auspicious time….Roka will happen today evening, then next day Mehendi,then day after tomorrow Sangeet and next day we all will celebrate Diwali together after that 21st Oct Haldi and 22nd Oct marriage. All these dates are auspicious.We are rushing for all the rituals and marriage as after that there are not any auspicious dates for almost two years….So because of Gauri’s Kundli’s fault and the problem of auspicious dates we want the marriage to happen as soon as possible.” At last she leaves the ego of groom’s mother and explains the real reason and situation.
Hearing this Gauri turns her eyes toward Richa and sees her fidgeting with her dupatta looking down, then she looks toward Mukesh who is nervously staring Richa, then she turns her vision toward Richa’s mother who is looking at her with hope and expectation….She takes a deep breath and planning how she will escape from this ring exchange ceremony she comes near Richa’s mother and whispers …

“Accept whatever she is saying…”
Mouthing a Thank you to Gauri with relief Richa’s mother talks with her would be Samdhan.After discussing all the things related to marriage almost an hour later Mukesh’s family leave.
After they leave Richa’s mother goes to some relative’s house nearby to discuss with them further necessary things. Then Gauri giving assurance to her tensed mother and insisting Richa to take rest and making her sleep at her mother’s room comes to her own room. While Dilpreet goes somewhere out of house saying he has some work.
Siting silently at her room Gauri thinks that she has to do something quickly as time is just slipping away from her hands.When Gauri had walked toward Richa’s mother she had noticed the evil smirk on Ajay’s face and she is sure Kundli’s fault and no dates before 2 years all these are Ajay’s plan only….But she is also Gauri Kumari Sarma…She is the Dabangg Gauri who doesn’t know to lose,she is a fighter and she will fight….
Gauri will never let anything negatively affect her friend’s wedding. But she is Omkara’s wife and will remain the same for her rest of life and after that also….She said Richa’s mother to accept whatever Mukesh’s mother was saying planning that she will use common trick to escape from ring changing…. She will bandage her both hands giving an excuse of burn hands so that Ajay doesn’t get any chance to make her wear the ring and using the same reason she will not wear him any ring also. In this way she will escape from Mehendi also.
But she knows that she will have to search for a solid base to stop her marriage with Ajay and that too soon….She looks up…and knows she has her Sankarji, she has her faith in him…She folds her hands and prays….

“I know you will protect your chiraiya…the way you have always protected …I have my full faith in you….I just want a little sign Sankarji…please show me a way to come out of this mess….”
After that she stands up from her place to make ready all the necessary things for evening function. When suddenly a thought comes in her mind that what if Ajay asks for removing the bandage…. thinking this she is determine that she will burn her hands for real… She knows it’s madness but it’s also true that she is madly in love with her husband and she can do anything for him….
Sorry for the late update friends but was a little busy with classes and all….
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